RIP Rex my lovely girl , you are going to be missed.

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RIP Rex my lovely girl , you are going to be missed.

Postby kingofnobbys » Sun Mar 26, 2017 6:15 am

Rest in peace my beautiful loving and gentle and cleaver girl Rex the Bearded dragon.

Rex suddenly and inexpliciably died this afternoon at about 3:30pm after suddenly becoming very ill at about 2:10pm after a her daily feed of crickets which were taken and eaten eagerly and a treat of 3 superworms which she loved , and some free range floor time to poo. Up til then she had been healthy, active, feeding and basking well, and very happy and showed no obvious signs of being ill - not even the bbing anymore than usual (and only hearth heartedly then).

Rex was born 17 September 2012 in the Upper Hunter Valley as part of a captive breeding program.

Adopted with her brother Puff on 17 November 2012.

She travelled very well in a little food tub on my wife's lap with Puff in the next tub , 90min drive back home, was only 7g at adoption and shared a rearing tub with Puff for her first 6 months until Puff started nipping at her neck at which time we separated the pair.

She never mated with a male but definitely wanted to.

Never been sick enough or seriously enough to need a vet, though we had a few minor short lived scares (when over she ate too many big silkworms , or superworms , or didn't swallow the choy greens properly, and when I took too long to replace her UVB source with a new 10% UVB source).

Always loved watching TV. Loved free ranging. Loved mommy and daddy snuggles , and was super with our little grandson (first nurses when he was about 3 yrs old), never ever agro towards anyone, but was very jealous of Peppa and Toothless when they were first adopted.
Bit scared of the little water skinks (Wriggles the rescue , and Cheakie wild house lizard

Loved snuggles, REALLY LOVED HER SNUGGLES, loved sitting on the lounge next to me while wrapped in my t-shirt, often did musical snuggles between mommy and daddy , loved the kitchen floor, loved the front sunny window , or napping under the old display cabinet or in the corner of the kitchen floor.
Loved sharing a bit of tomato , apple, strawberry, blackberry with daddy , loved being hand fed by daddy , or tiny bit of daddy's banana .
She had a real sense of fun, loved her crackly play paper on the floor in the study, loved the sound of the bottom of the camp stool legs when she crawled over them.
Would not go to bed at night until daddy gave in and gave her a cuddle, often up late at night waiting for daddy to put her to bed in her hide when I went to bed.

Rex at 6 weeks old and only 7g , settling into his and Puff's 100L rearing tub.

Rex one warm summer day , snuggles on daddy's bare hairy chest, the hairs were making her sneeze

Her favorate toy - crackly paper and plastic bag on the floor in the study

Rex last Xmas

After Wriggles and Puff died, and up til now she has had the lions' share of snuggles, free-range time and loving from her mommy and daddy, and she leaves a huge hole in our lives now she's dead.

She's now gone into her tank.(Moved her there at 7pm)

I've removed her hubbahut and her fake rock grotto - these will be thoroughly sterilized using F10 in the next few days (when I feel up to it).

She's now in Toothless' temporary box hide (he grew out of his old fake log hide/cave a couple of weeks ago) and she's on some of her favorite soft comfy paper toweling with the lid open so we can look at her and keep an eye on her - it's a very forlorn hope , but she may not be dead but in some kind of shutdown / coma . <<< definitely dead - stuff oozing out of her mouth at 10pm.

Her heatpad/slab and basking light are turned off & disconnected from the powerboard, box is ontop the heatpad/slab, and these have now been unplugged..

Will be keeping a mourning vigil this evening and I don't expect we'll get much sleep overnight (thinking about Rex). She's positioned how she usually likes to lay under her hubbahut, ie facing me , she looks so peaceful and just like she's asleep. Is very hard to accept that she's dead and died so quickly and unexpectedly.

No I can't bare the thought of a vet opening her up, so no necropsy.

Rex's brother Puff (taken by postsurgical heart attack after having huge aneurism removed (was misdiagnosed as a large abscess, he never woke up after his surgery) , he was 3.2 years old.

Rex was 4.6 years old.

She is survived by Peppa and Toothless who are currently 1.4 years old and by my two quite old Bluetongued Skinks George and Mildred who I know will miss her, because they missed Puff.
CBDs: Cleopatra & Caesar born 28Jan19.
Puff (RIP 10Dec15),Rex (RIP 16Mar17),Toothless (RIP 26Nov17).Peppa (RIP 22Mar19).
EBTSs : George & Mildred (born july 2010).
EWSs : , Fluffy (F) rescued injured by lawnwacker 14Nov17, Gutzy (F) rescued 27Sep19 - RIP 3Aug20 (est 12 yo), Wriggles (F) - injured rescue, over 8 yrs old, RIP 2Feb16 old age. Lucky juvenile (M) - cat attack rescue (lost r-eye, broken r-lower jaw), fatal SI RIP 21Jul2010.
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