Free beardie enclosure Seattle area

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Free beardie enclosure Seattle area

Postby Staceymc » Tue May 04, 2021 9:20 pm

If you need a proper beardie habitat, I have one to give you.
I have a free enclosure I need to part with. My beardie of almost 14 years had to recently be put down. I need to part with his enclosure for my own closure! I hate coming home and looking at a dark tank in the corner of my room, it makes me so sad and I cant get another beardie. I will send photos, it is very large! 60"tall x 40" wide x 24" deep. Comes with a bunch of lighting, rock wall and dragon bits and food items.
I can also talk with you about proper lighting and all of that if you need tips.
Text me! 3608901573


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