Humidity is driving me nuts!!

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Humidity is driving me nuts!!

Postby MangoKush1313 » Sun Aug 09, 2020 7:28 am

So we live in SC and it tends to usually be over 70% humidity outside all the time. We keep it around 70 degrees in our home; but we are struggling with humidity in Kush's enclosure. Her heat and lighting are all good, and I have one of those little "ever dry mini" dehumidifier in her enclosure (which doesn't seem to do much honestly....),but the humidity level seems to hover between like 29-50%

I read some where to use an all mesh top. We have made a few vents on the sides of her enclosure, and we have a screen section that the lights sit on top of. So the screen doesn't take up all the top, only a portion. Any tips?
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Re: Humidity is driving me nuts!!

Postby KarrieRee » Sun Aug 09, 2020 7:38 am

Your fine as long as the humidity doesnt go over 70% your good
stop fretting you want it in between those ranges your giving
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