Vivarium incorrect setup?

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Vivarium incorrect setup?

Postby Lokithedragon » Sun Feb 16, 2020 1:07 pm


Hello! I am quite new to my ownership of bearded dragons. I have a feeling I don’t have a good setup, and I want the best life for Loki. He is quite young still, i am confused on how to attach pics but, I got him when he was quite small, a day or two after Christmas. His vivarium consists of sand, a hammock type thing, in one corner, a thermometer, two small piles of rocks, a house, a food bowl, a bamboo hideout, and of course his heating. I have a 40 gallon. I have a ceramic heat lamp for night. And the white bulb for the sunlight, uvb or uva, I get them mixed up, but then I have the heat lamp. The temp. during the day reads about 80 degrees on the warm side. THAT is not enough. I am so worried about my boy, please help. And maybe let me know how to attach pics?
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Re: Vivarium incorrect setup?

Postby KarrieRee » Sun Feb 16, 2020 2:33 pm click on XIMG at top of message box then click on the pic and it should post - we need pic of the lighting--- I am guessing its a All In One -- if so we need the brand name and wattage of that bulb ---
Please get rid of the sand - you can go to your local home improvement store and get some NON adhesive shelf liner or linoleum-- its easy to clean its cheap and insects cant get underneath - sand harbors too much bacteria and it can cause impaction especially in babies --- so your basking temps are what ? they should be 105-110 and cool side of tank should be 80's during the day - what are you taking temps w/ ? a digital probe - stick ons and they are inaccurate for getting basking temps or a infrared heat gun? - temps at nite should not drop below 65 - if they stay above that your good and dont need a CHE--- If your using a All In One bulb I recommend you getting a 24" fixture for a Reptisun 10.0 T 8 or T 5 bulb - those All in Ones dont put out enough UVB for your dragon - you can get rid of the All In One if that is what your using and just go to a bright white basking bulb -- you would need to have those temp gauges I asked about and it would be trial and error w/ them - you could start out w/ 100 watt and go from there but make sure you have either a probe or infrared heat gun to take it
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Re: Vivarium incorrect setup?

Postby Wickedpogana » Mon Feb 17, 2020 1:52 pm

Get rid of the sun bulb you need a basking bulb and a tube light fixture for REPTISUN 10.0 bulb across your whole tank. Get rid of the sand it cause respiratory issues when in the air if he runs in it or digs and more issues u can mix it with top soil to make it more stiff but u will need to change it every so often without a clean up crew and bioactive setup like coconutfiber sand top soil sphagnum moss , clay leaves and more you should just go with ceramic tile or slate tile will cost you less then 10$ at lowes or homedebot for tile it keeps their nails trimmed aswell get rid of the sand not good to be on plain sand even worse calcisamd or walnut shells only use substrate like want they live on which isnt just sand , in their environment they have twigs sticks etc in the dirt and they can escape in the wild while they are on it all the time in your tank that's why I think two substrates is best i have a half bioactive and half tile . Google is your bestfriend the info is out there for your beardie to thrive
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