Inexpensive upgrades to enclosure?

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Inexpensive upgrades to enclosure?

Postby DanteChiacchia » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:01 am



So I had posted before about an issue where my beardie is getting under his repticarpet when I get home from work, and I think I’ve narrowed it down to him wall running until he gets stuck.

He’s currently in a 29-gallon “long” tank, and is now probably about 10 inches to a foot long.

He has adenovirus, and the bet had said that I probably shouldn’t upgrade his tank size because he is smaller than he should be, but he still grew and he seems like he isn’t super comfortable in there.

Anyways, I’m a student so I normally would never be able to afford an enclosure upgrade, but now that it’s summer I can take more hours to get the money required, but I’m still not financially well off.

I was wondering if there is a decent brand that has inexpensive enclosures of a suitable larger size?

Thanks for any help!!
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Re: Inexpensive upgrades to enclosure?

Postby KarrieRee » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:33 am

You will haft to shop around -- I dont know how savy you are about maybe building one yourself or having a family member build one? If that is a possibility you can check out the DIY board and go from there as far as ideas --- if not- then shopping around would be your best bet--- I know they can be pretty expensive and I dont know how big you want to go or what your thinking as far as the materials- wood - glass--- etc........... my ZenHabitat was under $300 w / shipping and its made out of Bamboo and a light tubing w/a mesh galvanized screen --- which I like a lot cuz you can set the heat lamp right on top of it ---- they have now gone up tho and the flooring is different - mine came w/ a bamboo flooring making it slippery but I was gonna cover it anyway w/ slated ceramic tile so ... I also did not order the substrate shield as well - they come w/ it if you want it --- I believe they have now gone up to $329 last I looked--- I know there was a post on the enclosure board about enclosures -- check there--
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