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Convert a top opening tank to a front opening tank

PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:53 pm
by kingofnobbys

Another approach involves turning the top into the front (flipping the tank 90 degrees) and attaching a frame for sliding glass doors ie make up a timber sliding door frame (for sliding glass or Perspex doors) , turn the tank on it's side (top becomes the front) ,
remove the mesh lid (bin it) ,
fit the light fittings to the PLYWOOD false ceiling (top under glass ceiling)

ie see this generalized layout :

materials :
* sheet of 3/4" marine plywood offcut , precut by the trade desk at your local hardware shop (for front and new tank CEILING (under glass ceiling)
* soda glass 6.5mm thick cut to size and smoothed on the edges , holes predrilled for finger holes / lock
Perspex 6.5mm thick or acrylic 6.5mm sheet clear (UV STABILISED) with smoothed edges and predrilled holes
* plastic tracks ie ... -track-set

* mesh for the warm air (top) vents
* cupboard vents like these ... gKx_vD_BwE
for the lower cool zone air vents.
* some 66 x 42mm x 2.4m F7 FJ H3 LOSP Pine Primed to make bottom slip in lip
* some silastic to glue the frame in place so it doesn't fall off.