Mobility-Friendly Decor for MBD Adult

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Mobility-Friendly Decor for MBD Adult

Postby Katiki » Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:21 pm


I recently ended up adopting a 1.5y/o Bearded Dragon with MBD. I've gotten a lot of advice with handling it and helping to see if he can somewhat grow out of it still, but I needed some decor advice in the meantime because he's struggling with his enclosure. I've only had him for 2 days, so I haven't had a chance to really pick up anything else besides food and do a lot of research. I want him to be comfortable while I try to help him.

The person I got him from gave me all his previous supplies/decor/lights/tank/etc. He was previously on sand, but I have him on paper towels currently and have some slate tiles of my own that I've put in a couple in to see how he reacts to them, since she said he dislikes tile due to his MBD making him slide around on it. He's in a 40gal still but I'll be upsizing it as soon as I can afford it within the next few weeks.

What I wanted to know is, does anyone know of any very MBD-friendly decor, or have any DIY decor ideas?
I've attached a picture of how I set up his enclosure with the decor I was given, but he seems to have an extremely hard time climbing and sometimes falls almost backwards, so I want him to bask but I'm scared putting anything up too high.


I'm guessing it might be best to have some very gradual ramps up to his basking spot, maybe some sort of just basking shelf? I haven't seen anything like that online except for DIY stuff though, and I'm not entirely sure what to make DIY decor out of. I do have some spare reptile carpet to use for crafting.

I'd appreciate any tips or advice!
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Re: Mobility-Friendly Decor for MBD Adult

Postby AHBD » Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:24 pm

Poor little guy, nice of you to give him a good home + make his life easier. :) You could make a wide ramp [ about 4-6" ] out of a piece of untreated wood from a home improvement store and cover it with textured non adhesive shelf liner that he can grip. Lean that against his cave and it should work out O.K..

Another option for a disabled dragon is a rolled up towel that he can climb up on.
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Re: Mobility-Friendly Decor for MBD Adult

Postby CliffsMom » Sat Jul 21, 2018 4:06 am

A gradual ramp with felt, burlap or very low pile carpet. Normally I'm not a fan of carpet but in this case you want it to catch his claws juuust a little. My girl has a cat scratch triangle she loves so much she panics and gets dark when I take it out to wash! The carpet is made not to catch cat claws so it's very flat. My blind boy has a burlap ramp with a "fence:" I put one side against the wall and on the other I glued a wine cork every inch or so (something with a wide flat base was easier than popsicle sticks or something). I don't know if cork is strong enough to hold your guy if he fell, but it gives Stevie a nudge so he knows where he is.
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