Bearded Dragon Setup Questions

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Bearded Dragon Setup Questions

Postby AtlasBlue » Sun Jul 15, 2018 3:11 pm


Hi. I'm thinking of buying a bearded dragon soon, but I'm not sure that I'm filling all the requirements to keep a bearded dragon happy and healthy. I currently have fish tank that I'm thinking of changing to hold a bearded dragon, but the measurements are 36x12x19-20. I've heard that the minimum measurements are 36x18x18, so I'm worried that the tank will be too thin and that the bearded dragon may not be able to turn around easily inside. I'm fine with waiting until I have another tank, but could I make do with this size? If not, I would rather have a happy beardie than buying one now with the 40 gallon tank I have.
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Re: Bearded Dragon Setup Questions

Postby VenusAndSaturn » Sun Jul 15, 2018 3:54 pm

The tank would do for a baby, but for a juvenile-adult definitely not since the tank must measure at least 18 inches in width by then.

Also, you should probably know that a tank thats 36x18x18 is still way too small for an adult beardie. You should have a tank that measures 4x2x2 preferably at the very least but if not that a 75 gallon can work (48x18x20).
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