On the matter of how much UV is blocked by wire mesh.

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On the matter of how much UV is blocked by wire mesh.

Postby kingofnobbys » Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:29 am


The amount of UV blocked depends on the geometry of the mesh used in the screen lid , this depends on the mesh pattern , the wire diameter and the aperture see

http://a0.leadongcdn.com/attachment/kli ... n-Mesh.pdf

Is very simple geometry problem to calculate the open area for PLANE mesh , bit more tricky for twilled mesh pattern , Dutch pattern and twilled Dutch patterns.

No 2 plane mesh blocks 30%
No 3 plane mesh blocks 35%
No 6 plane mesh blocks 38%
No 12 plane mesh blocks 38%
No 16 plane mesh block 44%

Refer to the data provided in the mesh maker's specifications PDF in the above post and http://www.haverboecker.com specs doc = P-17-E-kg.pdf
measuring it

no 2 and no 3 Plane mesh will be lower. Need to specify the aperture size and wire diameter to calculate the shade factor for the mesh.

From data in the UV report
Graph 1 see below :
can see the follow data for a tube in a reflector series 4 and 5. (the mesh tested was "no4 plane mesh" aperture 5mm).
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