Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orders".

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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

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Two new coronavirus cases reported in Queensland, as restrictions eased further with Year 12 students able to dance at formals
Queensland has eased four more coronavirus restrictions this afternoon after a 36-day stretch of no community transmissions — two people tested positive in the past 24 hours but both are in hotel quarantine.

Health Minister Steven Miles said stage five would be brought forward, as a "reward for Queenslanders".

From 4:00pm today, people can able to gather in groups of 40 in homes or in the community, Year 12 students can dance at school formals, 40 people are able to dance at weddings and aged care residents are permitted to go on excursions.

"We are doing this in a graduated way, testing throughout the incubation period, at least 14 days each time, to make sure that each easing hasn't had an impact on our ability to control the virus," he said.

Rochedale State High School year 12s could not believe their luck, given the reprieve came hours ahead of their formal.

They have been practising their dance moves all day.

St Lucia Hillstone sales manager Donika Mehmet said they had had Rochedale High booked in for months.

"We are delighted but so caught by surprise we are maximum capacity so can't fit in a dance floor," she said.

"But the students can dance around the tables. They'll have a ball."

Mr Miles said the state would wait before making any decision on easing border restrictions, with a decision due at the end of the month.

"We will continue to monitor the situation in NSW and Victoria before making any decision on reopening our border," Mr Miles said.

There are now four active cases in the state after 4,738 tests overnight, including 204 in Townsville, where COVID-19 was detected in the wastewater.

Queensland's Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said of the two cases, one was a miner who had returned from Africa and was in hotel quarantine in Cairns.

The other person returned from the United States and was in hotel quarantine on the Gold Coast.

"The two new cases in Queensland are both in hotel quarantine so are not a risk to the community," Dr Young said.

"As more Australians come home, we will see more Australians with the virus."

Dr Young said there had now been about 38 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, with more than 1 million deaths around the world. ... d=msedgdhp

Dancing at weddings allowed in Queensland
Dancing at weddings and school formals will be allowed in Queensland from later today as part of the state's easing of its coronavirus restrictions.

From 4pm, up to 40 people can dance at weddings with a COVID Safe Plan, something which has not been allowed since the global pandemic reached Australia earlier this year.

Dancing will be also be allowed for students at Year 12 school formals.

Live Updates: Victoria can expect 'significant steps' out of lockdown ... wsrc%5Etfw
As well as easings for wedding and formals, 40 people are now allowed to gather at home.

Aged care residents can go on outings again from 4pm today.

Queensland recorded only two new COVID-19 cases today, both are Australians who have returned from overseas and are in hotel quarantine.
There are only four people with coronavirus currently in the state.

Queensland also plans finally open its borders with neighbouring NSW on November 1, providing there are no mystery cases in the state, with the ongoing closure remaining controversial. ... d=msedgdhp

Queensland Covid hotspots: list of Brisbane and regional Qld case locations
Hotspots and case locations
Anyone who attended these locations should monitor for Covid symptoms and immediately get tested if they develop.

6 October

Flight VA 782 Cairns to Brisbane
Georges Paragon Restaurant, Brisbane: from 7.30pm
5 October

Vivo, Palm Cove: 5.15pm to 9pm
3 October

Flight QF2302 Townsville to Cairns
Tha Fish, Cairns: 5.45pm to 8.30pm
1 October

Mater Day Surgery, Hyde Park, Townsville
30 September

NQ Vascular, Pimlico, Townsville: 1pm to 2pm
29 September

Mater Day Surgery, Hyde Park, Townsville
Icon Cancer Centre, Hyde Park, Townsville: 9am to 9.30am
28 September

Icon Cancer Centre, Hyde Park, Townsville: 4pm to 5pm ... d=msedgdhp

The moment Queensland police found a truckie's wife hiding in his cab
Body camera footage shows the moment the officer discovered the rogue stowaway at the Texas checkpoint near the New South Wales/Queensland border.

The pair were fined $4,003 each and refused entry to the state after police deemed they had breached COVID-19 directives.

She was exposed during a major compliance operation by Queensland Police.

When he stopped the truck the officer asked the driver if he was travelling with any passengers, before advising he would be checking the vehicle.

'Is there anybody else in the truck with you?' he said.

'I'm going to have a quick check and see if there is another person in there.'

After opening the driver's door and pulling back a curtain he revealed a makeshift bed with blankets and pillows.

He also exposed the hiding spot of the truck driver's wife, a 51-year-old woman from Victoria.
Heavy vehicle operators travelling into Queensland on a Freight Border Declaration Pass must comply with restrictions and departure requirements to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19.

More than 180 heavy vehicles were intercepted for compliance checks as part of the operation on Wednesday.

They were centred around Cunningham Highway at Goondiwindi; Leichardt Highway at Goondiwindi and New England Highway at Wyberba.

Officers also conducted heavy vehicle road safety patrols on major highways including intercepting vehicles for roadside breath and drug testing. ... d=msedgdhp


Qld records zero new coronavirus cases
Deputy Premier Steven Miles announced no new covid cases reported overnight in QLD , but has urged Townsville residents to get tested following the discovery of traces of COVID-19 in the town's sewerage system. ... d=msedgdhp

Sandgate, Maroochydore & Wynnum wastewater ( SE QLD ) shows coronavirus
Queensland has recorded no new cases but concerns remain high following traces of the virus in sewage in three new locations in the south-east of the state.
Samples of sewage taken from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast have tested positive for coronavirus.

Traces of coronavirus were found in Townsville's sewage earlier this month, which Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said could have been from an asymptomatic person still shedding the virus.

Wastewater in Townsville, in north Queensland, has since tested negative but samples from October 12 and 13 taken at Sandgate, Maroochydore and Wynnum in the state's south-east tested positive.

"It could of course be someone who recently had the infection and then has gone to those places, so they're not infectious, they've recovered but they're still shedding virus, it could be that," Dr Young said.

"But it could of course be a person that we've not picked up, that's out there in the community.

"We have most recently seen, both in Victoria and New South Wales, that when they've had positive results in their sewage, they've gone out then and done more testing and they have found cases.

"That could be happening here in Queensland, so although it's now over a month since we've had an infectious case in the community, we could have an infectious case again any day."

Queensland recorded no new cases of coronavirus overnight.

The state's total remains at 1,164 with four cases still listed as active.

Dr Young said it was "absolutely critical' any new cases were detected as soon as possible for the health system to be able to manage them.

"We don't know how long, someone can continue to shed the virus, we know from other situations you can shed virus for months and months and months, it's probably the case here," she said.

Blood samples from an woman who tested positive, several days after leaving Queensland and arriving in Victoria, have also now tested negative in serology tests.

Dr Young said the samples were taken before the woman left Queensland and before she was showing any symptoms.

"It doesn't confirm anything but it just suggests that she didn't have the infection while she was in Queensland," she said.

The woman had visited several locations in Townsville and Cairns, including medical facilities, before flying to Melbourne on October 7 .

Dr Young said Queensland Health was still waiting on results from tests in Melbourne to confirm the woman's case. ... d=msedgdhp ... d=msedgdhp

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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

Postby kingofnobbys » Sun Oct 18, 2020 9:00 pm


Crew members on ships at port in Fremantle and Geraldton test positive for COVID-19
Two crew members on separate ships in Western Australia have tested positive for COVID-19, with a crew member aboard a ship docked in Fremantle becoming the state's latest coronavirus case.

The crew member, from the Al Messilah livestock carrier, was taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital for another condition and was tested for COVID-19 as a precaution, but returned a positive result.

He was transported to hospital in a charter bus along with crew members from three other vessels.

All crew members in the bus were wearing personal protective equipment at the time.

About 52 crew from a number of countries are believed to be on board the Al Messilah, which was scheduled to be loading stock but has now been delayed.

A pilot who boarded the vessel is isolating and health authorities are investigating whether an inspection crew boarded the ship.

Health Minister Roger Cook said the situation regarding the Fremantle ship was "very fresh, very new, very fluid".

The other COVID-19 case — a crew member on board the Key Integrity bulk carrier, at Geraldton Port — remains on the ship.

WA Health incident controller Robyn Lawrence said the crew member on the Key Integrity had remained "safely isolated".

Dr Lawrence said she understood the man had "since recovered" from COVID-19, but the captain had "kept him isolated in his cabin".

Meanwhile, WA has recorded two new COVID-19 cases, separate from the two ships.

Both new cases have returned from international travel and remain in hotel quarantine.

The cases bring the state's total number to 711 to date.

Crew member isolating in cabin
There are 20 crew members on board the Key Integrity, with only one having reported any COVID-19 symptoms.

The man was described as "previously symptomatic" and isolating in his cabin, with the Health Department saying an outbreak team was "on standby".

"The Department of Health would like to reassure the Geraldton community they are not at risk," the Department said in a statement.

"The Key Integrity will remain berthed and no crew will disembark.

"The State Health Incident Coordination Centre is well experienced at managing vessel outbreaks, proven by the recent success of the Patricia Oldendorff vessel outbreak in Port Hedland."

Health Minister urges action
The latest COVID-19 cases follow two outbreaks in as many weeks on bulk carriers off the Port Hedland coast.

Seventeen of the 21 crew members from the Patricia Oldendorff manganese carrier tested positive for the virus, with 12 having to be brought to shore and into hotel quarantine in Port Hedland.

Just as the ship departed following the recovery of all infected workers, seven people on the Vega Dream iron ore carrier also tested positive.

Just one of those crew members was brought to shore and eventually flown to Perth to enter hotel quarantine, with the ship departing for the Philippines after declining further assistance from WA officials.

Like those two vessels, the crew from the Key Integrity departed from Manila, having left on October 6.

The WA Government has previously warned of shortcomings in Filipino quarantine procedures after the two earlier outbreaks.

"The Commonwealth should be reaching out to the Filipino Government to say, 'Look, get your house in order'," Mr Cook said earlier this week.

"I've got nothing against Manila-based crews, I just want Western Australians to be protected from COVID-19.

"So whatever it takes, I expect those mining companies, the Commonwealth Government and other agencies to take the necessary steps they need to." ... d=msedgdhp

Hundreds of foreign workers to be flown in to WA to harvest fruit
Fruit pickers from Vanuatu and Timor-Leste will be flown into Australia after border restrictions locked out backpackers and locals turned their noses up at the laborious work.

Up to 400 foreigners will quarantine in the Howard Springs facility in Northern Territory before being flown to Western Australia which has a shortage of workers.

International and state border closures have meant a shortage of Working Holiday Makers that agriculture relies on to do this work.

About 1,000 people were employed in fruit picking jobs before the coronavirus pandemic but a large portion of them were backpackers.

The first group of workers would head to the Kimberley, in the state's north, and could be sent as far south as Albany.

WA Agriculture Minister Alannah MacTiernan said community health and safety still remains the number one priority, and the best plan is to have people quarantine at the Howard Springs facility in the NT.

'We have always made clear that our Government would throw everything at supporting industry to get this year's harvest off,' she said.

'Our campaign has drawn real interest from local jobseekers and our priority will remain local workers.

'However, without further Federal Government action to incentivise those on JobSeeker to take up agricultural work, we are implementing further measures to support our growers.

'With backpackers unable to come to Australia due to the Federal Government's international border closures, allowing growers to access the Seasonal Worker Programme and Pacific Labour Scheme will help to ensure we can fill critical labour shortages in our primary industries.'

Some may even be forced to quarantine a second time after arriving in Western Australia.

John Shannon, chief executive of VegetablesWA, told the West Australian he welcomed the program and had been calling for it for two months.

'Obviously time is of the essence and we have lost time, but the industry is grateful this is happening now rather than in a few months,' he said.

He stressed there may still be food shortages and high prices due to the staff shortage.

The WA Government last month announced the Work and Wander out Yonder campaign to try and convince students and school leavers into agricultural work.

Premier Mark McGowan has refused to open Western Australia's borders to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Mr McGowan remains adamant the borders won't come down until the eastern states go 28 days with no community spread.

The state has not recorded a case of coronavirus in the community for 190 days, but still refuses to open up - even to other safe states such as the NT and SA. ... d=msedgdhp


'Deeply concerning pattern': COVID outbreaks detected in two livestock ships docked off WA
Two crew members on board two separate bulk carriers docked at West Australian ports have tested positive for COVID-19.

The vessels are the third and fourth ships to sail into WA waters with COVID-19 cases on board in less than three weeks, sparking a call by Health Minister Roger Cook for increased safety measures.

The men were travelling onboard the carriers Key Integrity and Al Messilah which are currently docked at the ports of Geraldton and Fremantle respectively.

The crew member of the Key Integrity, who displayed cold and flu-like symptoms at sea, was tested after arriving in Geraldton on Saturday morning as a precaution and returned a positive result.

The vessel left Manila, the same location as two COVID-riddled ships off Port Hedland earlier this month, on October 6 after a crew exchange.

The positive case was among 13 new workers joining the crew in the capital of the Philippines, all of whom had returned negative tests before boarding.

The worker is isolating in his cabin and is no longer symptomatic.

The crew member of the Al Messilah, a UAE carrier with 53 onboard, tested positive for the virus after being taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital for an unrelated health condition.

He travelled to hospital on a chartered bus with crew members from three other vessels who also required medical treatment and are currently being interviewed by the Department of Health.
Mr Cook said the crew members and health staff all wore PPE and the risk of infection was low.

"The pilot who boarded the Al Messilah vessel to bring it in is today isolating at home and will remain there until interviewed and cleared by the public health team," he said.

The COVID-positive worker has been discharged from hospital and taken to a quarantine hotel.

The Al Messilah made headlines in 2017 after documents revealed up to 3000 sheep died on board the vessel as a result of extreme humidity during their voyage to the Middle East.

Following the positive test results the loading of both vessels has been put on hold. No livestock is currently on board.

Speaking to the media on Saturday, Mr Cook called on the Commonwealth government to "get off their butts" to ensure international shipping authorities increased safety measures.

"This is a deeply concerning pattern," he said.

"We cannot have a situation where we have crews continually coming into West Australian waters and for the Department of Health having to deal with them but we can also not have a situation where we shut down our trading economy."

Mr Cook said the Geraldton and Fremantle communities were not at risk and the outbreak was being managed swiftly.

The Department of Health has managed four outbreaks on board vessels this year, including at the Artania, the Al-Kuwait, the Patricia Oldendorffand and the Vega Dream.

In addition to the two crew members, WA recorded two new COVID-19 cases overnight involving returned travellers currently in hotel quarantine. It brings the state's tally up to 711. ... d=msedgdhp


Travellers from New Zealand fly into WA under coronavirus trans-Tasman travel bubble arrangement
Key points:
23 travellers from New Zealand arrived in Perth overnight
All remain in hotel quarantine except for a child, who is with a family member
Mr McGowan has called for assistance from the Federal Government
Twenty-three travellers from New Zealand, including a child, have flown into Perth overnight despite Western Australia not being part of the Federal Government's travel bubble arrangement.
Premier Mark McGowan announced the development earlier today, stating 25 travellers had arrived, but a WA Police Force spokesperson revised the number to 23 this afternoon.

All bar one of the New Zealand arrivals remain in hotel quarantine, with the child traveller in a "quarantine arrangement" with a family member.

It follows 17 people flying from Sydney to Melbourne shortly after arriving from New Zealand, in the wake of the travel bubble arrangement coming into effect on Friday.

Up to 55 New Zealand arrivals are now believed to have landed in Victoria since the bubble began.

Mr McGowan described the situation as "fluid" and said the State Government was "doing our best to manage it".

"We would prefer better management of these arrangements, but this is something that happened that was outside of our control," he said.

Mr McGowan said the passengers had been detected through the Government's G2G app, adding it was "not an ideal situation".

"If New South Wales and the NT want to open up to other countries, there is now an issue as to how to manage those people coming from other countries border-hopping," he said.

"Our system has worked, we've managed to pick these people up and put them into quarantine.

"It would just be great if [the Federal Government] were to better assist us in managing these things with appropriate information being provided to the State Government about people who might be catching flights across state borders."

In a statement, Opposition Leader Liza Harvey said the Premier should "stop playing politics" over the hard border.

"[Mr McGowan] should show more compassion for stranded West Australians who want to reunite with their families in time for Christmas," Ms Harvey said.

"There are plenty of vacancies in Perth hotels in the city to accommodate more returning travellers.

"All he has to do is pick up the phone and call the Prime Minister and the cap on the number of people allowed to return to Perth would be increased."

Mr McGowan said a key part of that information would be passenger manifests for incoming flights.

He said the State Government had been asking airlines to supply these for years to control organised crime, but that they would now serve an even more important purpose.

"Those manifests would now be far more helpful in monitoring and controlling people who might come in who may well be from overseas or may well be COVID-positive."

The State Government is considering whether the New Zealand arrivals will be sent back, with that decision to be based on their personal circumstances.

In a statement, a Federal Government spokesperson said passengers were advised to check the entry requirements for other states upon arrival in Australia.

"The travel bubble is working exactly as it was outlined at multiple meetings of the expert medical panel over the past fortnight where the [Chief Health Officer] from WA was in attendance," the statement read.

"Airlines must provide passenger records to state authorities if requested for contact tracing."

One COVID-19 case from cargo ship in hotel quarantine
The revelation follows yesterday's announcement two crew members on board separate cargo ships had tested positive for COVID-19 after arriving in WA.

One of the positive cases was a crew member from the Al Messilah, a livestock ship docked in Fremantle.
Mr McGowan said the man was in hotel quarantine under supervision and the rest of the 52-person crew remained on the ship.

No livestock were being loaded at this point in time, Mr McGowan added.

The other crew member is on board the iron ore carrier Key Integrity, which is docked in Geraldton.

The Key Integrity is due to sail from Geraldton to Fremantle, arriving on Monday morning.

Mr McGowan said it was "much easier" to manage the ship in Fremantle, due to its proximity to quarantine facilities in Perth.

The two positive crew members — along with an international worker who was in hotel quarantine after arriving in WA — bring the state's total COVID-19 cases to 714.

There are now 20 active cases in WA.

'Do something about this': McGowan
The Premier said while the spread of COVID-19 by seafarers was a global issue, the Philippines posed a "major problem".

"I feel sorry for Filipino crew members," Mr McGowan said.

The Key Integrity leaves Geraldton Port to sail to Fremantle

"They work hard, they basically support commerce around the world, they're not highly paid.

"But clearly, the quarantine arrangements in the Philippines are not working and so the Commonwealth needs to take international action here.

"As the Commonwealth Government has regularly said, foreign affairs is their responsibility. And if foreign affairs is their responsibility, take responsibility. Do something about this.

"We'll look at what we can do to make sure that we can prevent this happening in the future, but Commonwealth action with international forums and also with foreign governments is very important."

The Premier said the Federal Government needed to act quickly.

"What I'd say to the Commonwealth is … please resolve it before more extreme action needs to be taken," Mr McGowan said.

"At some point in time, we may have to say ships going through certain ports can no longer come into Australian ports.

"But it would be better if those countries put in place appropriate testing regimes and quarantine arrangements before ships sail." ... t/12779978 ... d=msedgdhp

'Get off your butt': WA slams Morrison amid new cases on ships
Two new COVID-19 cases have been recorded in ships docked in Western Australian ports.

One case has been reported on the bulk carrier Key Integrity from Manila in the Philippines, off the coast of Geraldton.

And the Unites Arab Emirates live export ship Al Messilah, currently in Fremantle, has also recorded a case.
Health Minister Roger Cook said the trend was "deeply concerning", after four ships with coronavirus-positive crew members had arrived in Western Australian waters in the past three weeks.

The state government is afraid COVID-19 infections are slipping through the cracks, and is demanding the Commonwealth do more.

Mr Cook told the government to "get off your butt" and enforce stronger standards with overseas countries. ... d=msedgdhp

WA hard border: police 'exploiting the privacy' of travellers in emergency situations
The privacy of people arriving at Western Australia’s hard border needs to be better protected, the head of Civil Liberties Australia has said, amid reports that travellers in emergency situations have been required to detail their personal circumstances, including mental health and family violence, in front of other travellers.

Under WA’s border requirements, domestic travellers must apply for an exemption to enter the state prior to departure, and exemptions are only granted under limited circumstances.

As part of the application, documents providing proof of the exemption reason and quarantine arrangements must be supplied to police. Those approved entry must undergo a Covid-19 test at the airport upon arrival and a second test at an approved hospital on day 11 of a 14-day quarantine period. Incoming travellers are also subject to questioning at the airport by police.

A doctor returning to Western Australia after caring for an unwell relative in Adelaide told Guardian Australia that when she returned to Perth, she was concerned to see police “exploiting the privacy” of travellers questioned at the airport.

“A solo mother with a toddler was asked to explain why she was entering WA, and this mother then had to explain in detail that she was escaping a domestic violence situation,” she said.

“Another mother with a small baby was also asked to explain why she was entering WA. She responded [that] she suffers from mental health concerns and had needed family support in Adelaide.

“All of this was not done confidentially, it was done within earshot of all the other people waiting to be processed. The absolute disregard these WA police officers had was awful to witness and they clearly were not concerned about exploiting the privacy of these women’s situations and their dignity.”

She said such questioning would not be acceptable in medicine.

“I am a doctor at a tertiary hospital in Perth,” she said. “Questioning people in the open about physical and emotional health issues is protected by doctor patient privilege in the medical world, so it is extremely concerning to witness the WA police officers involved flout this basic human right.”

The chief executive of Civil Liberties Australia, Bill Rowlings, said WA police needed to change their approach, given people had already supplied their documentary proof before travelling to the state.

“Police obviously have to do a lot better at airport screening to protect people’s privacy, which is a clear responsibility under WA law,” Rowlings said.

“They must do that as soon as physically possible, and immediately also change their approach to treat innocent travellers with respect and dignity. People – mums, dads, kids – are already traumatised when travelling in emergency situations during Covid-19 restrictions. WA police and authorities everywhere should bend over backwards to not make their trauma worse.”

But he also added that many “white, middle-class people are now experiencing what happens to lower class and other Australians all the time, when they are forced to interact with police and authorities who are in a dominant power position over them”.

“It’s the police disrespect that Aboriginal people complain about all the time, for example, or that refugees experience at the hands of home affairs,” he said.

However, prominent Perth lawyer Thomas Percy QC, who has previously been awarded the WA Civil Justice Award by the Australian Lawyers Alliance, said the reality of the pandemic needed to be taken into account.

“The reality is that WA has a hard border,” he said.

“The implementation of that will require some hardship for anyone involved in emergency interstate transfers. While these may be conducted in less than ideal circumstances, there’s probably not much that can be done.

“I don’t think the courts would be overly receptive to complaints about unfortunate border control situations that have arisen, unless they were extreme and improperly motivated. The relevant legislation is activated by emergency powers, similar to wartime emergency measures.”

A WA police force spokesman said although travellers may have received pre-approval prior to travel, their arrival at one of the border entry points required a final assessment of their reason for travel.

“These measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of the wider community and to help limit the spread of Covid,” he said.

“At all times, officers attempt to communicate with passengers in an empathetic and understanding way as best they can within the environment.” ... d=msedgdhp
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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

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Coronavirus quarantine capacity for arrivals in Australia to be expanded with new Darwin processing centre
Thousands more Australians stranded overseas will be able to get home sooner under an expansion of quarantine processing in Darwin.

The ABC understands the Howard Springs Facility, 25 kilometres south of Darwin, will process about 1,000 international returnees a month on a fortnightly rotation of 500, beginning within weeks.

A mix of commercial and charter flights will fly direct to the RAAF Base Darwin, with passengers immediately taken to Howard Springs for 14 days' mandatory quarantine.

It is understood there will be eight flights, run by Qantas, starting as early as next week — four from London and four from India.

Flights from London will cost $2,000 per person while flights from India are expected to be less, at around $1,000.

The flights will be underwritten by the Federal Government.

People will be flown back on Qantas Dreamliners which will carry 200 passengers per trip.

Who could get on the flights first?
Of the 38,200 Australians who have registered their presence overseas, 29,100 have told the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) they want to come home.

The ABC understands people who are classified as the most vulnerable will be given priority, and their financial situation, family circumstances and health will be taken into consideration.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner flew to Sydney to announce the multi-million-dollar "scaling up" of Howard Springs alongside Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The announcement was supposed to take place after the National Cabinet meeting on Friday, but Mr Morrison's arrival in Sydney has been delayed by "technical problems" with his plane in Cairns.

It is understood Mr Morrison will also announce a further lifting of caps on international arrivals.

Who will staff the expanded centre?
To meet increased medical requirements for the Howard Springs centre, extra doctors, nurses and other staff will be hired from across Australia to boost the surge capacity of the Darwin-based National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre.

It is expected returnees will have to pay for their stay at Howard Springs. Those unable to pay will be offered HECS-style loans.

Under current arrangements for domestic quarantine at Howard Springs, individuals pay $2,500 each and families of two or more pay $5,000.

Mr Morrison said he expected more Australians to be brought home within weeks.

"There have been extensive preparations undertaken on that matter and we're in the final stages of concluding those arrangements," he said.

"We've been working now for some months as we've been getting more and more Australians home."

Can Howard Springs handle the increase in arrivals?
Howard Springs, which was used when Australians were evacuated from Wuhan, China, and for passengers from the Diamond Princess in Japan, will continue to also offer quarantine for domestic passengers.

Although the facility has 3,000 beds, its surge capacity under COVID-19 is much less.

Every planeload of passengers needing quarantine is isolated from every other cohort of passengers. When international passengers begin arriving, the same process will apply.

More than 398,000 Australians have returned home since March 13, when DFAT upgraded its travel advice for all Australians to "'reconsider your need for overseas travel at this time".

"DFAT is providing every assistance it can to Australians who are currently unable to return from overseas," a DFAT spokesperson said.

Has the deal been locked in?
Mr Gunner has also hinted the deal was nearly finalised, saying Friday's meeting with the Prime Minister would be the "final conversation" on the matter.

"Both of us want to see more Australians home by Christmas and we'll be talking about how we can scale up Howard Springs to do that," Mr Gunner said on Wednesday.

"This will be that final conversation between us and the Prime Minister about what we can do together about Howard Springs being a centre for national resilience.

"There's a resourcing issue in terms of the staff that you have to have available and the hours that they work." ... d=msedgdhp

Calls for stronger coronavirus controls as Darwin's Howard Springs camp prepares for stranded Australians
The Howard Springs quarantine facility currently houses people arriving from interstate coronavirus hotspots.
The Howard Springs quarantine centre, south-east of Darwin, will soon put out the welcome mat for some of the tens of thousands of Australians currently stranded overseas.

But just last week, the former workers camp took on a different purpose — the setting of a so-called "quarantine rave" thrown by a group of people appearing to flout health guidelines.

The incident has sparked concern among health groups fearful of what would happen if infection controls are not strengthened by the time the first international repatriation flights touch down in coming weeks.

A coronavirus outbreak in the facility would go on to place a "massive burden" on the nation's health systems, according to Rob Parker from the Australian Medical Association NT.

"It's a significant concern, obviously, because you're getting people from infected areas," Dr Parker said.

"If they're socialising like that other group were, I think there's a high risk of it being transmitted within the facility.

"I hope that actual strict quarantine in the pods is enforced."

Life in the camp, which is currently used to quarantine people arriving from interstate coronavirus hotspots, has been likened to a holiday and a back door entry to states with strict border controls.

About 1,000 Australians a month will rotate through the centre in fortnightly groups of 500, initially from London and India, the ABC revealed yesterday.

International arrivals to be kept separate
The operation is being handled by the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre (NCCTRC), a Darwin-based disaster management team which has helped steer the response to several other coronavirus-related crises.

Those include the repatriation of Australians evacuated from Wuhan and the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship earlier this year.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner yesterday said those past operations gave him confidence in new the plan.

"We've been here and done this before with the Australian Government — Wuhan, the Diamond Princess," he said.

Passengers will disembark through RAAF Base Darwin then transfer directly to the centre.

The venue will continue to house interstate arrivals, NCCTRC executive director Len Notaras told ABC Radio Darwin, but the two cohorts will be kept separate.

"Because these folk are coming from overseas, we are taking a more strident approach, a very strict approach in terms of separating the facility," he said.

"We can certainly handle another 500 [arrivals] at a time to 1,000, and separating them with a very sterile corridor between the existing domestic retrievals and the retrievals that we bring from overseas."

The camp has 3,500 beds, but infection control measures reduce its capacity.

Police, ADF to be involved
The AMA NT is not the only group calling for clarity around what controls the group will face once they enter quarantine.

Deputy Opposition leader Gerard Maley called on Mr Gunner to publicly outline the measures that would be implemented to safely quarantine the arrivals.

"There was an unacceptable situation last week with the rave party and the government must assure us that standards at the facility lift, especially given a large number of arrivals from countries with COVID-19 will quarantine there," Mr Maley said in a statement.

"The Territory is stepping up its commitment on quarantine; it's time to step up the standards at Howard Springs."

The ABC understands the NCCTRC will take a different approach to infection control than the current set of rules for domestic arrivals.

"The Northern Territory Police will retain operational lead and will be supported by the Australian Federal Police and Australian Defence Force with uniform patrol and law enforcement resources," a police spokeswoman said.

More details will emerge once the arrangement is finalised.

That announcement was initially planned to coincide with Friday's National Cabinet meeting, which has since been delayed.

Fears for mental health needs
Those running the program insist it will not burden the Northern Territory health system, with additional AUSMAT staff brought in from interstate to meet the spike in demand.

"What's I'm emphatic about is we're not going to be drawing our NT, Top End Health Service staff across and denuding a hard-working facility like the Royal Darwin Hospital, the Palmerston Hospital or the remote clinics of the staff they need to be there," Professor Notaras said.

But Dr Parker also questioned whether the arrangements would meet the mental health needs of the cohort.

"This is a very needy and vulnerable group," he said.

"They've been stuck overseas and would appear to have significant emotional and mental health issues, related to their long absence from Australia.

"We would expect the Federal Government to fund at least another psychiatric consultant, another registrar and probably two mental health clinical nurse consultants to provide an effective mental health response."

He said the NT health system was already overburdened to provide those staff and he was unsure if any would be provided through the AUSMAT contingent.

As with the earlier international groups, people who test positive to coronavirus and require hospitalisation will be transferred for care in their home states.

Professor Notaras said a sum of federal money "well and truly in the millions" of dollars had been put up to support the operation. ... d=msedgdhp
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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

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Federal Government could pay $50 million to NT for return travellers' coronavirus quarantine
The Commonwealth could end up paying the Northern Territory Government more than $50 million under a plan to bring Australians stranded overseas home via Darwin.

The NT and Australian Governments reached a deal last week to quarantine an estimated 500 people a fortnight in the Howard Springs facility on Darwin's outskirts.

They would arrive on flights from the United Kingdom, South Africa, and India — with the first due to arrive on Friday.

When announcing the news, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he expected 5,000 people would return home under the deal before it finishes at the end of March.

Under the arrangements the Commonwealth will foot the quarantine bill for all returning Australians.

"Funding will cover the provision of quarantine accommodation and other services, including hospital services," a Department of Health spokeswoman told the ABC in a statement.

"This includes capital expenditure, health services and facility operations costs."

The Department of Health currently expects it will cost $8,000 per person per quarantine period.

The Northern Territory's Health Minister, Natasha Fyles, said the bill to the Commonwealth could end up being more than $50 million.

"The Northern Territory Department of Health and the Department of Chief Minister have been working with the Commonwealth around the funding," Ms Fyles said.

"It's been identified that $50 million, or over $50 million, [could be the total funding required] for this number of repatriation evacuees into Australia."

While the expected cost for international arrivals is $8,000, the NT Government has previously said the cost for domestic arrivals is about $3,300.

Ms Fyles said the cost difference is due the additional resources required for overseas arrivals.

"It is difficult to calculate a per person fee. There's a number of factors that come into it," she said.

"We will be utilising technology to support them and monitor their health, noting that they're coming from high-risk countries."

Vulnerable Australians given first seats
Qantas is operating the first eight flights over the next few weeks out of London, Delhi and Johannesburg.

The first one is expected to depart from London on Friday, with another leaving Delhi the following Monday — both carrying 175 people.

The Federal Government says the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is working with Qantas to ensure vulnerable Australians are prioritised.

But people who return via Darwin and quarantine at the Howard Springs facility will still need to pay $2,500 per person or $5,000 for a family to the Federal Government.

And while the Government says it will underwrite the cost of flights back to Australia, passengers will still need to purchase tickets at commercial rates.


DFAT will also offer loans to people who need assistance.

There are still 29,000 Australians who have registered with DFAT as wanting to come home.

The Federal Government will pay all costs for returning Australians. However, Ms Fyles would not say how much the Howard Springs facility was already costing Territory taxpayers.

"I don't have that figure. We have certainly provided as many figures as we can," she said.

"Through the Public Accounts Committee process and through the upcoming budget we are providing as much information [as possible] on the costs of coronavirus in the Northern Territory." ... d=msedgdhp

Immigration minister points finger at Victoria over New Zealand travellers
The acting federal immigration minister, Alan Tudge has blamed the Victorian government for not restricting interstate travel, after a group of international travellers were allowed to fly from their “travel bubble” into locked down Melbourne.

Victoria, still working to contain its second wave of the coronavirus, is not one of those participating regions, and its premier, Daniel Andrews, wrote to Scott Morrison expressing his disappointment in what he called a failure of the system.

Andrews has also publicly criticised the Australian Border Force for delays in providing the passenger information cards to Victorian authorities. The group is believed to be in metropolitan Melbourne.

Tudge said he has been informed by the (acting) federal chief medical officer, Prof Paul Kelly, that Victoria’s chief health officer, Prof Brett Sutton, was present at a meeting where the travel bubble arrangements were discussed, including that domestic travel was a possibility.

Tudge said he was told that on two occasions where the issue was discussed, Sutton raised no objections.

“I am told by the chief medical officer of Australia, that the matter was expressly discussed at the meeting on Monday, and expressly discussed at the meeting on Tuesday, and in both cases, the Victorian government was represented at those meetings and raised no objections, and in both cases the Victorian government was represented by their chief health officer,” he said at a press conference on Sunday.

“… I am informed by our chief medical officer that he was present, and the minutes clearly show that he was present, for both meetings. And the minutes themselves showed that this was expressly discussed, the fact that there would be people from New Zealand arriving into Sydney, and then potentially travelling on to other destinations.”

Tudge said it was not his place to release the minutes. He also said Victoria had the option of closing its domestic borders, if it did not wish to have travellers from other jurisdictions enter.

“I mean, the Victorian government, if they wanted to put in place arrangements, they would work with the airlines and put in place the arrangements, just like any jurisdiction has put in place arrangements, with the airlines, so that you have to show that you have got a certificate before you jump on a plane to go into Western Australia,” he said, while also pointing out the federal government did not support domestic border closures.

Tudge defended the actions of the border force, and said the passenger cards were provided to Victoria four hours after the state asked for the information, but added he did not anticipate there being any transmission issues, given New Zealand’s low rates of the virus.

“Again, I would just point out that the risks of those 17 people having the virus is very, very small, because there [is] zero community transmission in New Zealand. Right? There is more community transmission in Victoria than there is in New Zealand.

“There is more community transmission in Sydney than there is in New Zealand. And so the risks of a Sydneysider ordinarily crossing the border is higher than it is for a Kiwi.”

Tudge then said it was time for Andrews to ease the social distancing restrictions and “let Melbourne be like Sydney”.

“Thankfully the virus numbers are down, but we need to reopen for the sake of people’s mental health and for the sake of people’s social wellbeing, for general freedom principles but also for economic reasons so that people can return to work. That is what we want to see. Let’s let Melbourne be like Sydney.”

Andrews has said he wants the federal government to provide information to New Zealand travellers that Victoria and Melbourne were not part of the travel bubble arrangements. ... d=msedgdhp


SA records three overseas COVID-19 cases
Three new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in South Australia in travellers from overseas.
The man and woman in their 30s and and woman in her 50s returned positive test results while in hotel quarantine.

"They have been in a medi-hotel since their arrival and there is no public health risk," the SA health department said on Saturday.

One of the cases is an old infection and not active, the department said.

There are six active cases in the state in total.

Meanwhile, the SA government is concerned about clusters in NSW but has not yet re-imposed border restrictions on that state.
Premier Steven Marshall has said five clusters are of concern to SA but particularly the one centred on Bargo, 100km southwest of Sydney.

On Saturday seven new cases were reported there - five locally acquired.

"We are increasingly concerned about clusters in NSW," Mr Marshall said on Friday.

"I don't think there is a decision (on borders or other measures) which is imminent.

"But our focus since day one has been to listen to the expert advice, act quickly and keep the people of South Australia safe."

The state has recorded 482 cases in total since the pandemic began and four deaths. About half a million South Australians have been tested. ... d=msedgdhp


New Zealand PM wins second term after rival concedes
Jacinda Ardern has won a second term in office after her rival conceded in New Zealand's general election.

Initial tallies showed Ms Ardern's Labour Party was ahead after her campaign was dominated by her successful handling of the coronavirus crisis.

The 40-year-old leader went head to head with Judith Collins of the National Party in the election to form the country's 53rd parliament - a referendum on Ms Ardern's three-year term.

Ms Ardern told roaring crowds: "Thank you to the people who worked so hard to share our message. Who volunteered in what felt like an endless campaign.

"But most importantly thank you to the many people who gave us their vote, who trusted us to continue with leading New Zealand's recovery.

"And to those amongst you who may not have supported Labour before - and the results tell me there were a few of you - to you I say thank you.

"We will not take your support for granted. And I can promise you we will be a party that governs for every New Zealander."

Ms Ardern's party was on track to win almost 50% of the vote as results rolled in on Saturday, while the opposition had under 30%.

Ms Collins, a 61-year-old former lawyer, congratulated Ms Ardern on the win, but said the government would need to do better to navigate the economic wreckage of the coronavirus crisis. ... d=msedgdhp

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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

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( the one new cases is now believed to be either a false positive for person who infected back in June = so has been reset to zero cases .)

SA joins the TRANS-TASMAN travel bubble
New Zealanders have also been permitted quarantine-free travel to NSW, the Northern Territory and South Australia as part of a trans-Tasman travel bubble.

25 COVID CASES DISCOVERED onboard the Al Messilah livestock ship
The revelation came as 36 crew members from the Al Messilah, including the additional 24 who tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday, were taken off the vessel and moved to hotel quarantine in Perth. ... e/12785898

New COVID-19 outbreak rocks New Zealand as 11 new cases emerge in interational FIFO fishing crews who are in quarantine.
A new coronavirus outbreak is emerging in New Zealand after 11 fishermen tested positive while in hotel quarantine.

It is understood the workers flew in from Moscow via Singapore on Friday and are among 440 fishermen from Russia and Ukraine quarantining in Christchurch.

The 11 cases were discovered during 'routine' coronavirus testing and the Sudima Hotel was placed into lockdown on Tuesday, New Zealand Herald reported.

The Ministry of Health said the coronavirus had not spread within the community.

'The positive cases are part of a group who are the only people staying at this facility. This is an example of our border controls working as they should.'

'All relevant public health measures are being taken. At facilities, strict infection, prevention and control processes are followed to minimise the risk to public and staff,' The Ministry of Health said.

The Ministry of Health said another 14 cases were 'under further investigation'.

Air Commodore Darryn Webb, Head of Managed Isolation and Quarantine, said the Sudima Hotel has been placed in lockdown on Tuesday afternoon.

'As a precaution, the facility has been locked down with guests confined to their rooms while preparations for quarantining is undertaken,' he explained.

'Additional security and nursing staff will be deployed and a special staff testing station will be established. This is to ensure safeguards are in place for staff and returnees.'

The workers arrived on two chartered flights arranged by international fishing companies Sealord, IFL and Maruha.

The companies sent the workers to New Zealand to work on their fishing vessels and are footing the bill for the hotel quarantine. ... d=msedgdhp
Someone cocked up big time allowing Sealord, IFL and Maruha to import cheap workers / crewmen from a nation rife with covid .
Not enough pacific islanders, kiwis , japanese and chinese to crew the fishing motherships ??
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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

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REGIONAL VICTORIA MET THE KPI to have restrictions relax from midnight .
Melbourne failed to meet the KPI and there are concerns about a new school and public housing cluster , and fears the covid demonstration yesterday will cause a new blow out in covid19 in metro Melbourne.

No community transmission in NSW / Sydney , Qld or other states . New cases in these states are all already in mandatory quarantine.'

This week there have been more cases of covid infected bulk ore/ coal carrier ships , another live animal ship and a freight ship having serious covid outbreaks discovered amongst their largely Phililipino crews , causes scares in Geraldton, Pt Hedland, Fremantle , Gladstone.

The Tasman Bubble has started seeing Kiwis travelling to Australia ( Sydney mostly ) and some problems with Kiwis "unexpectedly" heading to Melbourne ( and being spirited away ) , to Adelaide, and Perth . The Bubble only included NSW , NT and NZ. So the premiers have been up in arms over this , some ordering the Kiwis into mandatory quarantine .
SA has consequently joined the Tasman Bubble.

NT has removed Sydney from it's hotspot list of places requiring mandatory quarantine this week. So everyone in NSW can now freely travel to the NT providing they have not been to Melbourne.

Melbourne Cup will run without huge crowds and fancy socialite BS that is traditional , large crowds are still not permitted in Flemington (Melbourne).

Mt Panarrama Zoom Zooms ran this year with very small crowds . A not so good send off to Holden.

The AFL GrandFinal was played at the Gabba ( Brisbane ) this weekend.

National Cabinet ( States & Federal Govt ) have agreed to increase returns of stranded Australians by 250 per day , $5000 per person and they are compelled to undergo 2 weeks mandatory supervised quarantine at their own cost..


Snapshot of situation in Australia today :


Aged care
down to one active case of covid in Australia for last week.


No covid related deaths in Australia since the 19th October.
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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

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Victoria coronavirus restrictions: Daniel Andrews says Melbourne's lockdown to ease from Wednesday
Melbourne's coronavirus restrictions will start being eased from 11:59pm tomorrow, Premier Daniel Andrews says.

Retail outlets, cafes, restaurants and bars will be able to reopen, subject to patron limits and density quotas.

More than two households will be able to gather outdoors, but there will still be a limit of 10 people, not including babies under one.

Among other changes from Wednesday, beauty and tattooing services will be able to reopen for services if masks are worn.

And the four essential reasons to leave home will be removed, allowing Melburnians to leave their home for any reason.

"Now is the time to open up. Now is the time to congratulate every single Victorian for staying the course," the Premier said.

From 11:59pm Sunday, November 8, more restrictions will be lifted.

The 25-kilometre limit on travel will be axed, and the border between Melbourne and regional Victoria will be removed, allowing intrastate travel again.

"The state will be one again," Mr Andrews said.

A decision on home visits is yet to be reached, but Mr Andrews said he hoped to announce those rules tomorrow.

In Melbourne, currently only intimate partners and people in a "social single bubble" can visit each other at their homes.

"We must understand, all of us — the most dangerous environment for the spread of this virus is in your home," he said.

"When you have visitors, you let your guard down, and they go back to their house, they have visitors and all of a sudden there are chains of transmission that spread silently."

Face coverings will remain mandatory and people will still be encouraged to work from home if possible.

More than 3,000 tests from Melbourne's northern suburbs came back negative today.

And Victoria today recorded its first day of zero coronavirus infections in more than four months.

"We took the time to wait to make sure we did not have widespread community transmission in the northern suburbs," Mr Andrews said.

"It was worth waiting to be absolutely confident, to be sure that our team had their arms around those positive cases and fundamental control of the outbreak, and that is exactly what these numbers show us."

More to come.

Full statement from Daniel Andrews:

The last time Victoria had zero cases was June 9, 139 days ago.

Even more incredibly, it's zero cases off the back of a huge testing drive.

Over the course of this weekend, we asked Victorians living in our northern suburbs to get tested. They did just that.

In 24 hours, we have been able to process an additional 14,024 tests — 3,196 of them from these communities. This morning we've processed an extra 1,157.

And not a single new case has been found.

I want to thank everyone who did the right thing by their community and our state in getting tested. I also want to thank the nurses, lab technicians, collectors, couriers — everyone who has been working around the clock to process these tests.

Because of that effort, we've been able to get the results faster than we thought. These results give us confidence — confidence that even if we do identify positive cases in any further tests — we are firmly on top of this virus.

It's why today I can confirm what we've long waited for: Melbourne will move out of lockdown and into the Third Step. Before we get to the bit that almost everyone will be waiting for, an ask:

As we take these steady steps towards reopening, the message remains the same: Please stay safe and if you have symptoms, you must get tested.

Under the Third Step, and from 11:59pm on Tuesday, Melbourne will move from "stay home" to "stay safe", with no more restrictions on the reasons to leave home.

The 25-kilometre limit though, will remain in place. I know it's frustrating, but this is about making sure that even as we ease restrictions. We're limiting the virus's ability to travel.

It's why the border between regional Victoria and Melbourne will also remain in place — for just a bit longer.

Under the Third Step, Melbourne's cafes, restaurants and pubs can reopen. Outdoors with a limit of up to 50, indoors up to 20. Density limits, record keeping and COVIDSafe Plans also apply.

Remaining retail will also open. Beauty and personal care services can resume. And for those businesses who need to get ready for their reopening, staff will be able to attend onsite straight away.

Outdoor contact sport for those aged 18 and under will also begin again — so too can non-contact sport for adults. PT, fitness and dance classes can also be held outdoors with up to 10 people, and the number of people at outdoor pools can increase to 50, subject to density limits.

Libraries and community venues will be able to open for outdoor events. Outdoor entertainment venues can also begin hosting visitors.

And faith communities will be able to meet for outdoor religious ceremonies with up to 20 people, in addition to those required for the service. Indoor services can be held with up to 10.

Weddings will increase to 10 people, and funerals up to 20.

Workplaces will no longer need to be on the permitted work list to open and the ability to work will change to "if you can work from home you must work from home".

While the boundary is in place, work permits will still be required for workers from Melbourne travelling into regional Victoria and vice versa.

I know the thing many people are missing is having people over to visit but, as we've seen, this virus is at its most dangerous when we're indoors and relaxed and comfortable.

It's why we're going to take the next 24 hours to understand how we might be able to make this work — safely — and I'll have more to say about this tomorrow.

From November 8, and if we can continue driving case numbers down, the 25km limit will come off and Melbourne will be able to meet regional Victoria at the same level.

That means the same eased restrictions that apply to regional Victoria will also apply to Melbourne.

The capacity of pubs and restaurants will increase, with up to 40 inside and 70 outside.

Religious gatherings will expand with up 20 people and a faith leader indoors, and 50 outside.

Gyms and indoor fitness will be able to reopen with some strict safety precautions in place.

And because Melburnians will have well and truly earnt a holiday, accommodation will also reopen.

The border between the city and the rest of our state will also fall away.

I know personally, deeply, just how much this will mean for thousands of Victorians who haven't been able to see loved ones for far too long.

It will mean families are whole again. Our state is whole again.

I understand there'll be questions: "What about X?" or "when can I do Y?" And I promise, we'll also have an update on November 8 on the timelines and thresholds for taking the Last Step.

We want to reach COVID Normal by Christmas and right now, we're on track to do that.

It's why we've got to keep going — all of us. Understanding that even though restrictions may ease, our personal responsibility in all this doesn't.

We have come so far and given so much.

Getting here and staying here relies on the efforts of every Victorian. ... d=msedgdhp

End to Melbourne lockdown
Premier Daniel Andrews has announced COVID-19 restrictions will ease in the beleaguered state.

Cafes and pubs are set to re-open with limits from midnight tomorrow night.

There will be 20 people permitted to be seated inside with a maximum of 10 people per space.

Outside, 50 people will be allowed with one person per two square metres.

There will be no more restrictions on the need to leave home.

However, the 25km travel limit and the border between regional Victoria and Greater Melbourne will stay in place. ... wsrc%5Etfw
All retail will be allowed to re-open, but will be required to remain COVID-safe, with beauty, personal and tattooing business employees required to wear a mask.

Employees are allowed to attend work now in a "dark opening" to prepare for a re-opening from midnight tomorrow.

Outdoor community sport for under-18s and outdoor non-contact sport for adults will recommence as well.

Other outdoor gatherings remain limited to 10, with infants under 12 months old not counted to the maximum. The two-household limit will also be revoked.

People of faith will also be able to gather again, albeit in small congregations.

Indoors, 10 people and a faith leader will be permitted, compared to 20 people and a faith leader outdoors.

Likewise, wedding limits will increase to 10 and funerals to 20.

'People let their guard down'
Mr Andrews warned that home visits would still need to be treated with caution and care, as he claimed many of Victoria's recent coronavirus breakouts had come from peoples' homes.

"People let their guard down. People are really happy to see each other. It is not formal, it is not like going to a cafe or going to a restaurant where someone is serving you, where you are sitting a certain distance away," he said.

"There are only so many tables in the restaurant. The place is all cleaned to industrial standards.

"We will have rules tomorrow that will allow people to reconnect with those that they have missed the most. But if you want to go beyond those rules you want to go beyond those rules you will need to do it outside, and we don't think that is an unreasonable thing because outside is 20 times safer than inside."

Mr Andrews also signalled the next step out of lockdown, with the 25km travel limit and the border between Melbourne and regional Victoria to be lifted on November 8.

Other number limits on gatherings, pub limits, weddings and funerals will also be increased in line with regional Victoria.

Mr Andrews admitted that this date could change, if large numbers of new COVID-19 cases were seen between now and then.

"It doesn't have to be zero (cases) between now and November 8," he said.

"That is not the strategy we are after."

And he said that people who could still work from home, needed to still work from home - offering no firm projection for a return to office work.

Masks are also to stay a feature of outdoor life in the state.

"Masks are incredibly important," Mr Andrews said.

"Difficult, you know, not particularly pleasant, but for a very low cost we get potentially a very low cost we get potentially a very high benefit and that's why we will persist with those for a while. We are not sure how long."

More Covidiot riots in Victoria
Residents have endured months of lockdown, with tensions erupting into a violent covidiot protest last Friday ( incited by the "talking heads" on SKYE NEWS ).

There had been repeated calls for Mr Andrews to re-open the state, with even Prime Minister Scott Morrison weighing in.

Mr Andrews said today he was proud of Victorians remaining "united" during a very tough period.

But he warned that people seeking to "find loopholes" and "bend the rules" could see the state plunge back into lockdown.

"Until a vaccine comes, there is no normal. There is only COVID normal," he said.

"So much has been given to build this precious thing and all of us need to make sure that we honour it and value it and protect it in all the choices that we make every single day.

"I could not be prouder than I am today to lead a state that has shown the courage, the compassion and the character to get this job done, but it is not yet absolutely finished."

However, as recently as yesterday, Mr Andrews had announced a delay on any easing of restrictions, citing a cluster which had spread across multiple households.

Today's announcement follows the state recording zero new COVID-19 cases for the first time in months.

Is a third lockdown possible?
Mr Andrews did not say what circumstances might trigger a much-feared third lockdown for Victoria.

He said the state's "targeted approach" would hopefully eliminate the need for broad lockdowns, and that today was a day to be proud of.

"It's always going to be fragile until a vaccine comes," he said.

He urged Victorians to be "vigilant and smart".

Opening as of Tuesday, October 27 at 11.59pm
All retail
Restaurants, café, hotel and bars reopen
Indoor max of 20 people seated, 10 people per space
Outdoor 50 people, 1 person per 2 square metre
Beauty, tattoos and personal services open - must wear a mask
Outdoor Community sport for U18 returning
Outdoor non-contact sport for adults returning
Travel changes, October 27 at 11.59pm
Four reasons to leave home removed
25km limit remains
Regional and metro border remains
At your home, October 27 at 11.59pm
Outdoor gathering max of 10 people – infants under 12 months not included
More than two households but can't exceed 10 people.
Weddings 10 people
Funerals 20 people
Religious gatherings, October 27 at 11.59pm
Indoor 10 people + 1 faith leader
Outdoor 20 people + 1 faith leader
From 11.59pm, Sunday November 8
25 km travel limit
Metropolitan Melbourne/Regional border
And then align with settings that will be in place in regional Victoria:

Gyms and fitness studios

Maximum of 20 people
Maximum of 10 people per space
Density of one person per 8 sqm
Major changes
Restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, clubs

Indoor: maximum of 40 people with 10 people per space
Outdoor: maximum of 70 people with one person per 2 sqm
Religious gatherings

Outdoors: maximum of 50 people plus one faith leader
Indoors: maximum of 20 people, plus one faith leader

Indoors: maximum of 20 mourners
Outdoors: maximum of 50 mourners
Indoor community sport

Non-contact sport for aged 18 years and under
Sports capable of 1.5 metre distancing
Indoor pools
Maximum of 20 people, open for all ages ... d=msedgdhp


BUT the covid safety rules have changed so there will be a mad rush by shutdown businesses to work out new settings and get stock in ready for opening on Thursday.

Nice to see a lot smiling Victorian and Melbournian faces on the news.
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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

Postby kingofnobbys » Mon Oct 26, 2020 12:26 am


Tasmania's borders are opening, here's what you need to know
The past seven months have been an emotional rollercoaster for Tasmanians.

For those with loved ones interstate, and those worried about the potential for a coronavirus outbreak, the discussions, debate and decisions over border re-openings have been fraught.

There have been several false starts, with the Government proposing opening dates in July and December, then revising them.

But Tasmania is now officially opening its borders, at least to some jurisdictions.

LIVE UPDATES: Read our blog for the latest news on the COVID-19 pandemic.
From today, travellers from South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT will be able to enter Tasmania without quarantining.

But travel isn't as straightforward as it was pre-pandemic.

Where can Tasmanians go?
Because Tasmania is opening its borders, it will be relatively easy for Tasmanians to travel to the Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, and the ACT, and then return home.

Tasmania is open to Western Australia, but WA has a hard border meaning Tasmanians won't be able to go there unless they have an exemption.

And even for the states and territories that are open, Tasmanians may need to fill out a border entry form ahead of time, and check their travel route, because jurisdictions have different rules about travelling through hotspots.

For example, travellers intending to enter South Australia need to complete a Cross Border Travel Registration, and must not transit via a Victorian airport to enter the state.

Queensland considers Victoria and New South Wales COVID-19 hotspots, but travellers who have had a flight layover in a hotspot are allowed to enter Queensland, as long as they can provide evidence that they were only in the hotspot to transfer flights and didn't leave the airport.

What flights routes are running?
Airports have been quiet during the pandemic, but there are flights happening.

Hobart Airport currently has direct flights to Brisbane and Adelaide, and flights to the Gold Coast will begin in December.

Launceston Airport also has direct flights to Brisbane.

Both airports also have flights connecting Tasmania to Melbourne and Sydney, and airlines are expected to increase services when the border to New South Wales opens.

Link Airways has announced direct flights between Canberra and Hobart from November 5.

What about coming to Tasmania?
Some people on their way to the island state won't be on direct flights, so allowances are being made for transit through affected regions en route to Tasmania.

Travellers from the low-risk states and territories will be able to travel through Victoria or New South Wales in order to get to the airport or to the Spirit of Tasmania terminal, but they'll only be able to stop for fuel during that journey.

Before arriving in Tasmania, people coming from the Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, and the ACT will need to register their travel and contact details on the Tas e-Travel online registration system and receive a QR code to show authorities upon arrival.

At Tasmanian airports, arrivals will have their temperature checked, be asked if they have symptoms and if they do, be asked to get a test and isolate until their results come back.

Social distancing in the air?
There is social distancing on planes, but only when flights aren't full.

Otherwise all seats are filled, with airlines talking up the airflow and hospital-grade air quality on their planes.

Some airlines are handing out hygiene kits with masks in them, but only people travelling from Victoria are currently required to wear them.

And airlines have reduced their food and beverage options to avoid the contact that occurs during full service.

What about the Spirit of Tasmania?

The Spirit of Tasmania will only be taking passengers from low-risk jurisdictions, meaning travellers from Victoria and New South Wales will need to wait until December 1 until they can travel on the ship.

Passengers from the other states and territories can get to the Port Melbourne terminal by driving through New South Wales and Victoria, but can only stop for fuel on the way.

TT-Line, the owner of the ferry service, is providing face masks, because passengers need to wear one during check-in, boarding, disembarkation and in any public areas on board.

Will Tasmania face increased restrictions now?

The Spirit of Tasmania will only be taking passengers from low-risk jurisdictions, meaning travellers from Victoria and New South Wales will need to wait until December 1 until they can travel on the ship.

Passengers from the other states and territories can get to the Port Melbourne terminal by driving through New South Wales and Victoria, but can only stop for fuel on the way.

TT-Line, the owner of the ferry service, is providing face masks, because passengers need to wear one during check-in, boarding, disembarkation and in any public areas on board.

Will Tasmania face increased restrictions now?

Not immediately, and the Director of Public Health hopes not at all.

But Mark Veitch said if Tasmania started seeing increasing cases, and cases that weren't able to be traced, Tasmania would probably need to re-impose restrictions on gatherings.

"I certainly hope we don't have to do that, and that should be a pretty powerful motivation for people to follow the rules — the requirements around gatherings — attend to hygiene, go and get tested," Dr Veitch said last week.

"All those things will reduce the chance that we get into a situation where there's a requirement to impose restrictions." ... s/12806010
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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

Postby kingofnobbys » Mon Oct 26, 2020 3:17 am


VICTORIA'S NAMED TODAY = DONUT DAY TO CELEBRATE ZERO NEW CASES WITH ZERO DEATHS IN LAST 24 HOURS. Will likely become a public holiday in Victoria ( making the start of the end the Victorian Covid19 Pandemic and start of the Victorian Economic and Social Recovery.







CBDs: Cleopatra & Caesar born 28Jan19.
Puff (RIP 10Dec15),Rex (RIP 16Mar17),Toothless (RIP 26Nov17).Peppa (RIP 22Mar19).
EBTSs : George & Mildred (born july 2010).
EWSs : , Fluffy (F) rescued injured by lawnwacker 14Nov17, Gutzy (F) rescued 27Sep19 - RIP 3Aug20 (est 12 yo), Wriggles (F) - injured rescue, over 8 yrs old, RIP 2Feb16 old age. Lucky juvenile (M) - cat attack rescue (lost r-eye, broken r-lower jaw), fatal SI RIP 21Jul2010.
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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

Postby kingofnobbys » Sun Nov 01, 2020 2:55 am


Tasmania quarantine restrictions lifted
A planeload of passengers have touched down in Adelaide from Hobart last night, with travellers from some states are now able to return to Tasmania without needing to quarantine. ... d=msedgdhp

Tasmania to open to travellers from NSW from November 6
Tasmania will open its borders to New South Wales from Friday next week, meaning the state will be closed only to Victorians.

Coronavirus repatriation flight from India lands at Darwin Airport
A special repatriation flight carrying 183 Australians who had been stranded in India has landed in Darwin, where they will begin a two week quarantine process in the Northern Territory.

The flight, QF112, is the second of eight special Qantas flights, chartered to repatriate Australians from South Africa, Europe and India.

The plane was scheduled to land at 8:20am AEST but touched down on Australian soil at 9:51am — its passenger list including 62 children, 18 of whom were under 2.

All 183 passengers will be transferred directly from a RAAF part of the airport to the Howard Springs quarantine facility, where they will undergo 14 days of mandatory quarantine.

On Friday, a repatriation flight with 161 Australians, including 22 children, touched down in Darwin from the United Kingdom.

These passengers are already in quarantine in Howard Springs, and to date none of the 161 travellers have tested positive to COVID-19.

The NT Government will provide an invoice to all repatriating Australians, on behalf of the Commonwealth, charging people for their stay at the quarantine facility.

Individuals will be billed $2,500 and families $5,000 and anyone found breaching quarantine regulations also may be issued a fine.

Travellers are not allowed to bring alcohol onto the site and recreational items such as inflatable swimming pools, bikes, and scooters are also banned.

Quarantines need to keep a distance of 1.5m from all people — except their spouse or child — at the facility and need to wear a mask if they leave their allocated room.

Repatriated residents can use a small balcony outside their rooms, but are not allowed to leave the space and walk around the facility.

There are six more repatriation flights into Darwin expected in coming weeks, from the UK, India and South Africa, with priority seating given to vulnerable passengers.

The eight flights are set to bring 1,300 Australians home, but more than 30,000 Australians who want to return home are still thought to be stuck overseas.

On Friday, Federal Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne told ABC Local Radio Darwin the Federal Government was still working through whether it would consider rolling out more special flights after the initial eight.

"India has been a particularly difficult challenge for many Australians, there haven't been any commercial flights from India since March except for a number of repatriation flights," she said.

"But it's very important for those families who are seeing those loved ones return."

To date, 34 people have tested positive to COVID-19 in the Northern Territory, but all have now recovered. ... d=msedgdhp
Premier Peter Gutwein said it was the Government's intention to classify New South Wales as a low-risk area and relax the border restrictions from November 6.

But he said the move remained subject to public health advice.

"What we want to see in a jurisdiction that we open up to is less than five cases of unknown transmission in the last 28 days," said Mr Gutwein.

"New South Wales in the last 28 days has had six only in a population of nearly 8 million people, so they are on top of this."

He said as the date neared, it was important to ensure that there were no further outbreaks occurring in NSW.

"At this stage they look on balance very safe in terms of their population size and the relative risk to Tasmania," he said.

"So we will target that Friday November 6. But obviously, we will take public health advice along the way."

In terms of Victoria, Mr Gutwein said it was "pleasing to see them driving their numbers so low" but he said he was not yet ready to move the goal posts.

"They've been dealing with the most significant second wave in the country and we will continue to keep that situation under advisement from public health," he said.

"We're still targeting December 1, but as I've always said we'll be responsive to the evolving situation there."


On Monday, Tasmania threw the doors open to low-risk jurisdictions.

Travellers from Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and New Zealand no longer need to quarantine.

Mr Gutwein said about 600 people arrived by air across seven flights yesterday and more than 80 cars disembarked from the Spirit of Tasmania this morning.

"It was very heart warming last night to see the pictures on the media of those families being reunited," he said.

"Albeit not a lot of social distancing occurring at that moment, but it was fantastic to see people so happy about being able to reunite with their families.

"The fact that so many families were able to reunite yesterday was as a result of Tasmanians doing the right thing through this."

Reopening to be closely monitored
Director of Public Health Mark Veitch said the effects of the border reopening would be monitored over the next three weeks.

"I certainly hope, I think I really expect, that we're not going to have cases from mainland Australia here, but I can't guarantee that," he said.

"It's more likely that if cases pop up in South Australia or Western Australia or Queensland that they'll pop up there rather than a person that's chosen to travel to Tasmania.

"That just makes statistical sense that you'll get a warning from the state, rather than a warning from the travellers."

He said if there were an increase in cases, his department would reconsider the need to apply restrictions to visitors from those states.

Dr Veitch said the goal was to open up to Victoria as a whole and not take a local government area approach.

"In the first instance it's both a safer choice and an unambiguous choice if we deal with Victoria as a whole," he said.

"If it's not possible for Victoria to nearly completely eradicate transmission in their metropolitan area, then we would reconsider whether we do it a bit piece-meal.

"But if we get to a point where the whole of Victoria can open to non-quarantine travel to Tasmania, I think that's a better outcome, even if we have to subsequently apply restrictions to local government areas in the future."

No easing of Tasmania's internal restrictions yet
Dr Veitch said his department would consider the safety of further relaxing measures but they would remain in place for now.

"We're all mixing together and moving far more readily than we did back in April and May," he said.

"It's that increase in number of interactions that we have and the closeness of interactions that we have that sets up an environment where a case coming into that community could give rise to an explosive outbreak.

"That's why we've maintained some restrictions on gathering size, gathering density and required people to adhere to physical distancing."

More details about current coronavirus measures are available at the Tasmanian Government's coronavirus information website. ... d=msedgdhp

NSW records two local COVID-19 cases as Premier eyes easing Victorian border restrictions
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has flagged the possibility of bringing down the hard border with Victoria as both states record low coronavirus cases.

Ms Berejiklian on Tuesday morning said she wanted to open the Victorian-NSW border "as soon as we can".

"What is really important is to see what happens once the [Victorian] Government eases restrictions down there," she said.

Ms Berejiklian said she felt freedom of movement provided the biggest risk to NSW's low coronavirus case numbers.

"The real test for New South Wales wasn't lockdown because it's easy not to spread the virus when everyone is confined to their home or has limited mobility," she said.

"But once you ease restrictions and people start moving around again, that's the real test."

However, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews on Tuesday urged Victorians not to holiday in NSW once border restrictions are eased.

"I would be encouraging people to stay very much in Victoria, and spend whatever they can on a holiday in regional Victoria rather than heading to New South Wales or anywhere else, for that matter."

Mr Andrews said a staggered approach to opening the border would likely be rolled out, rather than allowing all Victorians free passage into NSW.

"I think it's logical that it will be regional Victorians into New South Wales and SA first before metro Melbourne, just given the different positions that country Victoria, regional Victoria, and metropolitan Melbourne are in," he said.

But Mr Andrews said he "couldn't see why" loosening the geographical restrictions in Victoria wouldn't eventually extend to interstate travel also.

Melburnians are not permitted to travel further than 25 kilometres from their home, but the Victorian Government is looking at easing this.

Health authorities in NSW on Tuesday confirmed two new locally acquired coronavirus infections in the 24 hours to 8:00pm on Monday.

Both cases are linked to the Oran Park childcare centre cluster, which has grown to 25.

However both people have been in isolation, NSW Health said.

There were also 10 new COVID-19 cases found in returned travellers in hotel quarantine.

A total of 6,438 tests were completed in the reporting period.

Tuesday's test total brings the total amount of coronavirus swabs completed in NSW to more than 3 million since the pandemic began.

Ms Berejiklian has long advocated for freedom of movement within Australia, only shutting the Victorian border after the southern state plunged into a devastating second wave.

But she has attracted criticism from other states — notably Queensland and Western Australia — for her open-door policy amid NSW's daily coronavirus cases.

In recent days, however, the country's most populous state has recorded low numbers of coronavirus cases, the majority of which have been confined to hotel quarantine.

Former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie threw his support behind opening domestic borders, warning of economic consequences if things do not change.

"If we don't open up, then Australia is going to go broke. It's a fact. It's not a political comment," he said. ... d=msedgdhp

Qld records another day of no new infections
The Queensland Premier waiting for health advice before making a decision on opening the borders. ... d=msedgdhp

Victoria records zero new cases of coronavirus and no deaths
Victoria has recorded another day of no new coronavirus cases for the first time in more than seven months.

Premier Daniel Andrews said the last time Victoria recorded consecutive days of zero cases was March 5 and 6.

The 14-day rolling average for Melbourne has fallen from 3.6 to 2.8 and there are 6 cases from the past two weeks with an unknown source of infection.

The rolling average for regional Victoria remains at 0.2.

No deaths have been recorded.

"Our testing performance over the last week and certainly the last fortnight has been nothing short of stunning," Premier Daniel Andrews said.

"I'm so grateful to everybody who's come forward and got tested."

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said the figures justified the long and extensive lockdown in Melbourne.

"If we had plateaued at dozens of cases and not gotten to the point we've gotten to today, then there's no opening with South Australia, no opening with New South Wales, the border communities can't have that connection with their neighbouring towns," he said.

"I think our case contact and outbreak management is the best in Australia at the moment."

The happy news comes after Mr Andrews announced a lifting of some lockdown restrictions in Melbourne.

The Premier clarified the rules around home visits, confirming households would be allowed one visit from one other household per day.

The visits are limited to two adults, plus dependent children who are not old enough to be left at home.

Visitors must still obey the 25 kilometre travel restriction in force across Melbourne.

Mr Andrews said the full guidelines for visits would be published later on Tuesday afternoon.

"There will be some complexities with single-parent households and some other arrangements, we'll try to provide absolute clarity," he said.

Victorians will have to get used to wearing face masks
Face masks are set to remain mandatory until at least the end of the year, with Mr Andrews conceding that time frame could be extended further.

"I am going to hold out on this because I do think that it does serve a very useful purpose," Mr Andrews said.

"No-one should read into that that I'm enjoying it, or that anyone is enjoying it, but it is important."

All retail businesses will be allowed to reopen and hospitality venues will be allowed to seat patrons again, subject to density limits.

Cafe owner Katie Graham is preparing to open her business in Melbourne's Chapel Street, and says turnover has been down more than 70 per cent during the lockdown.

"We wouldn't have gotten through without [JobKeeper] and support from our landlord," she said.

"It has been very difficult because you didn't know when the start date was [to reopen], you didn't want to rush out and spend money in case it dragged on."

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is supporting the move to reopen, despite there being six COVID-19 cases in Victoria with no known source of infection.

"They're going to have to continue to be very vigilant in case we do have any further outbreaks," AMA Victorian head, Julian Rait, said.

"It's very much a rollercoaster for many of us in the health sector and I think that continued level of anxiety and vigilance can carry a bit of a burden for us all in terms of our long term mental health."

Northern suburbs outbreak under control
Victoria's Health Minister, Martin Foley, is confident authorities have controlled a coronavirus outbreak in Melbourne's northern suburbs, which was causing concern last week.

"It’s still a complicated issue and we need to keep a very close eye on it which we are, particularly with the local community organisations," he said.

"We've seen a remarkable effort by that community, whether it be the local primary health providers, the community health networks, the local community organisations, and the outstanding work of the East Preston Islamic School and faith leaders has really come in partnership with the public health organisations to just about run that outbreak to ground."

Mr Foley said Victorians could have confidence in the state's contact tracing system in the wake of the successful containment of recent outbreaks in Shepparton and Kilmore, in regional Victoria, and the northern suburbs cluster.

"On each occasion capacity has increased, community engagement has increased, local participation has increased and we’ve got on top of them all."

Daniel Andrews dismisses 'trolling' claim from former health minister
The Premier said he would not look into claims made by former health minister Jenny Mikakos that his staff had trolled Ms Mikakos on Twitter.

In a now-deleted tweet, Ms Mikakos accused staff in the Premier's Office of targeting her on Twitter, and said they "should be embarassed", but Mr Andrews dismissed the claim as "nonsense" and said it would not be investigated further.

"I don't need to. My staff are working hard for all Victorians, they haven't got the time or the interest to be involved in that sort of stuff." ... d=msedgdhp

Melbourne opens up in-home visits as Victoria records second day of zero Covid cases
Melbournians will be able to invite two adults and their dependents into their household once per day starting from midnight Wednesday, as Victoria records its second straight day of zero new Covid-19 infections.
It is the first time Victoria has recorded two consecutive days of zero new Covid-19 cases since the 5-6 March.

Following Monday’s announcement of the end of Victoria’s 15-week lockdown, and the reopening of retail and restaurants, the Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, announced new rules for in-home visitors.

From 11.59pm on Tuesday, people will be able to have two people from one other household plus their dependents (children under 18 or other dependents such as elderly people) over once per day.

Related: 'It’s better than having the doors closed': density caps pose reopening challenge for Melbourne businesses

Under the rule, it means you can have different visitors on different days, but you can only see one other household per day. And those visitors then cannot have other people visit them on the same day.

The visits must be within a 25km radius limit. ( The hard lockdown 5lm radius limit has been scrapped .)

Andrews said it would be reviewed over time but would likely remain after more restrictions are eased on 8 November. ... d=msedgdhp
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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

Postby kingofnobbys » Sun Nov 01, 2020 3:26 am


Queensland has recorded two new COVID-19 cases among returned overseas travellers in hotel quarantine in Cairns.

One is a 45-year-old man who recently returned from The Philippines and the other is a woman in her 40s who had been in Papua New Guinea.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles said the state's hotel quarantine system remained "incredibly effective".

"We've not had a single case out of our hotel quarantine here in Queensland," he told reporters on Wednesday.
Asked if the Queensland border with NSW will reopen at the end of the month, Dr Miles reiterated Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk's comments a day earlier, saying the government was waiting on advice from Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young.

"Our intention is to provide as much notice as we possibly can," he said.

"We'll be discussing (the border with Dr Young) in the coming days and hope to make an announcement just as soon as the decision is made."

Queensland last recorded a coronavirus case on Friday, when two infected crew members from a cargo ship anchored off the Sunshine Coast were transferred to hospital.

The state has five active cases, while health workers completed 4529 tests in the 24 hours to Wednesday morning.

It has been 48 days since the last COVID-19 case was diagnosed in the community. ... d=msedgdhp

Traces of COVID-19 detected in wastewater at Carole Park, Ipswich as Queensland records two new coronavirus cases
Traces of COVID- 19 have been detected in wastewater at Carole Park in Ipswich, west of Brisbane.

Queensland's Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said the result was concerning due to the unknown cause of the positive results.

"We have had several weeks worth of negative results at this wastewater testing location since the Brisbane Youth Detention cluster," Dr Young said.

"There is a very real possibility this wastewater result is a sign of one or more undetected positive COVID-19 cases in the Ipswich community, and we are treating this seriously."

Dr Young said viral shedding from a COVID-19 case that is no longer infection could occur for several weeks after someone had recovered from the illness.

The sample was taken last week as part of a research program being undertaken by Queensland Health, the University of Queensland and the CSIRO.

Water from Ipswich, Camira, Carole Park, Ellen Grove and Springfield feeds into the treatment plant at Carole Park.

A Queensland Health spokesman said the Ipswich Hospital's Fever Clinic was ready to expand its hours if needed.

Dr Young said anyone with any symptoms, no matter how mild, should get tested immediately.

"If there is a case in the community, it is critical we detect it through our testing mechanisms as quickly as possible." she said.

Meanwhile, Queensland has recorded two new cases of coronavirus in the past 24-hour testing period.

They are a 45-year-old man who returned from the Philippines and a woman in her 40s who flew in from Papua New Guinea.

Both are in quarantine in Cairns. ... d=msedgdhp


NSW records eight new coronavirus cases as Premier Gladys Berejiklian launches attack on other states
Premier Gladys Berejiklian has accused states with closed borders of "lumping" NSW in with Victoria during the coronavirus pandemic, warning the two jurisdictions were in "vastly different" positions.

A frustrated Ms Berejiklian fired a broadside at WA Premier Mark McGowan and Queensland Premier Annastasia Palaszczuk as health authorities in NSW confirmed one new locally acquired COVID-19 infection.

"There is no reason why NSW residents shouldn't be welcomed into other states," she said.

"It has been, for myself and our agencies in New South Wales, an acute sense of frustration that a vast number of state premiers have chosen to lump New South Wales and Victoria in the same category over the course of the last few months.

"That is an incorrect assumption and I'm disappointed that has occurred and I would ask those state premiers to acknowledge was is occurring in New South Wales and the situation we're in and how vastly different that is from Victoria."

Later on Wednesday, NSW Health issued a warning about venues linked to a confirmed case to be included in Thursday's numbers.

Anyone who attended any of the following places is considered a close contact and must get tested and isolate for 14 days, regardless of their test result.

Flip Out Prestons Indoor Trampoline Park, Unit B/238 Hoxton Park Road, Prestons, on Sunday, October 25, between 12:00pm and 1:50pm
Jasmins Lebanese Restaurant, 375 Macquarie Street, Liverpool, on Sunday, October 25, between 2:00pm and 3:30pm
An alert has also been issued for the following venues, but it regards a casual contact so anyone who visited these sites must monitor for symptoms and get tested if they develop.

Westfield Bondi Junction, 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, on Saturday, October 24, between 1:30pm and 4:30pm
Watsup Brothers kebab shop, 149 Eldridge Road, Condell Park, on Saturday, October 24, between 5:30pm and 6:00pm
Ali Baba Charcoal Chicken, 2 Civic Road, Auburn, on Monday, October 26, between 1:00pm and 1:20pm
Carnes Hill Marketplace, Kurrajong Road, Carnes Hill, on Tuesday, October 27, between 3:30pm and 4:30pm
Border disputes
South Australia and the Northern Territory have opened their borders to people from NSW, but Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia remain closed — although the Apple Isle's border to NSW will reopen on November 6.

Ms Berejiklian said she welcomed the decision of the Tasmanian Government to allow NSW residents into the state without quarantining.

But she slammed the Queensland Government's decision to keep its borders shut as causing undue "suffering" for Australians and urged it to reopen.

"I say to Queensland … residents in your state, in Queensland, in NSW and across the nation are suffering as a consequence," Ms Berejiklian said.

"I also urge the WA Premier to do likewise."

The NSW-Victoria border remains closed and Ms Berejiklian said she was monitoring Victoria's situation closely but had decided to "maintaining her status quo position at this stage".

"We don't want to run the risk of any seeding from Victoria while we are concerned about existing cases that may be lurking throughout south-western Sydney," she said.

Ms Berejiklian said NSW was "on top of the virus" and "in a good position" after also confirming seven new cases among returned travellers in hotel quarantine.

But she said the rising number of hotel quarantine cases was reflective of NSW carrying the "nation's load", with about 45 per cent of all international arrivals at Sydney heralding from other states.

Ms Berejiklian said she was calling upon other states to "do their fair share to increasing the number of Australians they're receiving so NSW doesn't have to carry the load for whole nation — which is essentially what we're doing at the moment".

"I get really frustrated and annoyed when WA and Queensland expect us to process all of their citizens, which we do gladly, but then think of all these excuses as to why New South Wales residents can't move freely into their states.

"You can't have it both ways."

Ms Berejiklian said she normally thought of herself as a "tolerant and patient person" but that "enough is enough" and that other states must pay NSW for putting their residents in hotel quarantine.

"We will be issuing those invoices, and it's not for the dollars, it's because of the principal," she said

"The other states aren't lifting their weight. I mean, why can't Queensland and WA take on more Aussies coming home?"

Chief health officer Kerry Chant said that there were hidden dangers in NSW welcoming home large swaths of infected people from overseas.

A total of 3,000 people a week can arrive at Sydney Airport from overseas.

"In Sydney it's more complicated because we are welcoming returning overseas travellers — they are going back to home and they can shed for a time even when they are not infectious in their stools … so that adds complexity," she said.

Dr Chant said there had been 14,382 tests done on Tuesday, more than double Monday's total of just over 6,400.

It has been 14 days since NSW recorded a mystery case, where the source of the infection could not be determined. ... d=msedgdhp

COVID found in south west Sydney sewage
Residents in Sydney's south west are being urged to come forward for testing after coronavirus was detected in wastewater.
Health authorities believe COVID-19 in Glenfield's sewage could come from a spate of cases in the area in recent weeks.

Residents have been advised to go for testing as concerns emerge the virus is circulating undetected in the community. ... d=msedgdhp

One community case in NSW comes with a warning
NSW has recorded eight new cases of coronavirus, with seven of those in hotel quarantine.

There was just one case of community transmission, and the person was already in isolation as they were a household contact of a previous case.

Dr Kerry Chant said NSW Health is currently dealing with three clusters in Sydney. ... 3827166208
There is one in Oran Park linked to 25 cases, the Lakemba GP cluster which involves 17 cases, and the Liverpool Private clinic cluster which 13 cases are linked to.

Dr Chant said there were 14,382 tests in the past 24 hours and health authorities need to see high levels continue.

"This is now a critical period. I know I have used that at certain points but I just need to explain it," Dr Chant said.

"Even though case numbers we are reporting are very low, we know that if this virus gets a foothold in the community it can go off like a wildfire.

"Particularly if we ease restrictions, particularly if we drop our guard in terms of these COVID-Safe practices."

Dr Chant said the aim is to get to a point where there is no community transmission of the virus before Christmas and end of year celebrations.

It has been 14 days since a locally acquired case with no known source was identified in the state. ... d=msedgdhp

Two new coronavirus cases and two deaths as Melbourne lockdown lifted
Melburnians are enjoying their first full day of more freedom today, with shops and cafes now open. But it comes with the news of two more deaths from COVID-19 and two new infections reported overnight. ... d=msedgdhp

Victoria records two new coronavirus cases and two deaths as retail, hospitality and beauty services reopen
As Melbourne's retail and hospitality sectors open up after months of lockdown, Victoria's controversial contact tracing system will come under scrutiny by a newly-established parliamentary inquiry.

The inquiry will be chaired by Reason Party MP Fiona Patten and will investigate whether the contact tracing system as it stands today can handle new outbreaks of coronavirus in the future.

"This inquiry, I hope, will provide that confidence and assuredness to community and to business that we can open and continue to stay open," she said.

Victoria recorded two new coronavirus cases and two deaths on Wednesday, as thousands of Melburnians returned to work in retail, hospitality and beauty services.

Premier Daniel Andrews said the two deaths, a man in his 70s and a man in his 80s, occurred several weeks ago and were linked to residential aged care.

They are the first COVID-19 deaths reported in Victoria since October 19.

Mr Andrews said both of the new cases were close contacts of people who had already been diagnosed, and both were quarantined at home when they tested positive.

The cases are part of the outbreak in Melbourne's northern suburbs, where more than 4,600 test results were received since Tuesday.

More than 24,600 COVID-19 tests were processed across the state in the past 24 hours, taking the total for the pandemic to more than three million tests across Victoria.

Melbourne's rolling 14-day average of new cases per day has fallen from 2.8 to 2.7, and there are three "mystery" cases from the past two weeks with no known source of infection.

In regional Victoria, the rolling average is now zero after no new cases were reported in the past 14 days.

The new cases came as Melburnians return to cafes, restaurants and shops on Wednesday after the Victorian Government lifted a number of lockdown restrictions in the city.

The Premier said 16,200 retail stores were reopening on Wednesday, along with 5,800 cafes and restaurants, and 1,000 beauty salons.

QR code system being developed to assist with reopening
Mr Andrews urged customers to make the most of measures such as pre-booking and called on retail owners to make sure they were adhering to COVID-safe guidelines.

He said it was important hospitality businesses understood the need to keep the maximum of 20 patrons allowed indoors separated into two groups of 10.

"Inside is twenty times more dangerous than outside, and it is really important that we have those spaces separated," he said.

"Common sense is an important part, it is not the physical barrier as much as it is keeping people apart."

The Premier foreshadowed improvements to the method for tracking customer attendance at venues, moving from a reliance on pen and paper to an improved QR code system being developed by the State Government.

"You have to build one that works seamlessly with the new IT platform we have built that has helped deliver the [low case] numbers," Mr Andrews said.

"I'm confident we will get a product that fits seamlessly into what I think is probably the best IT product anywhere in the country."

Customers return to Melbourne cafes and retail outlets
Cafe worker Annika Nielsen says staff at her eatery in Oak Park, in Melbourne's north, have gone to great lengths to ensure the venue meets COVIDSafe requirements.

"We've taken out about half of the tables and chairs, we sanitise everything in between everyone's usage, we've taken everything off the tables, the salt and pepper shakers, the sugar," she said.

Tina Kouts said she wanted to make the most of the eased restrictions on retail outlets, which reopened at midnight.

"We were really excited about the shops opening and everything opening and pretty much just buying bed linen and Christmas presents for Christmas coming up and everything," she said.

There has also been a steady stream of customers visiting hardware stores, which have been closed to walk-in customers for months.

Group retail manager for Mitre 10 in Victoria, Rod Currie, said stores were prepared for the influx of customers.

"We had many enquiries yesterday in the Richmond store alone, just in the garden section, whether it would be open today or not, and absolutely we're expecting it to build throughout the day," he said.

"Trade has continued to do quite well [during lockdown] from a DIY perspective — we've had 'click and collect' and 'dial and collect' customers quite heavily during the lockdown period."

Any hope people may have had of being able to go to the movies any time soon was dashed, with the Premier confirming that the reopening of cinemas was not a priority.

"With no disrespect to their product or what they offer, no time at the movies is worth putting at risk everything we have built," Mr Andrews said.

"There will be a time to do that, but that is not now."

Victorian Opposition says the density quotas are "unworkable"
Opposition Leader Michael O'Brien claimed many hospitality businesses would not reopen on Wednesday because the quotas limiting the number of patrons inside a venue did not make it financially viable.

The rules limiting venues to a maximum of 10 patrons per room, with a maximum of 20 people allowed inside, are due to be reviewed on November 9, but Mr O'Brien said that was too long to wait.

"We're still hearing a lot of concerns from hospitality that the rules in some cases just aren't workable, they're not fit for purpose so the Government needs to consult," Mr O'Brien said.

"This is a Government that really has a problem listening to small business." ... d=msedgdhp
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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

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Victoria records three new COVID-19 cases and no deaths
Victoria has recorded three new coronavirus cases and no deaths overnight.

The 14-day rolling average has dropped to 2.4 in Melbourne and is zero in regional Victoria.

The state yesterday recorded two new cases and two deaths. ... wsrc%5Etfw
Victoria's lockdown ended at midnight on Tuesday and triggered celebrations across Melbourne after four months of restrictions.

But long queues and big crowds converging in Melbourne hours after the city's reopening are now sparking fears of fresh coronavirus outbreaks.

Foot traffic across parts of the CBD has returned to 80 per cent of what it was before COVID-19 with 16,200 shops now back in business.

All retailers and dining venues must have a COVID-Safe plan in place, while strict controls are in place to limit numbers both inside and out.

But with long lines of shoppers waiting to get inside some of their favourite retailers, there are concerns some people are not social-distancing enough.

Victoria's contact tracing system will be in the spotlight now more than ever as health authorities do all they can to prevent a third wave.

The state's virus response has received praise from Dr Anthony Fauci, one of the United States' leading infectious diseases experts.

"Australia's done well, New Zealand has done well, some of the Asian countries have done well," Dr Fauci said. ... d=msedgdhp

Victoria childcare centre shutdown amid new cases
An early learning centre has shut down as Victoria records three new cases of COVID-19. ... d=msedgdhp

Victorian childcare centre shutdown amid new cases
An early learning centre has shut down as Victoria records three new cases of COVID-19. ... d=msedgdhp

Driver fined nearly $5000 after crashing into Melbourne's 'ring of steel'
An alleged drink driver who crashed his car into Victoria's 'ring of steel' has been fined nearly $5000.

Police allege the male driver of the black BMW X5 was travelling on the Calder Highway when he crashed into bollards at the vehicle checkpoint in Gisborne South about 4.15am today.

The black BMW X5 then hit a parked car before coming to a stop.
3AW caller Don told Ross and Russel the smash was "a complete mess".

"There's a $150,000 BMW 4WD, it's completely written off," he said.

"It seems to have gone through all the bollards, into one of the mobile electronic signs, completely knocked that over and … driven into the back of an unmarked police vehicle."

No police or defence force personnel were injured during the incident.

The 33-year-old man is expected to be charged on summons with drink driving and other traffic offences after allegedly returning a positive evidentiary breath test.

The Sunbury man had his license immediately suspended and was issued a $4957 infringement for breaching health directions by attempting to cross the border into regional Victoria. ... d=msedgdhp

New South Wales records another four coronavirus infections
Four new coronavirus cases have popped up in Sydney's south-west, sparking fears of a mystery cluster as health officials scramble to find a source.

Another case was found in hotel quarantine, bringing Thursday's total to five.

Two of the local cases are understood to be pupils of Malek Fahd Islamic School in Hoxton Park, Australia's biggest Islamic school.

The school is being deep cleaned, and will be closed for two weeks.

Staff and students at the school were told to self-isolate on Wednesday after the first positive case was found at the school.

The other Malek Fahd campuses in Beaumont Hills and Greenacre are running as per usual.

Principal Bruce Rixon said neither of the school's other two campuses in Greenacre and Beaumont Halls have been affected.

'NSW Health has requested anyone who has been unwell or if you develop any symptoms to be tested at one of the Covid-19 testing clinics,' Mr Rixon said.

Authorities said the source of the new cluster is still being investigated, but are all close or household contacts.

The new cases come after NSW Health issued a serious alert for several venues across Sydney.

Bondi Junction, one of Australia's biggest Westfield shopping centres, was put on alert on Wednesday after a confirmed case visited for three hours.

Anyone who attended Westfield Bondi Junction, in Sydney's eastern suburbs, on October 24 between 1.30pm and 4.30pm must monitor for symptoms.

Meanwhile venues in Sydney's west have also been put on high alert, including Flip Out Prestons Indoor Trampoline Park and Jasmins Lebanese Restaurant in Liverpool.

The hours for the trampoline park are between 12pm and 1.50pm on October 25, while a positive case was at the restaurant on Sunday between 2pm and 3.30pm.

Anyone who visited the trampoline park or restaurant for more than an hour must immediately isolate for 14 days regardless of their test result.

NSW Health has warned attendees of three other venues to get tested if they experience COVID-19 symptoms.

Health authorities on Wednesday said NSW had entered a critical period in its fight against coronavirus, with concerns about low COVID-19 testing rates, undetected cases and people dropping their guard as the festive season approaches.

Test numbers have dropped significantly in recent weeks, with 14,230 coronavirus tests done in the 24 hour reporting period.

'As we go into Christmas we know that people are going to be welcoming people into their homes ... and household celebrations (and that will) present challenges for COVID transmission,' Chief Medical Officer Kerry Chant said.

Despite low case numbers NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian urged people not to become complacent. ... d=msedgdhp

Four new coronavirus cases detected in Darwin's Howard Springs quarantine facility after passengers arrive from India
The Northern Territory has recorded four new COVID-19 cases in the 24 hours since 11:00am yesterday, all linked to repatriated Australians who are under mandatory quarantine in Howard Springs.

The four new cases are all passengers who arrived on a special repatriation flight from India which landed in Darwin on Tuesday.

Two children aged 3, and a 31-year-old man and an 82-year-old woman tested positive at the Howard Springs facility.

The NT Government says the patients are well and will remain at the quarantine facility.

It said the group of repatriated Australians arriving in Darwin from overseas were a "known higher risk group".

"As a result, it is expected that between 5 and 10 per cent of all passengers could test positive for COVID-19," the Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet said in a statement.

"The repatriation of Australians to the Northern Territory to undertake quarantine at the Howard Springs Facility provides a safe and managed way to bring them home while protecting the health of all Australians.

"All international arrivals are in quarantine where strict infection control measures are being applied and any active cases of COVID-19 can be managed."

The total number of active cases in the Northern Territory is now five.

The fifth case also relates to a repatriated Australian from the same New Delhi flight, QF112, with a 31-year-old woman testing positive on Wednesday while in quarantine.

QF112 is the second of eight special Qantas flights chartered to repatriate Australians from South Africa, Europe and India, which altogether are set to bring 1,300 Australians home.

The New Delhi flight landed on Tuesday, carrying 183 Australians who had been stranded in India — all of whom are in quarantine in the Northern Territory.

To date, 39 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in the Northern Territory, all related to international or interstate travel, with no cases of community transmission.

It comes as NT Police issue two infringement notices to people in quarantine at the Howard Springs facility for failing to abide by the rules.

Police said they issued one to a 57-year-old man who was not in his unit yesterday when meals were being served.

The man was located near his room but was not wearing a mask, and police allege the 57-year-old became aggressive towards staff members when questioned.

Police also fined a 33-year-old woman yesterday after they found her allegedly attempting to scale a perimeter fence.

Incident Controller Shaun Gill said he was "frustrated by people who think they are above the rules".

"The Northern Territory has worked really hard to minimise the spread of COVID-19 here, this sort of behaviour puts everyone at risk," he said.

In the NT to date, 33,080 compliance checks have now been completed and 154 fines issued. ... d=msedgdhp

New Zealand Open cancelled because of COVID-19
Organisers of next year's New Zealand Open golf tournament have had to cancel the event because of the uncertainty over the coronavirus pandemic.
The tournament was scheduled to be held on two courses in the South Island town of Queenstown in February.

"We are extremely disappointed to have had to come to this decision," organising committee chairman John Hart said in a statement on Thursday.

"But the effects of the pandemic, borders being closed, and the financial risk associated with a potential later cancellation due to any further Covid-19 outbreaks means we have no other alternative other than to cancel this event now."

Hart said they had expected up to 300 people from overseas to attend the tournament.

New Zealand has closed its borders to anyone but returning citizens or permanent residents and while overseas visitors can apply for an exemption, they must meet stringent conditions and are rarely granted.

All arrivals must also still undergo 14-days isolation with short-term visitors charged for their stay in government-run facilities.

The cancellation of the New Zealand Open follows that of Australia's four major golf tournaments, all of which were also scheduled for February. ... d=msedgdhp

Fox News host smashes Jacinda Ardern in bizarre quarantine rant
An American Fox News host has slammed Jacinda Ardern in an attack on New Zealand's policy of keeping people detained in quarantine hotels until they agree to take a coronavirus test.

Laura Ingraham, host of conservative news show The Ingraham Angle, claimed on Wednesday the New Zealand prime minister was locking up travellers in 'quarantine camps'.

Ingraham, 57, used a Facebook live clip of Ms Ardern answering questions on quarantine hotel procedures in June, to justify her claims.

'They're throwing people into quarantine camps,' she told viewers.

'The American left and their media poodles have long held up New Zealand as the model for how to properly deal with a lot of things, including COVID.

'But anyone who loves freedom should take note because the Kiwis have a terrifying new response to rising COVID case numbers,' Ingraham said.

The four-month-old Facebook live clip showed Ms Ardern explaining all hotel quarantine guests must remain in isolation until they return a negative test.

'If someone refuses, in our facilities, to be tested, they have to keep staying. So they won't be able to leave after 14 days, they have to stay on for another 14 days.

'You either get your tests done and make sure you're cleared or we will keep you in the facility longer,' Ms Ardern said.

The prime minister said this was a 'good incentive' and explained 'most people will look at that and say "I'll take the test"'.

Ingraham then put on a New Zealand accent to mock Ms Ardern's video clip.

'No leaving the camp until you're negative,' the Fox News host said.

New Zealand has a similar quarantine system to Australia where travellers returning from overseas must isolate in a designated hotel for 14 days.

Ingraham used the clip, from June 29, to claim New Zealand was responding to current 'rising COVID case numbers'.

New Zealand has recorded 1,593 cases of Covid-19 and 25 deaths; a rate of 388 cases and five deaths per million of population.

That compares to 1,076 cases and 35 deaths per million in Australia, and 27,000 cases and 703 deaths per million in the United States.

New Zealand, which last recorded community transmission on October 23, currently has 70 active cases and reported 6 new cases in hotel quarantine on Thursday.

New Zealand previously enjoyed a 102-day streak of zero community transmission but battled against outbreaks in August and September.

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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

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Adelaide 500 Supercars race axed
The Adelaide 500 Supercars race is no more, after the event was axed by the state government ... d=msedgdhp

Supercars drivers dummy spit over Adelaide 500 axing
Supercars drivers have blasted the axing of the Adelaide 500, with Holden's Nick Percat calling the person responsible for the decision an "*****."

For the first time since 1999, the long-time season opener around the Adelaide street circuit will not go ahead next year.

The South Australian government has cited a number of factors for the shock call, namely the impact of Covid-19 on one of the biggest event-builds in the state and the inability to recoup costs in a pandemic.

But the cancellation of the popular event has not been well received in the motorsport community.

Percat, who enjoyed a breakout 2020 by winning two races, teed off on Twitter. ... d=msedgdhp

McGowan pulls down WA's 'hard border', sets timeline for reunification with eastern states
WA Premier Mark McGowan has announced the imminent demise of WA's controversial 'hard border', which bans travellers entering the state unless they meet strict exemption requirements.

From November 14, WA will move to a "controlled interstate border regime", Mr McGowan said at a media conference on Friday.

This would mean travellers coming from states with no community transmission for 28 days would be allowed to enter the state, but be required to have their temperature tested at Perth Airport and a COVID-19 test if necessary.

This includes all jurisdictions except NSW and Victoria. In those states, if they continue to have fewer than five local transmissions of the virus on a rolling 14-day average, travellers would be allowed into WA, but would still need to self-isolate for 14 days.

Mr McGowan said: "Behind our hard border we began to safely ease restrictions within our state to open up our economy."

"This resulted in a strong economic and social recovery unique to Western Australia. Our economy is once again the engine room of the nation and Western Australians are back to work with confidence," he said.

"Western Australia's hard border has and will only ever be in place to protect the health of all Western Australians. I cannot stress that enough."

Chief Health Officer Andy Robertson delivered fresh health advice to the government this week, which was considered by the state's disaster council on Friday morning.

He said the decision to turn WA into "an island within an island" was unthinkable, but necessary. ... d=msedgdhp

Queensland borders will open to NSW, except Greater Sydney, from November 3
Queensland will open its border to New South Wales from 1:00am on November 3, but it will remain closed to Greater Sydney and Victoria, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says.

Ms Palaszczuk said the decision — which has been made on the eve of the state election — was based on the advice of the Chief Health Officer, who is concerned about community transmission of the virus in southern states.

"I have accepted her [Dr Jeannette Young's] recommendations to me lock, stock and barrel," she said.

"I am honest with the people of Queensland, that is what I said I would do."

When pushed about the economic implications of the move, Ms Palaszczuk said there would not be a robust economy without a strong health response.

"When you have a virus that is out of control your economy is locked down," she said.

"There was one or two cases in Victoria, the virus got out of control and the whole state was locked down and we saw 700 deaths — I do not want to see 700 deaths in Queensland."

Mystery cases worry chief doctor
Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said the recent coronavirus cases in NSW led to her decision to close Queensland to Greater Sydney.

Thirty-two local government areas in Greater Sydney, which have a combined population of nearly 5 million, will continue to be banned.

"I have reviewed the situation in NSW and prior to yesterday they had four LGAs [local government areas] in Sydney that had had cases of community transmission that NSW was unable to link to any known clusters, which means that they have transmission and they don't know where it is coming from," she said.

"Yesterday they had four new cases and one of those cases they could not link to any other known clusters.

"NSW put out an alert for six different sites across the city where they were concerned that transmission could have occurred.

"So based on that new information yesterday and the information up to that point I believe it is important that Queensland remain closed to those 32 LGA is in Sydney."

Dr Young said people from regional NSW who travel into Sydney would not be able to come into Queensland for 14 days.

Meanwhile, Queenslanders who want to visit regional New South Wales will be able to travel via Sydney airport.

"But they will then need to travel through Sydney without stopping in Sydney to get to those areas outside those 32 LGAs in Sydney," she said.

Another decision due before Christmas
Asked if the borders could remain closed to Greater Sydney until Christmas Dr Young said: "I will always give advice to make sure that Queenslanders are kept as safe as they can possibly be kept safe".

"Anything could happen, but also there's a strong possibility that we'll be open because NSW is getting on top of these cases," she said.

She said she will continue to monitor coronavirus cases in Victoria as the state opens up from lockdown.

The next review of border rules is due at the end of November.

Ms Palaszczuk was asked if her decision was at odds with the national goal to have borders open by Christmas.

"We have always said as a national cabinet we have an aspiration that families can be reunited around Christmas time, but once again anything can happen so we need to monitor community transmission," she said.

Positive sewerage test in Brisbane's bayside
Dr Young said she had also been told of a positive result for COVID-19 in sewage at Wynnum, in Brisbane's bayside.

She urged locals who were displaying symptoms of the virus to get tested.

She extended the advice for people living in Ipswich, after a positive result in sewerage at Carole Park earlier this week.

"There is a concern, that we may have virus circulating and the best way to deal with that is to come forward and be tested," she said.

Queensland recorded one new case of coronavirus overnight.

The man, in his 50s, had recently returned from Stockholm and is in hotel quarantine on the Gold Coast.

Ms Palaszczuk said it was through "the hard work of every single Queenslander" that the state had no community transmission.

She said the border opening on November 3 would allow time for border passes to be renewed. ... d=msedgdhp

The full list of NSW LGAs still closed to Queensland
Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced Queensland will reopen its border to all of NSW except for those in Greater Sydney.

From 1am on Tuesday November 3, residents in regional NSW will be able to travel to Queensland without facing restrictions, but people from Sydney's 32 local government areas will still be required to quarantine.

Victoria will also remain closed to the state.

The Premier said she followed the health advice when she made the decision, just a day out from Queensland's state election.

"I will accept the health advice of Dr Young, and that is exactly what I did today," Ms Palaszczuk said.

"I kept my commitment. I'm honest with the people of Queensland."

Sydney residents wishing to enter Queensland will need to spend 14 days in a non-hotspot area for 14 days before they will be allowed in the state.

They will be required to make a border declaration stating they have not been in greater Sydney for two weeks.

People from regional NSW will not be allowed to enter Queensland if they have been in Sydney in the two weeks beforehand.

The premier defended her government's hardline approach when asked about its ongoing impact on the state's economy.

"In Victoria, the economy doesn't function when you're in lockdown," she said.

"When you have a virus that is out of control, you're economy is locked down, and that could cost the Queensland economy $3 billion a month."

LNP Queensland Leader Deb Frecklington also conceded she would follow Dr Young's advice when asked about the Premier's decision at the Queensland Media Club Debate.

"The borders shouldn't have to be closed for any longer than they need to be but I will follow the advice of the Chief Health Officer," she said.

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young declared that all 32 local government areas (LGAs) in Sydney should be viewed as "hot spots".

"There are 4.8 million people who live in those 32 LGAs in Sydney," she said.

"They are the risk, they are the ones moving around."

The 32 local government areas include Wollondilly and Camden, but not Wollongong, the Blue Mountains or the Central Coast.

The number of unlinked cases is motivating Queensland's decision to keep Sydneysiders out of the state.

"One unlinked case means there is a problem in that community," Dr Young said.

The state's hardline border stance has been an issue of contention for months, with business and tourism operators begging the premier to allow people from NSW in particular as the summer peak season approaches.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian described the decision as very disappointing, while implying it was a political decision that may change tomorrow, following the Queensland state election.

"If I have my way, I wouldn't have any borders but with Victoria. It is extremely unfair and lacks common sense and logic to lump NSW in with Victoria," Ms Berejiklian said earlier. ... d=msedgdhp

No new local coronavirus cases in NSW yesterday, but one overnight
New South Wales will officially record zero new cases of locally acquired coronavirus today, but a late-night diagnosis will be recorded in tomorrow's figures.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian confirmed the figures at her press conference this morning.

She said the new case was a child who visited a trampoline centre in Sydney's west where an infected child visited on Sunday.

Yesterday a health alert was issued for the Flip Out Prestons Indoor Trampoline Park at Unit B/238 Hoxton Park Road in Prestons after it was visited by a positive case.

That health advice has now been upgraded, with anyone who visited the centre for any length of time between 11am and 2pm now considered a close contact.

They are being directed to get tested for COVID-19 and self-isolate for 14 days regardless of the result.

In addition, anyone who was there after 2pm that day is a casual contact and must monitor for symptoms and get tested immediately if any develop.

There have also been six coronavirus cases detected in returned travellers in hotel quarantine.

It comes as NSW Police revealed they have launched an internal investigation after a constable visited the room of a recently-returned overseas traveller in hotel quarantine last night. ... d=msedgdhp

Victoria records four new coronavirus cases as Daniel Andrews flags day off from COVID-19 briefing
Victoria's Chief Health Officer says the risk of a third wave is "minimal" but has urged people to continue following public health advice as the state opens up.

Victoria today recorded four new cases of coronavirus and no further COVID-19 deaths.

Melbourne's hospitality and retail industries were permitted to start re-opening this week, and if case numbers remain low further restrictions are expected to be lifted from 11:59pm on November 8.

But health officials have urged Victorian businesses to follow COVID-safe guidelines as the state starts opening up again.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said Victorians should "enjoy the phase that we are going through" but warned people to continue following public health advice.

"We just need to emphasise this is not over, it will not be over in the long term until we have got a vaccine," he said.

"We just need to be mindful of our individual and collective responsibility here, calling others out politely but appropriately, and doing the right thing as individuals."

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced he would not hold tomorrow's coronavirus press conference, taking his first day off after 120 consecutive days of briefings.

"I will not see you tomorrow. The Minister for Health will conduct the daily briefing. I'm sure you're all very pleased to hear that news," he told reporters at the end of today's press conference.

The Premier has held a coronavirus update every day since July 3.

Two of today's four cases might be false positives, Sutton says
With 36 infections recorded in the past two weeks, Melbourne's rolling 14-day average has risen slightly to 2.6, up from 2.4 on Thursday.

But the number of mystery cases with an unknown source over a fortnight has fallen to just two, down from four in Thursday's reporting period.

One of the mystery cases was from October 15, and the other was recorded on October 24.

There have been no new cases in regional Victoria, and the rolling 14-day average outside Melbourne remains at zero new infections.

Professor Sutton said of the four new cases, two were "weak positives" that may not end up being confirmed cases.

"We will have an expert review panel look at the results and make a call on them definitively as positive or negative," he said.

Research has found that in some cases people could continue to shed remnants of coronavirus even when they were no longer infectious.

Professor Sutton said the other two cases were under investigation, including one person who might have had the virus in the past but was no longer infectious.

The four new cases were detected from 23,583 COVID-19 tests processed overnight.

Mr Andrews said they were in the Wyndham, Brimbank, Hume and Greater Dandenong local government areas.

The Chief Health Officer said one of the cases being investigated had been "in and around" the Deer Park area in Brimbank, and urged anyone with symptoms to get tested.

There are now 80 active coronavirus cases in Victoria.

Five Victorians with COVID-19 are in hospital, but none of these people are in intensive care.

Nearly 3,000 COVID tests processed in Melbourne's north on Thursday
One of the new cases reported on Thursday was a child who attended the Goodstart Early Learning Centre on Plenty Road in Bundoora, in Melbourne's north-east.

Forty primary close contacts linked to the case have been instructed to quarantine, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) said.

"Yesterday, 117 people were tested at two sites. 63 cases were negative and 54 results are pending. More testing is scheduled today," DHHS said in an update on Friday afternoon.

Of the 23,583 COVID-19 tests processed in Victoria yesterday, 2,998 were from Melbourne's northern suburbs.

None of today's new cases were linked to the northern suburbs outbreak, which has a total of 42 cases, 23 of which are active infections.

COVID safety 'number one topic' for businesses, industry rep says
Wes Lambert, the chief executive of the Restaurant and Catering Industry Association, said there would be a transition period from full lockdown to a situation where everyone understood the rules.

"For both consumers and businesses, it will take a few days to ensure that they're entirely COVID-safe and for all of the questions to get answered in terms of specific guidelines," he told ABC Radio Melbourne this morning.

Mr Lambert said in a recent meeting with State Government representatives, the "number one topic" was education.

"Ensuring businesses, both small and large, and consumers are fully aware of the COVID-safe guidelines," he said.

Professor Sutton said businesses should record visitors' details, maintain hand hygiene and follow COVID-safe plans.

The Chief Health Officer also urged Victorians to keep following public health guidelines like maintaining physical distancing and not going out in public if they have symptoms.

He said the risk of a third wave was "minimal" but would not be zero "until there is a widespread use of a vaccine that is effective".

"We do have to recognise that if we put aside all of those behaviours that we know have worked in stopping transmission, we put everyone at risk again," he said.

Date for delayed budget announced
The state budget for the 2020/21 financial year will be handed down about six months later than had been expected before the pandemic.

Treasurer Tim Palls is expected to reveal a multi-billion-dollar deficit when he delivers the budget on November 24.

The state's bottom line has been hit hard by the pandemic, with Mr Pallas recently announcing a deficit of $6.5 billion in the past financial year — a number set to grow.

Victoria's net debt also grew to $44 billion, up $18.8 billion dollars in the past financial year, to pay for the Government's COVID-19 response and infrastructure projects.

Mr Pallas confirmed the Government had also drawn down about $2.4 billion of its $24.5 billion dollar emergency fund as part of its COVID-19 response.

"This Budget will continue our unprecedented support for Victorian families and businesses, and kickstart our economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic," the Treasurer said in a statement today. ... d=msedgdhp

Victorian Premier takes his first day off in 120 days
Daniel Andrews will take his first day off on Saturday after giving 120 daily press conferences in a row.

The premier told reporters on Friday: 'I will not see you tomorrow. The minister for health will conduct the daily briefing and I'm sure you're all very pleased to hear that news.'

Mr Andrews made headlines around the world with his lengthy conferences during Victoria's second wave of coronavirus.

The New York Times said they had become a 'communal spectacle' for Victorians locked at home while the Washington Post praised the premier for 'stoically explaining his position and reasoning every day.'

The pressers - which sometimes ran up to two hours - became such a fixture that a Twitter account with the handle @WhatTimeIsDansPresser, which informed Victorians when the premier would appear, went viral. ... d=msedgdhp

Marshall Islands records first coronavirus cases
The Marshalls government announced late Wednesday that two workers at a US Army garrison on Kwajalein Atoll had tested positive for coronavirus after arriving on a military flight from Hawaii on Tuesday.

It stressed the pair -- a 35-year-old woman and 46-year-old man -- had no community contact during their time in the Marshalls.

"We can assure the public that these are strictly border cases and were discovered while these people were in quarantine, where they remain until this time," Chief Secretary Kino Kabua said in a statement.

The Marshalls, a group of islands and atolls about halfway between Australia and Hawaii, closed its borders in early March in a bid to keep out the virus.

Pacific island nations were swift to isolate themselves, despite the economic cost, amid fears their poor health infrastructure made them particularly vulnerable to the pandemic.

As a result, the remote island nations and territories of Kiribati, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu are believed to be still free of the virus.

The Solomon Islands lost its virus-free status in early October.

Since June, the Marshalls had eased restrictions slightly to allow in some people, mostly US military base workers, subject to a strict three-week quarantine at the Kwajalein garrison.

The two Americans who tested positive had returned negative swabs before departing Hawaii and were both asymptomatic, Kabua said.

She said the woman had previously had Covid-19 in late July and tests were being carried out to see if the case was historical, and not contagious -- while the man had no history of infection.

Ebon Atoll Mayor Marie Davis Milne, a frequent critic of border relaxation, said confirmation of Covid-19 was a blow for the nation of almost 80,000.

"What we were worried about has come true," she posted on social media.

"Now lives are going to be put on hold because a handful of people made the decisions they did for whatever reasons.

"Life as we all knew it will be in limbo until further notice because of the choices of a few." ... d=msedgdhp
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Re: Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orde

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Surprise 'donut day' for Victoria after single case false positive
Victoria has recorded another day with zero new coronavirus cases after a false positive was reviewed and rejected.

Victoria's Chief Health Officer tweeted the good news this afternoon.

Earlier today Dr Sutton floated the possibility that the positive reading may not be accurate.

Dr Sutton said Victorians "deserve to enjoy themselves" after another day without a new infection.

"We got to this incredible point where case numbers are very low and we have days of literally no true cases so we should go out, with all the precautions we talked about, but we need to enjoy our lives after three months of really constrained activity," Professor Brett Sutton said.

"I cannot speak for someone's personal levels of anxiety but I am confident in going out. We know how to protect ourselves."

"We need to be vigilant and make sure we are on top of it continuously ... I think people are doing that and I hope that people do not feel a huge sense of anxiety and burden about getting back to that normal way of life but these are hard habits.

"We have been in our homes for a long time so I think we need to move gradually back to that sense of new normal."

The state has also continued its ongoing streak of no new deaths as a result of the virus.

The rolling average for metro areas has dropped back down to 2.4 after rising slightly yesterday when four new cases were diagnosed.

The rolling average for regional Victoria remains at zero indicating no new infections outside of Melbourne.

Four new cases of COVID-19 were recorded yesterday, with two of those infections considered "weak positives".

"The likelihood is fewer true cases are being detected and these low positive will become more prominent but the expert review panel looks at the pathology results, exactly the details of those results, reference laboratories are offered rerunning the tests to give a definitive answer and they get results within 24-48 hours so we should have an answer on this after the panel meets today," Dr Sutton said.
Dr Sutton expressed concerns earlier this week after scenes of large crowds were spotted gathering at cafes, restaurants and beaches.

Health authorities have urged Victorians to remain vigilant this weekend, particularly ahead of Melbourne Cup celebrations on Tuesday.

Mr Andrews urged Victorians to keep vigilant in order to achieve the state's goal of having a "much more normal Christmas".

"I know the rules are not fun - but they're there to keep us open," he said.

Today also marks the first time in over 100 days the state's Premier Daniel Andrews has not delivered the daily update.

Today, Victoria's new Health Minister Martin Foley stood before the cameras to provide details and answer questions on the progress of the state.

"I hope the Premier is enjoying a hard-earned day off," Mr Foley said. ... d=msedgdhp

Conspiracy theorists forced to apologise for calling Victorian youth leader a Covid 'crisis actor'
Two conspiracy theorists who claimed a Victorian youth leader pretended to contract Covid-19 as part of a deal with the premier, Daniel Andrews, to spread fear about the pandemic have been forced to apologise.

Raphael Fernandez and Fanos Panayides posted public apologies to Ahmed Hassan on Friday after posting several videos in July that accused him of being a Covid-19 “crisis actor”.

Hassan, the executive director of non-profit organisation Youth Activating Youth, sent Fernandez and Panayides letters via his lawyers in August demanding the removal of material that he said defamed him.

The videos included claims that Hassan, who had posted pictures with multiple politicians including Andrews on his social media profiles, was paid to pretend he had contracted Covid-19.

Related: Coronavirus Australia: the week at a glance

Fernandez claimed he planned to lodge freedom of information requests to hospitals to prove Hassan was never admitted and said the “crisis acting” was part of an Andrews campaign of brainwashing.

He also claimed Hassan had likely associated with politicians who were paedophiles.

Fernandez claims Facebook warned him his account would be restricted for posting misinformation to his page, which he also uses to promote cryptocurrency opportunities and sell shungite, a crystal which he claims prevents the effects of 5G.

Panayides, who was charged by Victoria police in September with incitement for planning a protest against Covid-19 restrictions, had a substantial Facebook following when some of the videos were posted.

Both men offered unequivocal apologies on Friday afternoon for the videos, which were viewed tens of thousands of times.

“These representations that were made in relation to Mr Hassan were not based on any actual facts,” the men said in separate videos.

Hassan said he received death threats after the videos were posted. The catalyst for the conspiracy theory was an appearance he made on the Seven Network on 7 July to discuss his Covid-19 infection. He had also appeared on the ABC.

Hassan told Guardian Australia it was perverse that media interviews designed to inform the community about Covid-19 were instead used to further conspiracies.

“I’m happy the apology has come about, I just want these fellas to learn about their mistakes, and learn you can be held to account for what you say. I forgive them, but they need to make sure they don’t repeat it for someone else.

“A lot of people were messaging me in fear of really believing it.

“I was angry ... it was very hurtful, to say the least.” ... d=msedgdhp

NSW records one new locally transmitted COVID-19 case
NSW has recorded four new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours with one case coming from community transmission. ... d=msedgdhp

NSW records four new coronavirus cases with one at trampoline venue
Families have been put on alert after a student contracted coronavirus at a trampoline venue as New South Wales records four new cases.

The student from Cabramatta High School, had visited the Flip Out Prestons Indoor Trampoline Park at Prestons in Sydney's south-west.

The school will be closed over the weekend to undergo a deep clean.

The three other cases recorded in NSW on Saturday were in hotel quarantine.

The student had visited the venue at the same time as a known case which has been linked to the Hoxton Park cluster that has five infections.

Cabramatta High School is now working with NSW Health to identify any close contacts of the case while staff and students have been told to self-isolate.

There are currently 73 people being treated for COVID-19 within the state with one on ventilation.

NSW Health are asking residents from Sydney's south-west to get tested due to a recent burst in infections in the area.

On Friday, the state recorded six new cases all in hotel quarantine.

A day earlier four new coronavirus cases, all linked to the same household, popped up in Sydney's southwest, sparking fears of a mystery cluster.

Another case was identified in hotel quarantine, bringing Thursday's total to five.

Two of the local cases are understood to be pupils of Malek Fahd Islamic School in Hoxton Park, Australia's biggest Islamic school.

The school is being deep cleaned, and will be closed for two weeks.

An alert was also issued to gym-goers at the F45 centre in Leppington after a person attended two weeks worth of classes while potentially infected.

Those who visited the centre between October 15 and October 28 are urged to get tested immediately and isolate for two weeks regardless of the result.

It comes after Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk made the announcement Queensland will finally open its border to New South Wales on Tuesday.

But millions of residents in Greater Sydney will still be kept out.

Ms Palaszczuk, who faces an election on Saturday, previously said she hoped to ease her state's hard border with NSW on Sunday after it was re-imposed in August to stop the spread of coronavirus.

She has pushed the opening back to Tuesday and banned residents from all 32 Greater Sydney local government areas on the advice of Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young. ... d=msedgdhp

Penrith Panthers fined $10K after fans breached COVID-19 restrictions
The Penrith Panthers have lost big two weekends in a row, with its leagues club copping a $10,000 fine after footage showed fans breaching COVID safety requirements during last weekend's NRL grand final.

The footage showed excited patrons mingling, hugging and drinking while standing during the team's 20-26 loss to the Melbourne Storm.

NSW Liquor and Gaming director of compliance Dimitri Argeres said fans should have known better.'It's not fair on the club, its staff or the community,' he said.

'At the same time, venues need to make sure they are adequately implementing their safety plans, particularly when higher patron numbers are expected due to special events.'

The leagues club was not the only venue caught out on grand final night, with ANZ Stadium fined $5000 for allowing patrons to congregate in bar areas to watch the match.

Two other venues at Sydney Olympic Park - The Brewery at the Novotel and the Locker Room - were also issued $5000 fines.

Mr Argeres said excitement was not an excuse.

'Sporting events build up anticipation and create lots of excitement, we get that,' he said.

'But they also create exactly the types of situation we're trying to avoid - crowds that mingle and turn into one big group of close contacts.

'Don't forget life isn't quite back to normal yet and if we want to enjoy summer with our friends and families, we need to keep COVID transmission low.' ... d=msedgdhp

What WA's COVID-19 border changes mean for travellers from every state and territory
Western Australia's hard border may be softening, but there are still rules in place and those rules will differ depending on where you are coming from and where you have been in the past two weeks.

The shift to a "controlled" border represents the first easing of the state's hard border since it was introduced in early April, so what does this mean for you?

Well, the good news is that under the new regime, travellers from all states will be allowed into Western Australia without the need to seek approval.

But things get a little more complex from there, and could still change quickly if the level of community transmission increases.

I'm from a 'very low risk' state or territory
If you are from a state or territory deemed to be very low risk, you will be allowed to enter WA from Saturday, November 14 after completing a G2G Pass declaration.

You will need to state you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms and declare which jurisdictions you have been in over the 14 days prior to your arrival in WA.

Those very low risk states and territories are jurisdictions in which there has been no community transmission for 28 days.

This currently includes Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

What will happen when I get to the airport?
All travellers arriving at Perth Airport will undergo a health screening and temperature test on arrival.

You must also be prepared to undertake a COVID-19 test at an airport clinic if deemed necessary.

Voluntary asymptomatic testing will also be available for all airport arrivals.

If you are arriving by land, you will be met at the border checkpoint for your health screening and have your G2G Pass declaration checked.

I'm from NSW or Victoria. Are there extra rules for me?
Yes, if you are coming from New South Wales or Victoria, you will still need to self-quarantine for 14 days in a suitable approved premises, and present for a COVID-19 test on day 11.

You will also be subject to the same G2G registration and health screening processes at Perth Airport as all other travellers.

But when your states notch up 28 days of no local transmission, they can be deemed very low risk by health authorities and can move into the no-quarantine category.

I'm from WA, what happens if I leave and want to return?
When the changes come into effect, you will be able to travel interstate for a holiday, but when you return you will still be required to fill out the G2G declaration.

You will also be required to self-quarantine on return if you have travelled to New South Wales or Victoria.

However, travellers are being warned that WA remains in a State of Emergency and the situation has the potential to change rapidly, potentially leaving locals temporarily locked out of the state.

Is this the end of the state's hard border?
Not necessarily, hard border restrictions could be reimposed if infection rates rise again.

The Chief Health Officer is closely monitoring community transmission in other states and territories and will advise the WA Government if any changes to the borders are required.

He has recommended a 14-day rolling average of less than five community cases per day in each state and territory — a standard currently being met in each jurisdiction — be required before progressing to the new border controls.

A community case is one which comes from an unknown source, or where the infected contacts were not in quarantine.

What restrictions still remain in WA?
The modified two square metre rule (with exemptions for seated and ticketed performances at seated entertainment spaces) still remains.

There are also still restrictions around remote Aboriginal communities.

Western Australians are encouraged to continue to maintain physical distancing where possible along with good personal hygiene.

Local businesses and venues are expected to update and maintain their COVID safety plans and embrace COVID-safe principles.

What does this mean for Clive Palmer's court case?
We don't yet know exactly what this means for Clive Palmer's High Court challenge to the hard border.

Mr Palmer's argument centres on section 92 of the constitution, which allows for free movement of people and trade between the states.

Although under the controlled border, Mr Palmer will be permitted to enter WA from Queensland, he will still be locked out of the state next week when the case is set to be heard in the High Court.

Associate Professor at the Australian National University, Amelia Simpson, said the easing of the WA borders does not change Mr Palmer's position in the case.

She says his argument had already significantly weakened following Victoria's second wave.

"Before that point, Clive Palmer probably had a reasonable argument that the border restrictions were unnecessarily harsh."

"After seeing what happened in Victoria and other parts of the world, many more people have come around to the view that it's not that crazy to want to protect your citizens in such a dramatic and hard-edged way," she said. ... d=msedgdhp
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