Anyone else here read furry visual novels?

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Anyone else here read furry visual novels?

Postby reptilemaster » Sat Oct 24, 2020 9:48 am

I would say nearly all of them are not to my liking or interest. But one did stand out to me.
I've actually known about this specific one for years, but again thought that these are not my interest. However, since I have been feeling down this past month, I decided to download it after seeing interesting fan art of one of the characters. So the visual novel is called Blackgate, and I won't spoil it but just say it has a (at lest to me) fascinating story and a couple very interesting concepts. It's full of mystery and emotion and besides some grammar errors and programing bugs the characters are very well portrayed with their different personalities. It is only a demo though, not complete. Now a bunch of people say it's a big scam as it funded by patron and the creator does some strange things and seems to take way to long to update the story. But as a writer myself I do admit it is hard to come up with what happens next. Of course since the character I was interested in suffers a lot and dies it didn't really help my down feelings I've been having....
But anyway I actually am feeling better today, and wish there was a way to contact the creator of Blackgate and offer my story advice and proof reading.

ps: sorry if this doesn't fit the forum.
Take a look at
My Beautiful Blaze
Comments are welcome :)
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