Bloated fire bellied toad

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Bloated fire bellied toad

Postby blazinbeardie » Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:23 pm


I've had my fire bellies for almost 10 yrs. They've been happy mating frogs for most of that time (this year's tadpole brood has come and gone). They have an entirely aquatic habitat with about 3-5 gal of water about that many inches deep, filter, heater when needed, and lots of places to rest. However, one of my females recently developed cloudy bubbles on her eyes, which then turned bloody. I quarantined her and have been treating the water with "Turtle Fix" for bacterial infections (says it works for frogs too), changing the water about every other day. Her eyes are a little better, but now her body and throat are extremely bloated. I've had her quarantined for a few weeks now but the bloating isn't going down. She's been very lethargic and seems to mostly stay out of the water. She was pooping what looked like tiny green algae balls but hasn't in a few days, and hasn't eaten since the quarantine. There are no veterinarians in my area who deal with amphibians. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I could do to treat her?
Here are some pics:
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