Milk frogs?

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Milk frogs?

Postby daddyburgi » Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:20 am


I posted this in the off topic area not thinking about the amphibian section on here. So I am going to copy and post my post here.

Hello all. My cousin and his wife bought some milk frog tadpoles at a show and are raising them into frogs. I guess things are going well and we have been offered 1 (maybe more, it was not quite clear) and we are trying to decide if we are going to take it. The main thing holding us back at the moment is deciding on where to put the tank. I have 1 and perhaps even 2 aquariums in the garage that would be just fine for this frog according to on-line care sheets. But since our living room has 1 10 gallon tank for the gold fish, 2 20 gallon tanks for the leopard gecko and corn snake and also the small dresser for the bearded dragon and the large tank on top of that for the ball python we are just not sure where we could put this other tank. But while we think about it I was wondering if anyone here has personal experience with them. I read somewhere that they can get to 4 inches long, it that true?

On a side note. My cousin and his wife got a bearded dragon a while back and I told them to make sure to come here and register but she already had. So if you see this Laurie....Hello!

On a side not I saw someone selling these frogs on-line for $35. Is this a common price for this frog?
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