Beardie rescue advice needed

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Beardie rescue advice needed

Postby alliebird » Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:20 am


While I was volunteering at a wildlife hospital a few months ago, somebody abandoned a box with two beardies in it outside. The hospital would have had to euthanize them if someone didn't take them home, so I brought them home with me and have been working on getting them set up with healthy enclosures and such. I've been doing lots of research because they're my first beardies and I think I'm on the right track overall (definitely still some adjustments to be made), but I wanted to post their status and see what advice everyone has to continue improving their lives!
When abandoned they were in a box together, and whoever left them also left some food pellets, I think it was Fluker's Buffet Blend with freeze dried crickets and mealworms. Since then, I have separated them into their own homes, taken them to a vet for a check up, and switched them to a diet of mostly veggies with live crickets roughly once per week. One of them, Thordak, is a male, I haven't measured him for an exact size, but I'd estimate him to be about 16 inches from nose to tail. The other, Norbert, is a female and I think she's roughly 12 inches from nose to tail. They are each in their own roughly 40 gallon tank with a heat lamp and a UVB lamp. They also have water bowls because the vet said they were dehydrated, so I keep a close eye on the humidity levels of their cage to make sure it isn't causing problems. I feed them mostly veggies, generally dandelion greens but I try to give them other veggies occasionally to keep them from being too bored, and they get fruit as a treat with their veggies roughly once per week. They get crickets roughly once per week as well, which I gut load for a day or so before feeding them to my little guys. They have newspaper as substrate, I'm hoping to upgrade to some slate tiles to help with their nails, but I haven't had the time to do so yet.
I'm concerned about Thordak, he is extremely lethargic and mostly sleeps in his water bowl all day, and he doesn't eat very much. They clearly were not being taken care of very well by whoever abandoned them, and the vet said he was a bit underweight and a bit dehydrated, but didn't see anything else wrong, so I may just be worrying for nothing but it doesn't seem healthy for him to just sit there doing nothing all day everyday. Bert is much more active, and her color seems to have improved since I got her :)
I'm sure I'm missing some details, but that's my little ones' overall situation, and I would love any and all advice! I want them to be as healthy as possible and like I said I've been doing my research, but I still have a lot to learn.
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Re: Beardie rescue advice needed

Postby daughterofMyou » Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:47 am

Sounds like you're off to a decent start :)

I'd offer both beardies insects more often, honestly. From their lengths, I'd estimate Thordak to be around a year old and Norbert six months. It's impossible to know for sure, though - but at those ages, they're still growing and need more protein in their diets. Once per day, minimum. Be sure to lightly dust the feeders with calcium powder, and a multivitamin powder should be used as well once or twice a week.

Perhaps try Thordak with some dubia roaches instead of crickets. They're slower than crickets, so should be easier for him to catch. Be sure not to feed either dragon with anything longer than the space between their eyes, as this can cause digestive troubles.

In both vivs, what are your temperatures like? UV light setup?
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