Breeding my dragons

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Breeding my dragons

Postby KingKia » Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:06 pm


Hello! I put my tanks on the same table recently because I wanted my other beardie to be able to be nosey as well. My 2 year old female, True, I got from a friend who went off to college. My other male, is 8 months and I noticed him doing the mating dance when I came home from work. He bobbed his head fast, then slow. Then my female ran up to him (the tanks separated them) and she bobbed her head slowly. My mom and brothers noticed their behavior, and shockingly my mom wants me to mate them. I want to, but I'm definitely researching first. Is it safe to breed them if the male is younger than she is? He's already bigger than she is and they are both perfectly healthy.
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Re: Breeding my dragons

Postby AHBD » Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:23 pm

It may be physically safe but it will bring a lot of problems . It is SUPER expensive to raise babies, and they grow quickly. You'll need thousands of baby crickets every month and lots of separate enclosure + lights. They need attention several times a day at least and go from little pooping machines to large ones with clean up duty all day long. Then it is hard to sell them because the market is flooded. Keep in mind now that it's very stressful for them to see each other + not be able to mate, it's your decision but I'd put them out of sight of each other.

Just some things to consider. Here's more info :
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