Does anyone in Portland, OR want a young adult male beardy?

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Does anyone in Portland, OR want a young adult male beardy?

Postby laserladybug » Fri May 27, 2016 10:40 am


His name is Steve and he is healthy and extremely cute and gentle, he is just not happy. I have taken him to see 2 specialists, done tons of research, made all the proper changes in his diet and enclosure, and I am convinced he needs a larger space and possibly a mate or friends, or maybe even someone who is okay with the loud rukus he makes. He is about 2 years old and is male, and wants to mate. He scratches, claws, thrashes, and bangs around in his terrarium at every waking hour and I keep him in my room and cannot take the noise. I can't read, sleep, or do homework. This along with the fact that he has basically refused to eat consistently (he will eat only his favorites every few days) for a couple of months now, with no other sign of health problems tells me that he is unhappy. All of his lighting and environment is right, and I can give it all to you. He needs someone who is better equipped to care for him and satisfy him. He is about 1 pound and currently lives in a 40 gallon enclosure. Please reply if interested and I can email you photos and we can discuss the logistics.
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