Should enable a small group of moderators?

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Should enable a small group of moderators?

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Should enable a small group of moderators?

Postby beardie » Wed Apr 13, 2005 7:41 pm

NOTE: This is an important poll. I would appreciate your vote on this, as it should reflect the sentiment of the overall community. I am really hoping for a high voter turn-out... even if you don't post often and just read... your opinion on this matter really counts!

The topic of personal attacks, harsh tones, negative attitudes and the like have come up increasingly as the community continues to grow. Personality conflicts do occur more and more. Now, we're still doing pretty good, in my opinion... but I have been considering enabling a handful of moderators. These would be some of our regulars. I would also have some rules of "moderation", so that "power" doesn't go to their heads. Moderators would mostly be to help mediate discussions that start to head down a negative path while also trying to allow for debate/civil argument.

Anyway... with this in mind... should enable a small group of moderators to help govern the forums?
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