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Possibly Dehydrated Anole

PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:33 pm
by MyAngelLokki

Hi everyone,
I have a green anole named Jarhead who is having a bit of trouble. But first here's her specs:
*She's in a 12x12x18 inch front opening ExoTerra gecko tank
*She has 50 watt blue day bulb, a 13 watt UVB bulb, and a 50 watt night bulb.
*Temperatrue adverages about 70-80 F with an 80-90 F basking spot
*Her lights are on a 12 hours on (day and UVB) and 12 hours off (night) timer
*She's by a window.
*She has coconut fiber substrate that I wet before I put in her cage and I spray her 2-4 times daily
*She does have a history of mouth rot resulting in a slightly deformed jaw

So those are her specs here's the problem. I believe she is dehydrated. She's not eating and she looks almost exactly the same as she did when I first got her. I used to work at Petsmart (please no hate, it paid the bills) and an older man had attempted to switch from aquariums to reptile terrariums thinking it would be easy. It was not and resulted in him bringing Jarhead to us half starved, brown and in really bad shape. I nursed her back to health and she was thriving with only the occasional bouts of mouth rot I'd mentioned before. She has been treated for those successfully but when I quit my job, started school, and had some medical issues of my own Jarhead may have been slightly neglected.
I only notice a few days ago how bad she was looking. Here's the weird part, she's still bright green, active and alert but her back legs, hips and even some of her tail bones can be seen though her skin but everything from her rib cage up is looking completely fine. She has a sheet of stuck shed on her chest that I can't seem to get off and she has been, apparently, not eating. I'm giving her some Pedialyte, water and some powdered Crested Gecko food stirred into a watery soup. I only give her as much as she will willingly take so .01 cc - .02 cc per day max. I've always had trouble finding her feeders small enough. I believe she's stunted because she's at least 2 inches smaller then a healthy adult female should be. I offered her flightless fruit flies today after her syringe feeding but I don't know if she's eaten any (she refuses to eat while being watched) and replace her UVB light which had gone out. I have no idea how long it had been out so that may be causing some issues too. (I've been stuck in bed and my house mates don't really help with the critters)
Is there anything else I could be doing for her? I can't really take her to the vet because of short funds and I have no idea how they could hydrate something that small anyway but I'm prepared to continue nursing her as needed. I just want to make sure I'm doing everything I can.
Any advise or tips would be appreciated.

Re: Possibly Dehydrated Anole

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:43 am
Hi there, can you post some pics, trying to get a few close ups as well as showing her tank ? It may be getting too hot near the window if the sun comes in. So here's how to post pics : The use the XIMG to upload pics

Keep spraying the tank 5-6X a day, and keep offering the live food. If she's active she should be hunting on her own. Is she stressed when you syringe feed her ? I've never known an anole to tolerate handling, better to let her eat on her own if she's active. Hopefully she'll pull through.

Re: Possibly Dehydrated Anole

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:45 am
by MyAngelLokki
Thanks for the advice AHBD,
She's doing much better now. She doesn't get too stressed when I handle her. She's had so many bouts of Mouth Rot that she's used to getting medicine. This may sound weird but she seems to know when I handle her that I'm only trying to help and that when I do she always feels better. I keep an eye on the temperature but we keep out house pretty cold because of medical needs so she rarely gets too hot even though she's by the window. She's eating again. It looks like flightless fruit flies are the way to go for her. It's the only thing small enough for her XD.
Thanks again,

Re: Possibly Dehydrated Anole

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:46 pm
Aw, that's good to hear. :) I thought after I had posted that she was probably used to being handled since she had mouth rot. Good to hear that she's eating again.