Blind Crestie?

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Blind Crestie?

Postby FandODragons » Wed Nov 06, 2019 5:56 am


Hello! I have a 2 year old crested gecko, Moab. He is in a exo-terra terrarium, 12x12x18". He has plants, and coconut fiber bedding, a water dish, food dish, repti-vine, and a exo-terra foam background to fit his enclosure. I love him so much, however he FREAKS out whenever I attempt to even touch him. He jumps to random places, even when theres nothing in front of him. I'll feed him from my finger sometimes, and he'll lick it for a while. But when I remove my finger, he still lick, almost as if he didn't know my finger had been removed. And he also has a problem with jumping to high in his cage, and hitting his head on the screen of his tank, leading to a sore head. I am just wondering if he could possibly be blind? I know its a crazy guess. But I am curious if its just a crestie thing or something. And how can I train him to want to be handled? <3
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