Gecko won’t eat

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Gecko won’t eat

Postby Lovinthebeardies » Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:48 pm


I have a leopard gecko who has been becoming very weird with food in the past few weeks. Food used to be al he cared about. Now I hold the cricket in front of him and he blinks his eyes and walks away like it’s bothering him. He’s getting skinnier too because of this, I have never had a problem with him not eating well before. I also tried to give him mealworms but he wouldn’t take it. Anyone have anything that can help me? I would really really appreciate it. My bearded dragon was recently diagnosed with coccidia that I think he had since he was a baby, our vet said that it was a type that should no infect my Leo. I’m just wondering if you think this might have anything to do with it?
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