Taming a leopard gecko

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Taming a leopard gecko

Postby Lovinthebeardies » Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:59 pm


So a friend of a friend recently gave me his leopard gecko, which he did take good care of but he never handled it... like ever. He’s owned it for about 6 years and not once picked it up or pet it or anything. This is kinda strange for me since my leopard geckos practically live in my hands haha. Anyway, I’ve been trying to tame him and so far have gotten him to walk on my hands a bit and stay on my hand when I lift it up a little bit. I definetly cant pick him up and every time I do pick my hand off the ground with him on it he leaps... far. I don’t want a loose lizard around my room because of this and more importantly, don’t want him getting hurt from a fall. Any tips on taming just to be held and handled without leaping would be great! I’ve been handfeeding too with tweezers.
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Re: Taming a leopard gecko

Postby HerpGirl » Mon Feb 25, 2019 12:56 pm

I have a leopard gecko with the same background story! I’m still working on handling but this is what she’s a about where yours is. Try holding him 1-2 inches off the ground and make sure that you are supporting all four feet (all maybe even tail!) EVERY DAY!!! PM me (or email) any time (about beardies, leos, feeders, or Cumberland slider turtles)! ;)
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