Everyone is into brumation now

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Everyone is into brumation now

Postby premammalian » Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:34 am


So we are in the middle of winter, and I feel like I have only a few animals. The other are like they don't exist, because they are brumating. Or hibernating, say it as you like it.
Bearded dragon is brumating.
Adult female leopard gecko is brumating.
Rosy boa is brumating.
The only one that is not brumating is the crested gecko, which although is in a cooled state. However recently, probably from the lengthneing of the day, he is more active and started making vocalizations. Also a small female offspring of my leopard gecko is awake. It is very cute and plump, and it is ready for sale. But before someones requests it, I enjoy it myself. There are times I don't want to give it. And also a Paroedura picta, although that isn't in good health and I believe it won't make it. And of course the rabbit is not hibernating.
The big upside to that condition is that I can focus more on my insect breeding colonies, in order to have many insects ready for the spring carnage.
Is anyone else in the same situation? I miss all of them.
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