Geckos or bearded dragons? Which is more intelligent?

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Geckos or bearded dragons? Which is more intelligent?

Postby premammalian » Sat Feb 07, 2015 12:07 pm


I know I am posting this on a bearded dragon forum and I will get answers favoring the latter species, but any way which of the two lizards do you thing is more intelligent? I consistently hear from all that bearded dragons are more intelligent than geckos. One specific owner went so far as to describe geckos as like fake animals! He considered the leopard gecko the dumbest but calmest, the cresteds and chahouas as more intelligent, and the dragons on the top. He was insisting that they have quicker responses and better hunting abilities than geckos. So far the answers I have taken revolve around the dragon's docility and affinity for humans as a sign of intelligence.
I have a crested gecko, and I can attest that it is more intelligent than thought. He can recognize me or at least comes to the front most times I am near, he knows where food is placed and waits there, he knows from where water drips the most and comes there, he has learnt from negative experiences, he shows likes and dislikes, he can orient back to the cage if outside, he lookes with interest strange people, me carrying objects, my rabbit or when work is made in my room, and it seems he can recognize me as a whole. That is, when first I had him and I wanted to take him out but he didn't, he could be duped that my immobile hand is not me and jump on it, but quickly he learnt that even if a body part is not moving or seems separate from the others, it belongs to me and if he won't want to be handled, he will avoid it.
I haven't the dragon for so much time in order to make comparisons, but when she will go out of hibernation, I will be able to compare the two.
Do you think dragons are more intelligent or even if there is a difference between the two? I am reluctant to consider the nearly pathological docility of the species, its inability to distinguish between real insects and moving targets on a screen, its rock-like indifference when relaxed, or its easiness to catch even in nature as signs of advanced intelligence. It might recognize humans more easily due to better visual acuity, and the fact that it is so docile, even wc individuals after a few weeks calm down as I have read shouldn't be confused with intelligence. Probably it tolerates humans so much because it cannot recognize us as members of its species, because between themselves they act in dominance hierarchies. It even might not recognize us as living, or its perceptions of us might be dependent on the situation. For example when we are moving fast it might confuse us with predators, but when we stand still it might think we are nice trees to sit on. What do you think?
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