Sapphira's Cricket Dilemma

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Sapphira's Cricket Dilemma

Postby ShaeJinn » Wed Sep 23, 2020 6:31 pm


So, I got Sapphira, my adult female, about a year ago as a young adult, I believe. She was a rescue, and I was told that my best course of action was to feed her the freeze dried insects they sold at stores. Now, I was in a prickly transportation situation for a while, so that was what I've done for a while, until I recently decided to try giving her live food, namely, hornworms, and now crickets.

The issue is this: My poor baby has never really hunted for her food before. And while she showed some interest initially when i introduced some crickets to her tank, when they wouldn't hold still and let her eat them like the worms, she lost any interest she MAY have had, and now the crickets are running wild and chirping CONSTANTLY.
My question is this: Does anybody have any idea how i can get Sapphira interested in hunting? Or am i going to have to let these crickets starve to death so she can eat them without having to give chase?
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Re: Sapphira's Cricket Dilemma

Postby KarrieRee » Thu Sep 24, 2020 4:23 am

Put them in her salad bowl w/ the legs disabled so they cant get away --- then I would do away w/ them and feed her dubia roaches --- see of she will go after them if not then do the same w/ them and disable them as well - she should be getting insects 2-3 times per week and mainly salads- I would get her some silk worms - they are slow movers - maybe add some super worms into the salad bowl some meal worms and horn worms -- if you need websites for any of these things please ask I will post some for you--- make sure you get a ceramic or glass bowl so that they cant get out of something like this ... cx_mr_hp_d
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