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Re: Vibrating dish DIY ideas

Postby JumpinJellyfish » Fri Mar 06, 2020 9:55 am

NBGwen wrote:
JumpinJellyfish wrote:
NBGwen wrote:Hey gang - here's what I've been feeding the boys. I thought a visual would give everyone a better idea of what I've been trying 😊

[Click image to enlarge]

That looks a lot like "chop" for birds (without the bugs in, although some birds might enjoy that as well). My dragon also barely eats veggies so far, but he does take a bite here and there, so there's hope. I just keep offering. Took one of my birds *18 months* of daily offered veggies before he so much as tried any. Now he goes right to the veggie dish when I place it. Hoping Norbert will have that same sort of "on" switch at some point. 😂

HAHA yes, it does look a lot like bird chop! I figure if it looks good to me, maybe it will look good to them... :? My birds shy away from fresh foods, so now I make a mash that's pureed and frozen into serving sizes (a budgie and a parrotlet, they don't eat much)...with my health issues, it was the most convenient way and they love it. I add in pellets that pretty much merge with the mash before I freeze it and I add in a bit of seed to entice them when I serve it. So far, so great! When I had my Indian Ringneck though, it was all fresh.

I'll keep putting it in their enclosures with supers added in (live of course) in hopes of drawing them to it!

My 18-monther is a Parrotlet. Stubborn little guys! I used to freeze as well, when I made big batches of chop. Worked fine for everyone. But now with the dragon we always have fresh on hand.
Never knew I could get so happy about poop, or so comfortable with bugs. :-D
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