Ada only eats wax worms! Advice needed

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Ada only eats wax worms! Advice needed

Postby Narancia » Wed Jul 17, 2019 4:08 am


Hi all, I suspect this is a case of a spoilt fussy dragon giving me the run around but I wanted some more experienced advice on this.
So for backstory, Ada is around 7/8 months old now, and for the past 4 months she was struggling with parasites and a very close call with death, which then led to 3 courses of antibiotics and 4 months of constant force feeding liquid food through a syringe just to keep her alive. I got her a probiotic to help her recover some gut flora after the antibiotics and she's now a much better weight, although she hasn't grown or shed for ages now. But now I have a new problem with her.
She's picky.
I swapped to mostly soft bodied feeders thinking maybe her system was still a little sensitive but nope, she only eats wax worms. I've tried morio worms, calci worms and silk worms to no luck. I've also tried small locusts and dubias. And she's never eaten greens the whole time I've had her.

I've seen suggestions about withholding favourite foods until they eat what they're given, but I'm just a little concerned because she's only just got back up to a healthy weight and she's not grown in months. Is this still a viable option under supervision? Or should I try something else? I know wax worms can't make a staple.
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Re: Ada only eats wax worms! Advice needed

Postby KarrieRee » Wed Jul 17, 2019 4:48 am

You didnt mention crickets ---- she is still young and her main diet is protein so I would try crickets and see if she will eat those --- I would pull the wax worms and try phoenix worms as they are a lower fat content--- try both and alternate between the two -- still keep offering her the salad --- try variety of greens I have yet to figure out what mine likes --- he has been very picky as well and would mainly live on dubias but he is older now and I am still trying to get him to eat vegies--- he will eat a bite or 2 then hes done
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