How many feeders do your beardies eat?

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How many feeders do your beardies eat?

Postby KakashiHatake » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:44 am

Hey i was wondering how many feeders you give to your beardies each day? My beardie is pretty old now (around 6 years) and i feed him usually 6 super worms a day. But he always seems to want more. I feed him his salad in the morning, but he's not really a fan of greens so I throw his fruits and colorful veggies under them so he has to get the greens if he wants to eat the stuff that he likes. A couple hours later after he's has the chance to eat his greens i give him his worms wether they are coated in multi-vitamins or calcium. If i do give him as many as he wants how many of the worms should i coat with calcium and such?
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Re: How many feeders do your beardies eat?

Postby VenusAndSaturn » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:51 am

This should help with how to properly feed him. Which by the way he really shouldn't be eating that many worms a week. Those are treat feeders, not staple feeders... I highly recommend going with a proper staple feeder that's listed below.

This is the feeding guide I personally follow and it seems to work with my beardies.

Also, do note that the "10-20 bugs a feeding" is more of a minimum, most people do how many the dragon will eat in a 10-15 minute time frame.

All life stages eat 10-20 bugs a feeding.
1-4 months 3x a day.
4-12 months 2x a day.
12-20 months once a day.
20+ months twice a week at the least, every other day at the most.

Staple feeders - Crickets, locusts, grasshoppers, silkworms, black soldier fly larvae, dubia roaches, turkish roaches.

Treat feeders - Waxworms, hornworms, superworms, mealworms, butterworms.
Wax worms - once a week, 4-5 max.
Hornworms - every other day to every two days, 4-6 max.
Mealworms - every other day to every two days, 5-10 max. Only for beardies above 6 months.
Superworms - once or twice a week, 3-4 max. Only for beardies above 12 months.
Butterworms - once or twice a week, 3-4 max.

Daily greens- Turnip/collard/mustard greens, endive, and kale if added to a mixture of the other staple greens mentioned.
Fruit once or twice a week - Banana, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, red raspberries.
For more food items -

Supplementation -

You want two supplements at the very least, a calcium and a multivitamin.
I recommend the Repti-cal brand but zoomed is also good.

The supplements should be lightly dusted on all bugs.

Generally, beardies below two years need calcium 5x a week and multivitamins 2x a week.

However, beardies above two years or at two years of age need calcium only 2-4x a week with multivitamins 1-2x a week.
This does depend on how your beardie is with diet, health, just laid eggs, is laying eggs, etc.
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Re: How many feeders do your beardies eat?

Postby KakashiHatake » Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:54 am

Thanks for the information :). I do use crickets about 1 week out of the month but i have read multiple places that supers can be used as a staple but i also have read that they they shouldnt. I know one of the reasons some people recommend against it is because of the high phosphorus to calcium ratio, but i figured since i coat them with calcium 4x a week and give him collard greens daily (which i believe have a high calcium to phosphorus ratio) that it shouldnt be to big of a problem. I know another thing about them is their chitin, but i always watch his poop for and of the worms exo skeleton and there is never any sign of it. I would gladly switch to roaches but they are illegal in canada lol, and for the other feeders i havent seen anyplace that sells them where i live besides the silk worms, but i have to special order those in and it gets very costly. I did feed him crickets when i first got him (he was about 4 years old and needed a home) but as im sure you know the pain of keeping crickets, the smell, the sound, the ones that die, etc, was rather annoying so i looked into other staples i could get and landed on super worms with crickets once in a while. Sorry for the rant just wanted to provide the information i know about it. If there is other reasons or if my logic is off then i dont mind maybe starting a colony of slikworms or switching back to crickets if it helps my beardie :)
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