Best way to feed crickets?

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Best way to feed crickets?

Postby MostBeast » Wed Jul 27, 2016 4:15 am


When I first got my guy, he would NOT eat in any other area than his tank. This wasn't a problem, as the mess crickets made in the tank was easily cleaned as it was a small tank. I switched over to Phoenix worms for a while, but now I want to go back to crix for a month or so. Problem is, he's got a huge tank now and the crickets are going to be making a huge mess. Any advice here?
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Re: Best way to feed crickets?

Postby destiny1998 » Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:48 am

Hi. I would only put in a few at a time to make sure they are eaten.
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Re: Best way to feed crickets?

Postby quyllur » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:47 am

When I feed crickets, I hand feed because my enclosure has a lot of good hiding spots (some still get away and he gets to hunt them later).

I knock 10-15 into a clear Ziploc sandwich bag, shake with calcium/vits, and then pull them out individually with the tongs and offer them to him. I was doing that but then I hold the bag just inside the enclosure so I don't get any jumpers from being carried between the bag and the viv. Well Mr. Fitz started just diving head first into the bag opening and helping himself, and it worked so well that I continued to let him do that. Very few escapees and he gets to eat at his own pace. When he's done the first 10-15, I throw a few more in the bag, offer again, and so on, until 10 minutes is up or he stops eating.
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Re: Best way to feed crickets?

Postby kingofnobbys » Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:01 pm

I handfeed all mine , I like the excuse for some quality lizard contact time, they enjoy it, it's quick and I know exactly how many bugs are eaten by each lizard each feed, and they seem to enjoy it too (very very spoilt scaley children !!!! ) .

When Peppa and Toothless were really young, under 4 months old and they were on three live insect feeds per day, I tried using a separate feeder tub but they were more interested in me and the surroundings than the bugs so I gave up on this and resorted to simply feeding them in their rearing tubs (100L tubs) , I'd simply dump their insects in and let them chance them , great stimulation and exercise for them. It was my practice to hand feed the first 2 or 3 crickets to each day to each of them (Peppa and Toothless) for bonding purposes.
I'd simply then add the grated veg and leafy greens with the second feed, and leave this til next day , any crickets not eaten during the would be drawn to the greens and veg , and the little hatchlings soon twigged and would be up "midnight raiding" very regularly because they knew were the rogue crickets would be found.
I routinely cleaned the rearing tubs next am before feeding Peppa and Toothless and would recapture any remaining crickets missed by them (usually only a few occasionally).

As they got older, I resorted to handfeeding because I wanted to form a tight trusting bond with Peppa and Toothless.
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