Calcium/Vitamins - With or Without Phosphorus?

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Calcium/Vitamins - With or Without Phosphorus?

Postby Krypton » Wed May 06, 2009 11:38 pm


I'm beginning to get low on my calcium dust and decided to go ahead and buy more. I realized that the type I have (that I'm almost out of) contains a low amount of phosphorus. There are also types out there without phosphorus. Is one or the other better for beardies? Could something bad happen to them if they get too much phosphorus from eating calcium on their crickets everyday, or could something happen if they don't have it in the calcium? I've heard that you want to get the multivitamins without phosphorus. Is this true with the calcium too, or am I getting things wrong? If I am, I want to fix them before I buy more bad stuff! :|

The type of calcium I have right now is Tetrafauna Reptocal Powdered Nutritional Supplement (Calcium with D3 + small amount of phosporus). Also, the type of vitamins I'm using are Fluker's Repta vitamins (is this an ok vitamin powder for my beardie? I think it has phosphorus as well..)

The type of calcium that I was looking at that had no phosphorus was the Rep-Cal Calcium With D3.

Just wanted some opinions before I put in my reptile order. Any help would be great - thanks! :)
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Re: Calcium/Vitamins - With or Without Phosphorus?

Postby UTreptiles » Thu May 07, 2009 12:02 am

Both calcium with no or little phosphorus are ok to use. Phosphorus and calcium are both necessary for proper bone growth. The body tries to keep a balance between these. Many vegetables have low calcium but are very high in phosphorus levels. Because dragons are major veggie eaters you would want the vitamins without phosphorus. Too much phosphorus can result in an imbalance in the bodies ratio of these minerals thus resulting in weakening of bone structures as the body uses stored calcium to rebalance the ratio. This would require an enormous amount of phosphorus intake to occur and you would have to try very hard to get this to happen naturally. A supplement with a little phosphorus is ok. On another note bearded dragons do not need the calcium with D3 though. If you are using proper UVB lighting they can process thier calcium under that lighting. Get the calcium without D3 if you can. I use the calcium with D3 for my other reptiles that do not require UVB lighting.
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