Beardie Introduction Worries

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Beardie Introduction Worries

Postby Skimzee » Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:03 am


Hey, I have a 7 week old bearded dragon, Skimzee. The breeder wasn't sure but told me 75% he was male, I have seen the signs under the tail and back legs though. I want to buy him a female of similiar sort of age but how would I go about introducing them?

Thanks, Sam
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Re: Beardie Introduction Worries

Postby auntylolo » Mon Oct 06, 2008 4:07 am

Well your first problem will be finding another beardie who can also be accurately sexed. In my experience breeders can give you a good idea but will not guarantee it, because some males don't "show" for the first few months. Assuming you do find a female and your male is a male, then some beardies will never accept living with another. They are primarily solitary animals who come together to breed, and then part company.
Your male will start to become sexually mature from around 6+months old, so if they are living together your female may be treated to the quite violent act of mating way before she is physically able to endure it and the resulting eggs. The minimum age to breed a female is imo 18 months, and even then she should have good health, plenty of fat stores and be 18+inches long. Both dragons should also be tested for adenovirus before being allowed to breed.
Even if they get along and don't attempt to mate, then they will still have the stress of sharing/competing for living space, food, uvb, light and heat.
The safest way to introduce them would be with constant supervision in a neutral area (like the living room floor), where they are allowed to interact with each other before being placed back into their own separate vivs :D
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