Kitten licked my beardie

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Kitten licked my beardie

Postby Gsuper » Sun Mar 14, 2021 4:31 pm

Hi, so I’ve had a bit of a situation.

I got a kitten almost 8 months ago. She‘a well behaved and always acts so curious when I feed my Beardie. Considering she’s grown up a bit I decided to leave her in the room while beardie did his daily roaming around my room. But low and behold she gives her empty(clean) food bowl a few licks after I’d just seen my beardie place his butt in it for a seconds.

And before I could stop her it was too late. Now I’m just worried she might get some form of salmonella from my beardie. Is this possible? Do I have to ring my vet?
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Re: Kitten licked my beardie

Postby AHBD » Tue Mar 16, 2021 5:14 am

Hi there, most reptiles and many mammals carry some type of salmonella at any given time so there's probably no need at all to be worried. If she suddenly became noticeably ill then you could take her for a check up but most animals can carry salmonella without showing any health issues. That's one of the reasons we always wash our hands after handling pets , esp. before we eat a meal.
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Re: Kitten licked my beardie

Postby kingofnobbys » Tue Mar 16, 2021 8:04 am

Please do that again.

Cats can turn in an instant and attack. Best for your dragon's safety that the cat and dragon are never allowed to be near each other .
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