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Postby Jacksonblack » Sat Jan 23, 2021 3:37 pm

I just made a quick stop at the memorial page and I wish that I never had. The only thing that I saw was beardies who passed away at age 2 and owners wishing to take their pets to the vet sooner. It made me realise that my friend is just 2 years old. He didn't show any signs of serious illneses but then again did he? He had a checkup once and it was fine but it was more than 6 months ago. If something's wrong with him and of it's irreversible now I don't know what I do. No obvious signs yet. Taking him to a vet in 2 days anyways. It just hit me. My dog died about a week ago and my lizard friend calmed me down with his innocent face. Whenever something was wrong he was just there watching with that face and still is. I'm not ready to lose him, especialy not so soon after my other friend. If there is actualy something wrong with him and if it could've been reversed in the past, I'm never gonna forgive myself for it. It's 1am in the morning and I can't go to sleep because I'm thinking that one of my best friends could be gone or have something serious inside of him - and that it could be my fault because I didn't take him to the vet. Ever since the dog died I'm basicaly scanning the beardie and everything around him to see if he's fine and my answer is simply I don't know. He still moves around without problems, eats and sleeps regulary, poop is looking good, occasionaly squeaks come out if he's in tougher situations but nothing else. And I'm still scared of losing that guy so soon after another death. There's not even any sogns that there's something wrong with him but if it is and he doesn't make it it's my fault. And if this happens everything's gonna change. The guy was with me for 2 years. I saw him every single day since I bought him. If he dies, 1/9 of my life dies. He has a genetic disorder with his eyelids but they do not agfect his lifestyle and despite this he can never be replaced. The fact that I'm basicaly having a heart attack even when he has no symptoms makes me wonder. If he ever shows one, and if the diagnosis is serious, what tf's gonna happen. I can't lose him. Not yet. Not so soon.
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Re: Something

Postby AHBD » Sat Jan 23, 2021 6:21 pm

Hi there, sorry to hear about your dog, that's a real hard thing to deal with. It's easy to get carried away when we read about serious illness and death when our heart is still broken from losing a much loved pet. Try to put it out of your mind because there's no indication that your beardie is ill and any more likely to die than any other dragon on the forum that is acting fine like yours. Just try and take your mind off the sad things. You want to be happy and enjoy your beardie. :)
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