How do I know if he wants to hang out?

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How do I know if he wants to hang out?

Postby BlackJack » Tue Oct 20, 2020 7:33 pm

Sorry for the long post in advance!

Hello all! I'm new to BDs, my friend has had one for a long time and I loved the little guy so much I had to get one of my own! He has been helping me out with care and stuff, but I had another question I just wanted to ask. How do I know if he wants to come out and walk around?
He is 4 months old, named Hige-chan (little beard, by my Japanese coworker), and he is a little lazy. He mostly stays on his basking rock all day or relaxes on the little log in his viv. However, I feel bad that he's cooped up in there all day!

I take him out and let him walk around, but I can really only do it in my bathroom as he always tries to run off the closest ledge or get himself into trouble and I don't want him to get hurt. Is there a way to prevent this, or is it something he will grow out of? I'm worried I won't be fast enough one day and he will fall and get hurt!

Also, I am uncertain if he wants to be out of his viv. When he is near it, he will glass surf until I let him back in. When he is away from it, he is calm and sits in my hand, but always wants to walk off. He gets a little hissy if I go to pick him up while he walks on the tiles, but otherwise he is fine. He is also very patient while I pet him and when I tried a harness on him, and he eats from my hand.

How do I know if he is enjoying it? And is there any way I can bond with him better so he does? I would love to sit with him but am worried he will scurry off too fast! Thank you all in advance!
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Re: How do I know if he wants to hang out?

Postby Poggerna » Wed Oct 21, 2020 7:02 am

Welcome fellow new beardie parent!

First of all, Hige-chan is such a cute name, kudos to your coworker.

Second, every beardie is a bit different from what I understand, but Ardie usually lets me know he wants out when he presses up against the glass in the highest corner of his viv, which he also may or may not scratch. Sometimes he’ll scratch other sides, but I discovered that usually means he’s pooped on his rock and wants me to clean it. :lol:

HOWEVER, again, this varies from beardie to beardie, and I guess the first question I should ask is: How long have you had Hige? And where did you get him (i.e. pet store, breeder, expo, online, etc)?

If you only just got him, I would suggest just leaving him in the viv and watching to let him settle down from relocation stress. Every animal is different in how quickly they adapt (Ardie is probably setting a record with wanting out on Day 2, if what I usually see people mention is any indication), but generally the “hands-off” period is at least 1-2 weeks depending how quickly they adapt.

I’d pay attention to any indications of stress like the “stress lines” (those little black chain link markings in the belly), black bearding, waving, etc. As those fade off, you can be more certain he’s settling in, but I’d still refrain from handling him unless he’s like Ardie and scrambling to get out and explore.

Also, what size and type of tank are you using? Specifically, how many gallons and what are the dimensions? What brand and model if applicable?

At this age, 20 gallons is the bare minimum, but a 40 gallon breeder tank is plenty enough room for a juvie. Actually, please post a photo of your set-up, if possible. ;P From what I understand, you need to to balance space and decor for the little ones because you want to give just enough places to climb and hide without overwhelming them. And of course try not to change anything while he’s still settling in.

What type of basking bulb and UV light you’re using will also help. And please also tell us the temperatures in the tank.

Lastly, do you have a clear area on the floor? That’s initially where I limited Ardie’s explorations until I was confident he’s not the type to brainlessly nyoom off (he thankfully is a smart boy, even if he nearly gave me a heart attack a few times his first week when he kept trying to beeline towards the basking bulb- which had an ill-fitting hood at the time- on his tank when I had him up there orz).

That said, if everything is good though and he’s just chilling, then just let him chill. ;) If he’s content to stay in the tank, you don’t have to worry about him being cooped up.

Anyways, welcome to Dragon Club. Enjoy your stay, and please post pictures of Hige when you can! :mrgreen:
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