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Re: General questions

PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, 2020 12:27 am
by Fudge
Morning AHBD,
Och feel free to be a Scot it's aw mixed up anyroads an ya hae the gist ow it! I go down south and as much as a think I'm speaking English, half the time they dinna Ken whit I'm saying.."Ken meaning know! and not some geezer in a grubby raincoat Wie his haunds in his pocket looking dodgy"
I can and will write in proper English when need be!
But it just disna sound like me "laughing" if that makes sense?
Still looking inta the other posts an see if a can jump in somewhere, am aboot a year too late fer beardie tales, had a wee peek into the Europe post jeesh! It wiz scary, you could hae a Halloween party in there Wie aw they cobwebs "shudder" been a while since anybody's nebbed in there!

Hope yer lads are fine, fudge is having extra exercise the now, goes running to the kitchen screeches tae a halt wie the cold floor an legs it back to the hot spot . . Keep him fit!
As fer driech. .jeesh!
It's rained that much wie should all hae webbed feet, I hate sideways rain it gets inta aw the nooks an crannys an that's wie clothes on!

Ach rambled enough at ya alreadys

Stay Safe, Stay Well


Re: General questions

PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 5:38 pm
Ha ha, I neglected to get back to answer ye, and yes I know what ken means ! Is the weather any less dreich ? Hope you are having a break from it, nice + sunny here after a few gloomy days. And yes, the forum for Europeans is from another era but my guess is just that all of the English speakers just jump on this main forum for all their inquiries + to ramble as some of us do ! :lol: It's all good ! How is that Fudge doin ?

Re: General questions

PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 11:52 pm
by Fudge
Morning AHBD,
Nae worries about responding, it's no like I have much to yak on about.
Och it canna make up it's mind what to dae here, sideways rain then a glimpse of sun, balmy then freezing wind, hoodie on,hoodie off, an this morning? Driech again!
Canna beat Scotland, get four seasons in a day, every bloody day "laughing"

And daylight savings now, cripes! got to get up an hour earlier to get back the hour of daylight they've robbed fae me
Am a jealous of yer sun. . Darn right I am.
Dinna get me wrong I love a bitter cold day with clear skies, a just canna hack aw the rain an believe me we get plenty of it. .

As for fudge, he's being a right wee numpty the now, we're playing who can be the most stubborn!
Salads are getting the bums rush and he's doin the "if I shut my eyes it's no there"
An I'm doin the "well ya canna be starvin then!"
We'll see who wins in the end?
It'll be a slimline fudge or me wie my hair pulled oot!

So, anyroads how's your lads doing, sleeping?
Tae be honest, a could dae with a wee taste aw that. . A swear this beardie runs on batteries a just canna find the off switch..

Bored ya enough for the now
Stay Safe, Stay Well

An aye, if there was a good medal fer rambling... I'm deffo in fer a shout!

Re: General questions

PostPosted: Tue Oct 27, 2020 6:23 pm
Ha ! You paint a good picture of the dreich weather, rain driving at you sideways is no fun, who wants to be out in that ? Stayin indoors with a hot cuppa summat good is the only logical solution. But don't be too jelly, the weather here is a bit on the dank + dreary [ past few days ] but should be sunny again tomorrow. So is your Fudge not keen on his salads and still holdin out ? Don't pull out too much of yer hair, you'll need that extra warmth. :lol: And yes my lads are sleepin soundly. Maybe Fudge will take the beardie nap at some point !

Re: General questions

PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2020 1:36 am
by Fudge
Morning AHBD,
Oh yeah... we're still battling, a just dinna ken what's up wie him!
A ken he's no that keen on fruit but has always eaten greens every morning, now I put them in and get the side look as though "ya think that's worth moving for?"
ACH shedding his noggin an all, maybe just a cranky arse.
Still running about an causing mayhem wie his cheeky yellow chin so nowts up, just being a brat.
Ma hairs safe the now!

Och the last time a posted I was bumping ma gums about the weather that day, well, it turned out quite nice.
Today no so much, a lovely 6 celsius wie a 91% chance fer rain "oh the joys"
But, there is a plus point! It's no windy so I get to use a brolly. No rats tails and dripping neb fer me the day!
You deffo win the miss sunshine contest though.

So Tigger and Buddy are sleeping, do you worry about them during this time?
I suppose it does? Get easier the more you handle it? Or maybe am just trying to fool meself!
ACH . . If fudge decides to dae it, an just cos ya mentioned it! I'll spring him a ticket and send him ower to you.
"Sigh wie relief now I have that sorted" (laughing)
Gawd help me if he does, a better fuel up fer helicopter mode.

Stay Safe, Stay Well