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Re: General questions

Postby Fudge » Thu Oct 15, 2020 12:27 am

Morning AHBD,
Och feel free to be a Scot it's aw mixed up anyroads an ya hae the gist ow it! I go down south and as much as a think I'm speaking English, half the time they dinna Ken whit I'm saying.."Ken meaning know! and not some geezer in a grubby raincoat Wie his haunds in his pocket looking dodgy"
I can and will write in proper English when need be!
But it just disna sound like me "laughing" if that makes sense?
Still looking inta the other posts an see if a can jump in somewhere, am aboot a year too late fer beardie tales, had a wee peek into the Europe post jeesh! It wiz scary, you could hae a Halloween party in there Wie aw they cobwebs "shudder" been a while since anybody's nebbed in there!

Hope yer lads are fine, fudge is having extra exercise the now, goes running to the kitchen screeches tae a halt wie the cold floor an legs it back to the hot spot . . Keep him fit!
As fer driech. .jeesh!
It's rained that much wie should all hae webbed feet, I hate sideways rain it gets inta aw the nooks an crannys an that's wie clothes on!

Ach rambled enough at ya alreadys

Stay Safe, Stay Well

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Re: General questions

Postby AHBD » Thu Oct 22, 2020 5:38 pm

Ha ha, I neglected to get back to answer ye, and yes I know what ken means ! Is the weather any less dreich ? Hope you are having a break from it, nice + sunny here after a few gloomy days. And yes, the forum for Europeans is from another era but my guess is just that all of the English speakers just jump on this main forum for all their inquiries + to ramble as some of us do ! :lol: It's all good ! How is that Fudge doin ?
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