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Postby MangoKush1313 » Wed Jun 17, 2020 2:32 pm

Any tips on how to get my Kush to come out of her enclosure on her own?? I don't want to force her by picking her up and then bringing her out, if she doesn't want to!

A little back story; she is a little over a year old, and has been with us since 4/20 (hehe). My husband and I got her from a family owned pet store; they fed her well but I'm not sure how often she got to come out. Plus she was only in like a 20 gallon tank. So her enclosure now, is about 160 gallons (two levels). I leave her door open for about an hour a day, to see if she will wander out, but no dice. I also don't want to bribe her with worms every time just to bring her out either. She is fed around 9am-10am (depending on the day, veggies only or worms or a day we skip feeding because she always has a salad ready....even though she isn't a fan lol) , so I don't want to feed her when I get home from work (around 6pm), if she isn't gonna have enough time with the light/heat to digest (she's a 12hr on 12hr off kinda gal). She really loves chilling in her hammock and would be content if I hand fed her there, all day every day. I would just like her to be more social and perhaps give her chunky legs some exercise!

Here she is :) I love her [Click image to enlarge]
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Re: Encouragement?

Postby WinFam01 » Wed Jun 17, 2020 4:31 pm

Do they do that??
Ours has tried to get back in her tank plenty of times, but I highly doubt she would ever willingly come out. She actually rather seems to dislike human contact altogether. :/
Sorry I can't help, but I'll be reading along to see if I can get some ideas as well. :)

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