How to prepare your beardies in emergency situations.

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Re: How to prepare your beardies in emergency situations.

Postby Selkie1993 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 7:58 pm

HippieLizards wrote:
Selkie1993 wrote:
HippieLizards wrote:So uhh, This thread was based on how to prepare for a fire, but does anyone have any tips on how to prepare your 5 beardies, 2 geckos, and cat for a tornado warning? My phone and my mom just woke me up telling me that there is a warning. :shock:

I completely understand. I have a 75 gal aquarium with two goldfish, one a foot long the other about 8-9 inches, three African clawed frogs, a cat who freaks at anything, and a beardie. I'm going to buy everyone a hard helmet and hunker down for now :)

I also agree: if anyone has experience with weather issues, please let us know!

Dang, those are some big goldfish! Back when I was a kid I remember we had a 40 gallon tank with 3 goldfish in it, the largest one was easily I dunno around 6-10 inches long and a normal goldfish? The other was a white one and around 4 inches long, and the smallest one was also around 4 inches long but it was a fancy tailed one and was red and white.
We got them for free off of Craigslist and kept them for a while. Me and my siblings were really little back then, I can't remember what happened to them but I think we rehomed them.

My cat is as well always a nervous wreck when things happen. Lol

But thankfully After we went and stayed at my grandparents house for a while our neighbors told us that they had power again, but wifi was out for the night. All is good now however!!

But dang, We went through the area where the tornado hit just down the road from us, It was crazy. There was so many trees down and places with roofs thrown off. :shock: I'm glad everyone was safe though.

Glad you made it!! Thankfully the storms were just bad wind and a lot of rain!
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Re: How to prepare your beardies in emergency situations.

Postby HippieLizards » Thu Feb 13, 2020 8:25 pm

Same here. We were lucky though, two tornados touched down just down the road on both sides near our road but thankfully didn't hit our area. :shock:
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