Determining gender of two month old

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Determining gender of two month old

Postby Jessieamandabhb » Sun Nov 03, 2019 10:22 am

Hi, everyone! I just got my bearded dragon on October 29th. I think that he/she is about two months old because (s)he is measuring at about 6.5”. I have tried to determine the gender, but every time I try to look, I either see nothing or can’t decide which gender I see. My question is if it should be very clear to determine gender right now or if my beardie baby is still a little too young? I’ve seen mixed things online, so I wanted to ask here!
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Re: Determining gender of two month old

Postby Moon4wolfgirl » Sun Nov 03, 2019 3:24 pm

it is a little to young to tell, when there young it is harder to determine, the females have one bump at the beginning of the tail, the males have two.
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Re: Determining gender of two month old

Postby AHBD » Sun Nov 03, 2019 4:55 pm

Sometimes it's evident from a very young age. Can you post pics with the tail arched up ?
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Re: Determining gender of two month old

Postby Claudiusx » Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:54 am

Only way to know if we can tell or not is to post up a picture like AHBD suggested :)

Sometimes it's possible to tell at that age. Usually though it's easier as they get larger.

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