Ok to start handling new baby beardie?

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Ok to start handling new baby beardie?

Postby Stacymarie » Thu May 23, 2019 11:01 am

Hi everyone!

We brought home our little guy Monday night - it’s now Thursday. They told us to leave him be for about a week before we tried holding him.

So we brought him home Monday night and pretty much went to bed shortly after

Tuesday he was really still most of the day, not moving much.

Wednesday he was much more active moving around his tank and even scratching on his glass - which I took to mean he was hungry and tried feeding him and he did actually eat!

Today (Thursday) he is even more alert and mobile, wandering all over his tank, getting comfy in different spots, and most importantly, it looks like he’s following us around the room! Whenever we get within what I assume is his eye sight he’ll perk up and follow us with his eyes. He tilts his head when we come close to his tank as well.

No black bearding or ‘stress spots’ or anything to indicate (to me at least) that he’s upset.

So it’s only been really 3 days, but based on his behavior I kind of want to get him out and hold him for a little bit. The LAST thing I want is an unsocialized dragon. Can anyone tell em if it would be ok to start handling him a bit even if it’s only been 3 days? Or is that still a bad idea?
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Re: Ok to start handling new baby beardie?

Postby KarrieRee » Thu May 23, 2019 11:53 am

Welcome to the forum --- your baby is a cutie----- No that is a good idea just not a lot- get your hands in the tank and get him used to you being in his home - cleaning etc...........you can also put in a soft blanket fleece etc for him to get used to your smell -- he will recognize you then -- he will go thru relocation stress -- he may not eat as much the first few days but continue to feed him his crickets or dubias roachs as many as he will eat in the first 15 minutes or so - dusted w/ the calcium D3 at each feeding- vitamins 2 x per week --- also offer him his salad--- I would bath him every couple of days to keep him hydrated -- warm baths- unless hes drinking from a dish- can you post pics of his tank and lighting please--- go to top of this page in the banner click on User Image Uploader and down load pics - click reply go to top of message box click on XIMG and pics should post
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