Before we adopt - thoughts on this guy’s color and behavior?

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Before we adopt - thoughts on this guy’s color and behavior?

Postby Stacymarie » Thu May 16, 2019 7:22 pm


Hi everyone. This is my very first post. We are in the stage of deciding to get a bearded dragon where we have all but said 100% yes to our son and are just gathering as much info as possible before making the commitment. We have a 3 year old golden retriever who we got as a puppy on somewhat of an impulse and had no idea what we were getting into energy-wise. Learning from that past 'mistake' (we do love her :)), we just want to be super well-informed before committing to a beardy. My son has gotten quite attached to this little guy - we haven't bought him yet. I was just wondering if anyone could tell us what type of bearded dragon this is? Also if there's any way to tell if he or she will keep that color as he/she grows?

Last thing - when we walked up to the tank, he crawled right up to the glass and was super focused on us. His head was tilted and he kept that posture, following us as we moved. Just wondering if that's good behavior or maybe a little aggressive? No clue at all so we thought we'd ask. thanks so much for any info!

[Click image to enlarge]

[Click image to enlarge]

[Click image to enlarge]
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Re: Before we adopt - thoughts on this guy’s color and behav

Postby Foxxy76 » Thu May 16, 2019 8:40 pm

Looks like a normal scale/normal color from the pictures. He's more than likely curious and ready to get out. Mine love to be out and hanging on me but I have to make sure they get enough UVB from their tank lights. That doesn't stop them from eye-balling me from across the room though. One thing though: Do your own research before getting a dragon. Especially a baby. There are a lot of guides on this site as well as very knowledgeable dragon keepers.

here are some guides: ... -info.html ... ting-help/

Stuff to look into buying before hand:
Tank: smallest tank to get should be 40gal breeder a 75 gal would be best for an adult. If he seems stressed by all the space you can place a divider in it and move it back gradually. My baby dragon liked the room right away (40gal B) but they are all different. You can try finding one second hand but make sure you clean it thoroughly before getting your dragon. ... ate-shield ... at-to-buy/ ... _lig_dp_it ... _lig_dp_it ... 61&sr=8-13 ... UTF8&psc=1

I would look over the tank diagram especially in the guide. A lot of times pet stores will try to sell you kits but only some of it is good for dragons. The one of the main things to pay attention to is your UVB light. I would recommend getting a Reptisun T5 10% or an Arcadia. The coil UVB have damaging wave lengths that can hurt the dragons eyes and don't provide the right amount of helpful UVB.
Baby dragons also eat A LOT!! Dubia roaches are a great feeder insect for them. They are nutritious and have less chance of parasites than crickets. Also they won't chew on your dragon at night, don't chirp, don't jump, and hardly smell. Don't feed them ones any bigger than the spaces between their eyes and make sure you get them on a calcium w/d3 and vitamin dusting schedule. You can also try to introduce them to daily greens, veggies and every now and again- fruit. Don't feed them meal worms or super worms while they are under 16 inches in length. These can cause impaction. Later on in their life super worms can make a good every-once-in-awhile-treat but mealies have a lot of chitin that can lead to impaction even in adults.
Speaking of impaction...No sand!! (say that in the Incredible's Edna voice) Baby beardies don't aim well and will end up getting a mouth full of sand when they go to eat (imagine swallowing sand..not pleasant, right?). Paper towels or non-toxic shelf liner in a good substrate for little ones and is much easier to clean!
I would just look over the guides and maybe research some more. I have two beardies myself. One I adopted/rescued and one I bought as a baby. Getting set up can be challenging and confusing at first but I love my little dragons. They are the sweetest reptiles I have ever had and are fun to have around. I also have cats and have to take extra caution having them. So if you do get the little one watch having them out around your doggo. Accidents can happen rather quickly.
Well, I hoped that helps a little. I'm sure others will come along with advice! If there is anything you already knew, sorry for the repeat! A lot of pet stores don't necessarily have current/proper info on some reptiles. Anyway, Have a great night!
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Re: Before we adopt - thoughts on this guy’s color and behav

Postby AHBD » Fri May 17, 2019 6:39 am

He looks healthy and inquisitive. Once you have the set up ready I'd say go for it. Post here any Q's you have, there are experienced owners that can help with every aspect of care. I've raised these guys for over 20- years from egg to old age.
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