Dobby’s mot

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Dobby’s mot

Postby DiXX » Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:58 am


Hi guys. Dobby had her first mot today, turns he is definitely a She 🤣. I was worried she wasn’t eating so much and was only pooping every week and that she was not as active. Our exotics Vet is more than happy with her :) we went through her health,feeding habits, age and gender :) and her housing, she gave her a worming dose just to make sure but weighing 404g there is nothing to worry about, I mentioned she was always under her cave but the vet said it’s fine if that’s where she likes to be. I was worried she wouldn’t get the right amount of uv if she was under cover but she said to lower the uv tube to 12” above her basking spot with a reflector which I don’t have, At the moment it’s 16” above, also to supply a dig box and advised a mix of soil and fine play sand so all in all she’s in good shape and I can stop worrying :)
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