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Re: Free Range dragon...

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 6:38 am
by KevinsMom33
vrenee1018 wrote:Hello there, KevinsMom:

Do you ever have issues with the big guy being anxious in his tank when he's not just roaming and ruling the house? I let Tampico roam a lot when I'm home and she puts up a big ol stink sometimes when I'm at work. I'll check on her via nannycam and she just goes crazy. Scrapping and running from end to end up and down the glass. Just wondering if this is normal for yours because you let him roam so much.

Thank you!

Kevin freaks out when he goes in a tank -he would slam himself against the glass like he was trying to break out - so i slowly started to see how he was outside the tank. He’d gu and down the stairs, tuck himself into a favorite spot to nap and then go to his window with the MVB bulb to warm up again. He really hasn’t been in one for a few years- he’s been a free range guy for so long and he’s so big that he has no fear outside of a tank.
Sorry I can’t help you more - but he rules the house.