Can Bearded Dragon's catch a common cold?

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Can Bearded Dragon's catch a common cold?

Postby clare38 » Sat May 21, 2011 12:57 am


I was just wondering if a beardie can catch a common cold as we all have cold's at the moment? my female Angel looks like she has got a runny nose, well i cant see any fluid but it looks like the skin around the outside has gotten wet, plus she has the runs, also what is this thing male beardie's do they kinda bloat there selves up like a baloon, looks kinda painful when there doing it but there whole body is filled up and bloated lol never noticed Angel doing it so far but then again she is on a serious digging mode at the mo :? hope she stop's soon.

I was just wondering if Angel should be around the same size as my 6mth old male Spike seeing as i was told she was 9 mths old when i got her she is very bland in colour, just wondered if i have purchased a dwarf beardie or not or if there is such a thing, i mean she never seems to fatten up even after eating, but spike looks very fat lol(only after having a good meal not all the time), i am worried about her quite a bit really seem's i got the runt of the litter but i chose her cause she seemed so friendly and very lovable and she is also very timid. and i love her loads
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Re: Can Bearded Dragon's catch a common cold?

Postby catUK » Sat May 21, 2011 8:28 am

If you have a cold it is best to stay away from the beardie. Don't worry about the size. Some beardies grow quicker than others. My beardie was also the runt of the group and i used to worry about her size. She is now 1 year old and nearly 18 inches and 480g, she went through a couple of growth spurts and seemed to increase in size overnight. If your beardie has a runny nose its best to get it checked out at the vets immediately in case its an upper respiratory infection. My beardie is currently on baytril for that- temps are accurate so don't know how she got it but when i took her to the vets they said she may not make it- they found shadows on her lungs. Luckily she is getting better now. Don't mean to scare you but i would hate for you to go through what i just have with your beardie :D
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Re: Can Bearded Dragon's catch a common cold?

Postby Goonie » Sat May 21, 2011 10:06 am

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