Moving to Hawaii with that possible?

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Moving to Hawaii with that possible?

Postby erdeem » Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:48 pm


Friend of mine are planning to move to Hawaii. She said that she cannot bring her bearded dragon. That is really broke my heart. I really want to adopt the dragon, but it is impossible due to space issues, and not willing husband :-(
Is there any way to bring beardie to hawaii? She lives in DC.
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Re: Moving to Hawaii with that possible?

Postby Drache613 » Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:07 am


No, Hawaii does not allow reptile species that are non indigenous to the island, unfortunately. My husband & I were going to be adventurous several years back but after researching carefully as well as talking to a friend of mine who lives over there we discovered that it was not possible to bring our reptiles, so, we did not go. I simply could not give up our dragons.
Sorry I don't have better news for you. So you will need to make a decision before you move, if you do.

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Re: Moving to Hawaii with that possible?

Postby zebraflavencs » Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:10 am

I have an idea... Let's move Hawaii to... Florida ! lol
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