Newbies Guide: What To Buy!

Written by Brandon (aka Claudiusx) on January 1, 2014
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Optional But Recommended

Extra Info

The steam cleaner is by far the best way to clean and sanitize a tank and its items. It is much faster, and much less hassle than a liquid such as bleach. It is also much more effective without the harshness. Make sure you get a good one that produces hot steam, and not just warm water vapors. You usually get what you pay for. Steam will kill Coccidia, bleach will NOT!

A 24 hour timer will come in handy for making sure the lights go on and off at the same time each day. Prevents the occasional slip-ups where we forget to turn them on or off, or help out when we have those date nights and don't get home till late.

Heavy duty Velcro or 3M hooks - For optimal performance, the uvb bulb should be mounted inside the tank, so that there is no screen filtering out some of the rays. How far you mount it from the basking surface is dictated by the type of uvb bulb you went with. If you are not sure, just post here and I or someone else will answer for you.

A surge protector - If not for the sole fact that you are going to most likely need quite a few plugs, it will also hopefully save your bulbs and the ballasts in your fluorescent fixtures should a surge occur.

Containers for your feeders - Pretty self explanatory, and also dictated by the type of insect you are housing. If you are unsure, look through the feeders section for more information on a particular insect.

A Digital scale - A fun item to have to keep track of your dragons growing progress. Also will come in handy if one day you need to explain the size of your dragon for health reasons, or need to know the weight for medicine dosing reasons.

For Us OCD Owners...

.....The ones that want to be prepared for anything!

And don't lie to me, I know there are a few of you... Us... out there!

What do I need?

Additional First Aid Items

Extra Info

The baby food is in case your dragon becomes impacted (which shouldn't really be a problem if your husbandry is correct and you are feeding a good diet) or gets ill and is not getting the nutrients it needs. Use one that is as all natural as you can get.

Needleless syringes are again mainly for if your dragon becomes ill, or dehydrated. If your dragon does become ill, I encourage you to start a new thread in the health section, or the ER section so you can get personal guidance and step by step instructions on what you should do.

Betadine - a really good antiseptic that will come in handy if your dragon ever gets an open wound or the like.

Acidohpiliz+ - A probiotic. It restores the good gut flora. A must when administering harsh medications such as parasite medications.

Critical care - Again, another item mainly to be used on a sick dragon. A powdered mix of many nutrients and minerals that I have personally seen turn dragons around a complete 180. It is amazing what a few days of CC can do to a dragon who hasn't been ingesting any nutrients.


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Written by Brandon (aka Claudiusx)