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Podunk's Care Sheet

This is a great care sheet for bearded dragons that was contributed by Jeremiah "Podunk" Jaeger, one of our earliest regulars on the website. This care sheet was updated in 2013 by sweetiepie9, one of our forum moderators. As I am an advocate of reading several care sheets, here are some other great care sheets hosted elsewhere. Please read more than one to prepare to care for your bearded dragon as best you can: Dachiu Caresheets, Beautiful Dragons Caresheet

Newbies Guide: What to Buy

Brandon (aka Claudiusx) put together a very helpful article to help breakdown the key things one needs to buy for proper care of their bearded dragon. He provides great detail, as well as a "quick list" to help you find what you need to take care of your beardie!

Newbies Guide: Lighting Help

One of our regular members, Jess, has taken the time to lay out a fantastic Q&A to cover all the basic questions for providing proper heat and lighting. This topic is one of the biggest areas that people have questions about, and it can be one of the most critical to do correctly for your bearded dragon's health. Check out her great article.

Introduction to UV Lighting

Tracie Kretzschmar (Dranch613) has written a great little article to help shed some light on UV lighting, an essential component to proper care of your bearded dragon. Be sure to check out this interesting read to learn some good basics about ultraviolet lighting.

Brumation Article

Denise Bushnell put together a nice article to help explain just what brumation is. Many people wonder what it's all about when their beardie seems to slow down, sleeps a lot, an has a loss of appetite. While these are often indications of a health issue, they can also be a sign that your beardie is simply going through a period of brumation. Check out this article to learn more!

Practical Tips for a Healthy Brumating Bearded Dragon

This article was put written by Georgina Rayner, of Swell Reptiles (UK), and generously offered to to offer to you. Great tips on how to take care of your bearded dragon during brumation.

Impaction Article

This is an article by Alex Sleeis (beardie) and Denise Bushnell that talks about impaction, what it is, what causes it, some things you can do to help treat it, and references to other good sources of information. This article has a picture, provided to us for use, that is definitely worth a thousand words. Something as serious as impaction just needed to be written up and made available here.

Supportive Care During Treatment for Coccidia and Other Intestinal Parasites

This is a wonderful article to help bearded dragon keepers understand Coccidia and other intestinal parasites that bearded dragons may encounter. Special thanks go to Denise Bushnell for writing and contributing the article.

Growing Phoenix Worms: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, everyone knows that Phoenix Worms are one of the healthiest and best feeders for your beardie. You can feed them straight out of the cup, if you like. But, you can also grow and fatten them yourself! Find out how with this article!

Ask The Vet - Vitamins

This article was written by Dr. Bruce Bogoslavsky and approved for reproduction on It is a wonderful bit of information about vitamins, vitamin deficiency, vitamin overdose, and everything vitamins, with a special focus on reptiles.

Building False Rocks for your Enclosure

Stuart McDougall walks us through the process he went through to create the false rock interior of his enclosure. Along with the descriptions, the pictures help to understand how to make your very own false rock interior for your enclosure. For anyone interested in giving their enclosure a rocky terrain, this article is a must read!

Importing Reptiles into the UK

This is a great article to help anyone who is considering or needing to import their reptile pet into the UK. It was put together by one of our most helpful members, Gemma. I've seen questions about importing animals across borders. If you need to import into the UK, this article is a must read for you.

Fighting Cancer: A Bearded Dragon’s New Lease on Life

How far would you go to save your bearded dragon’s life if your precious pet was afflicted by cancer? When cancer strikes an exotic pet like a bearded dragon, keepers are frequently left with no good options other than to euthanize their pets because the cost of surgery can be cost prohibitive for many people. What if you were to learn that Petco—yes, the same Petco from which pet owners across America buy their pet supplies, has devoted $15 million to help eligible pets fight the toughest battle of their lives. Click the title to read more!

Climate Change Makes Bearded Dragons Less Intelligent

Now when you recycle or drive your hybrid automobile to work to curb the far reaching effects of climate change, you can feel good about helping your pet beardie’s cousins in the wild. Scientists at the UK-based Royal Society have recently released intriguing findings that suggest that climate change can not only affect bearded dragons’ intelligence but that this difference in cognitive ability persists into adulthood.

Sexing Your Beardie

One of the most common questions people ask is "What sex is my beardie?" Is your pet a boy or a girl? This is an article put together to help you answer that question, as well as dispel some myths. This article seems to be highly regarded in the bearded dragon community and is mentioned on such sites as the Tosney Website of the Biology Dept. at The University of Michigan.

Eye Bulging

Added on February 20, 2006 This article explains just what the frightening behavior of eye bulging is believed to be. For those of you who have not seen eye bulging in your bearded dragons before, read this before you do! For those who have, read this to help calm your nerves.

Arm Waving

This article discusses one of the cutest social behaviors performed by bearded dragons. It discusses arm waving and provides examples of the behavior in photographs.

Arm Waving Video

This is a supplemental article to the Arm Waving article above. Here the behavior of arm waving is demonstrated in a very entertaing video. This video is great for really seeing and understanding what arm waving is, and is just flat out fun to watch. Be ready to laugh!

Head Bobbing Videos

This article provides a full discussion of the head bobbing behavior performed by bearded dragons. It discusses the different types of of head bobbing and what they can mean. Along with the information of the article are two videos demonstrating different forms of head bobbing. As with the Arm Waving Video, be read to be amused and laugh!

Measurement Conversions

This is an article put together by 'beardie', the founder of It is more of a simple discussion and web-tool to convert the dimension of a tank enclosure into gallons. This will help people understand how many gallons their tank is based on measurements of length, width and height.