Growing Phoenix Worms: A Step-by-Step Guide

Written by Adriana on April 22, 2013
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Transferring your Phoenix Worms

Open your cup full of sawdust and tiny worms. Have you ever seen anything more pitiful? Those are some sad, hungry little worms. You are about to change their life. Pour the worms and sawdust into a container of lukewarm water, and watch the worms float to the top. Using a strainer, collect the tiny worms, and... Drop them into the container full of food! This is the happiest day of their life. Now put them on the heating pad and watch them go crazy!

Keeping your container clean

Every couple of days, you will need to change the food to keep it fresh. To do this, simply fill the container with lukewarm water, and strain off the worms as they rise to the top.



I use the slotted lid of the Kritter Keeper for straining the worms once they get big enough. Be sure to sort through the wet food at the bottom of the container to make sure you rescue all the worms. Then drop them into another container with fresh food.

Transferring the worms to a fresh container:

That's it!

The worms will reach full size within a couple of weeks. Be sure to rinse them well and pat them dry before serving. Your beardie will love them!